HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Huntington Mayor Steve Williams announced Monday he has chosen two finalists for the job of police chief.

Williams said he’ll interview former Huntington police officer and retired FBI agent Joe Ciccarelli and Chicago Police Department Lt. Maurice Richards this week.

Ciccarelli, 57, lives in Milton and was with the FBI for nearly 30 years. He’s currently an investigator with the state Supreme Court. He was a Huntington police officer from 1978-1984.

Richards, 60, has been a Chicago police officer for 23 years. His district has 100 officers and 141,000 residents.

A news release from the mayor’s office Monday said there is no time frame when the new chief will be chosen.

Former chief Skip Holbrook was named chief of the Columbia, S.C. Police Department earlier this year.

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  • Keevin Walls

    Sorry Mistake about Joe Cicarelli he was an FBI Agent while working in Mingo County did vgood job but i still think investigation ended too soon.

  • Ron from Morgantown

    The guy from Chicago is 60 . He's worn out from the mean streets of Chicago . He will bring zero energy to the job . He's coming to West Virginia as a defacto retirement .He will go through the motions if he gets the job and won't do anything bold to mitigate the crime problem . Mr Ciccarelli knows Huntington and is the clearly the more qualified candidate .

  • applicant

    Huntington, West Virginia is backwards and insular as rumored. As an applicant who was a 14 year police chief, with a master's degree, I was passed over and not even seriously considered and these are your finalists? Thanks for the favor search committee. I suppose they found out I was not a white male. That in itself was probably more important than actual credentials.

    • Stupid Hillbillies

      First thing I would have looked at was the UCR's for the "jurisdiction" you claim to have been chief in. That would separate the men from the boys.

      Master degree in what? Doesn't amount to a hill of beans. Just ask the former governor and current senator how easy it is to get a master's degree. His daughter never showed up, yet has a piece of paper from WVU.

      Then again, your go-to acquisition - yell Racists! My first response - Yep you are!

    • z

      So... Let me see if I get this, two other applicants 1 that has twice as much law enforcement experience and another that has close to 10 years more and an area that has 3x the population... And you think it's bc of race and not that they are vastly more qualified on paper? Crazy. Maybe that train of thought is why you weren't seriously considered.

  • Stupid Liberals

    You have got to be kidding?!?! A Chicago PD Lt.? Does this liberal, leftist, democratic
    "mayor" read the news? Look at the crime rate in Chicago. No city in their right mind would even entertain a LE supervisor from that crime ridden, urbanite infested, haven of murder and gangs. But then again, Steve Williams (d-mayor) did promise an unmitigated hell. He just didn't specify it would be the law abiding residents that would suffer his hell. Congratulation to WV's Detoilet.

    • Ricky

      Detoilet, that's so witty and creative. DL, did you come up with that one yourself or just see it on the back of a cereal box?

  • wvumounties8

    At least Joe Ciccarelli knows West Virginians......bringing a Chicago cop in here will not work. Most Chicago cops do not believe in the 2nd Amendment and feels law abiding citizens should not own guns or have CPL.

    • Keevin Walls

      While in Mingo County Joe pretended to be a current FBI agent and or led people to believe he was. I followed the Thornsbury, Baisden , Toler ,Crum, and Sparks and others investigation very closely. For the sake of Hunington Police Department i hope Joe is Honest? They had the ball rolling in Mingo but someone dropped or stopped the ball. ...just my opinion.