CHARLESTON, W.Va. — An internal investigation into the conduct of a Charleston police officer spilled over into the ongoing dispute between the city and Kanawha County Prosecutor Mark Plants Thursday.

Plants issued a news release Thursday afternoon announcing his office was going to fully review all pending criminal cases involving Lt. Shawn Williams, who is currently on administrative leave. Plants said there are allegations of racial discrimination involving Williams and as a prosecutor he is required to disclose substantiated allegations of misconduct involving police officers. He said he would no longer be using Williams as a witness in any cases.

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones quickly responded blasting Plants for “thrusting himself” into the internal investigation of Williams.

“If Mark Plants is going to be involved in any investigation of any Charleston police officer—we’ll go back to court and have him excluded from that too,” Jones told MetroNews.

The mayor was referring to the city getting Plants and the prosecutor’s office excluded from domestic violence-related cases after the prosecutor was charged with two misdemeanor domestic-related crimes earlier this year.

Plants told MetroNews he was not investigating Williams but once his office became aware of the allegations the law requires disclosure.

Lt. Williams was placed on paid administrative leave Sept. 22 pending the outcome of an internal investigation. It’s been learned the investigation is focused on racially insensitive videos found on Williams’ home computer. City police met with Plants’ Chief of Staff Chuck Miller Wednesday and showed him the videos.

Mayor Jones said the city would handle the Williams investigation and residents can be confident it will be thorough.

“He (Plants) does not need to thrust himself into the middle of this. It has nothing to do with him and we’re going to handle it,” Jones said.

Prosecutor Plants said it’s not a criminal investigation so he has no part in it but repeated he is required to disclose any possible misconduct by police officers. Plants said his news release is not connected to the so called “bad blood” between himself and the police department over the domestic violence cases.

“It hasn’t nothing to do with it. The law clearly states that any substantiated allegation of misconduct must be disclosed. Period. That has nothing to do with bad blood,” Plants said.

Meanwhile, the police department’s internal investigation of Williams continues. Chief Brent Webster said again Thursday he doesn’t know when it will be concluded.

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  • Renee

    No doubt the internal investigation will take it's course, perhaps it would've been handled less dramatically but big baby likes to take everything to the media and start drama. If the officer is on leave during the investigation, wouldn't that mean he's not going to court appearances? I'm sure the outcome will be unfavorable for the officer, but this way it's not just the prosecutor who can only do half of his duties with dirty laundry hanging in the public eye.

  • Monty Burns

    Jones and Plants are both morons. Vote them both out in the next elections.

  • hailey

    Williams must be removed, he can not be a police officer if there is even a HINT of racism.

    He may be a good man ( I do not know) but as an officer there can not ever be a dobt as to if he is a racist or not

    • FungoJoe

      First amendment rights be damned. Right hailey?

  • Pickle Barrel

    Payback time, Dollar Danny.

  • Chris

    So according to Jones, Mark Plants is automatically guilty before his trial but we need to let the police internal investigation play out before jumping to conclusions on Williams. You have to love the hypocrisy that is Danny Jones.

  • Shocked

    How could Williams be crooked, he's the brother of former great, future hall of famer, pass behind the back, dribble beyween the legs, NBA player Jason "white chocolate" Williams?

  • Independent View

    Obviously, Charleston City Council members are not going to put the brakes on Danny Jones and stop him from continuously filing frivolous lawsuits wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayers' money.
    The mayor ignores the will of the voters and the legislature and files a lawsuit challenging right-to-carry legislation and also against the Citizens Defense League.
    When Danny doesn't get his way in a matter, instead of pouting as his childish behavior belies him, he files lawsuits.
    I suspect that if Jones had to personally pay the legal fees and associated court costs for these lawsuits, they would cease. It is always easier to spend other people's money.
    The City of Charleston is not moving forward under Jones' regime, it has stagnated because he's too busy fighting and litigating with anyone that disagrees with him.
    Great example displayed by the mayor of the state's capitol city.

  • Independent View

    I'm surprised that Eric Holder is not jetting to Charleston to hold a press conference on this matter, holding a press conference and saying, "there will be thorough investigation of this matter by the U.S. Justice Department and heads will roll."
    Maybe Rev. Al Sharpton could occupy the seat next to holder on the plane and hold a rally on the steps of city hall. His speech would be borrowed lines from Ferguson, Mo., "no justice, no peace!"
    Of course walking arm-in-arm with both of them would be Danny Jones.

  • The Answer

    I'm still wondering when we are going to get free garbage bags up Elk River way..

  • GregG

    Wouldn't it be nice if, while King Danny and Plants are continually having there little boy peeing contests, the FBI was investigating the both of them and the entire City of Charleston? There is no doubt the FBI should be.

  • Ron from Morgantown

    The The
    Actor Vs Dancer .......@a theater near you .

  • Randy

    30 years ago friend no 1 of mine was talking about friend no 2 of mine being an ahole. I completely agreed. During the same time period friend no 2 was talking to me about friend no 1 being an ahole. And I agreed. Eventually they made up/made out-whatever. I didn't ask. They accused me of being two faced. I wasn't being two faced. They were both aholes! And so it is with all parties involved in this saga.

  • The Flying Dutchman

    The battle of Neanderthals round 2. These two make wile e coyote look like a super genius...

  • jm

    cant believe I am going to say this...........but the sheriff's office, state police, or the best choice................FBI should be the ones investigating............not only the officer, but Jones as well

  • Elmer

    Jones is an idiot.
    Plants is an idiot.
    And most importantly... Look at me look at me Kent Carper is an idiot.