Sidney Arthur Muller

CLARKSBURG, W. Va. — The man accused in a 2013 quadruple homicide case in Harrison County appeared in court for one of three scheduled pretrial hearings.

Sidney Muller is alleged to have shot and killed Christoper Hart and Todd Amos at a home on Locust Ave. in Clarksburg in July 2013, while trying to collect a $10,000 drug debt for pills he had provided. He then shot and killed Freddy and Fred Swiger, a father and son who were delivering newspapers on their normal route, outside of the home.

Motions filed by the defense during Thursday’s hearing included a requested change in venue, to prevent admissibility of certain character evidence and to suppress Muller’s statement the morning of the incident due to him being impaired by alcohol and Xanax.

In response to the final motion, the prosecution called eight law enforcement officers who were in contact with Muller the morning of the alleged murder to the stand. Each testified Muller was in his right mind at the time and no impairment was detected.

The final two pretrial hearings are scheduled for September 19 and October 24. Muller’s trial is scheduled to begin on November 10 and is expected to run through the following week.

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  • Jonus Grumby

    Another poster child for the death penalty.