MILTON, W.Va. — Investigators with the state Fire Marshal’s said an electrical problem likely caused a fire that destroyed an open air shed at the Milton Flea Market Friday morning.

The blaze broke out just before 8 a.m. and quickly consumed the structure which houses temporary sales at the operation that parallels U.S. Route 60.

One deputy fire marshal on the scene indicated to reporters the blaze did not appear to be suspicious. Preliminary indications are faulty wiring may have been the cause. The substantial fire destroyed about 25 percent of the vendor areas, but did not get into the fixed structure housing permanent sales areas.

Fire crews from Milton, Ona, Culloden and Hurricane were all called to the scene to assist in battling the fire. One female firefighter suffered a leg injury and was transported to the hospital.

The facility, billed as “West Virginia’s Largest Flea Market” burned to the ground in a 2008 fire. The blaze six years ago leveled the entire structure which was largely built of wood and had an open ceiling which allowed the fire to race through the buildings which measured hundreds of yards in length.  The rebuilt structures are built to modern fire code standards and included fire suppression systems. Unfortunately, the location of Friday’s fire was in an area which had no walls and was simply a roof over concrete housing temporary vendors. There were no sprinklers.

The timing couldn’t be worse for the owners of the flea market. This weekend’s annual Pumpkin Festival promised large crowds of shoppers.

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  • Dr. Sarcasm

    Hot Deals! Come on down where the prices are burning up! This sale will incinerate our inventory!

    • hose

      Which needs to burn before serial numbers show up!

  • Monty Burns

    The key/operative words in this whole story are Flea Market. Need I say more.

  • Noooooo

    No, I am the real one.

    • Noooooo

      No you're not, I am. I am going to have your IP address traced and prove it!

  • Noooooo

    The second comment was an imposter Noooooo, get your own name idiot.

    • BR

      I sent a rather smarta$$ comment to the second "Noooooo" response.

      It probably won't get posted anyway :} - but if it does, and you weren't the fool that replied directly to me - please disregard. I still realize your first post was meant as only a little light humor.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Judging by the posts, I'd say there is a good deal of resentment between social classes. Those who may not have it envious of those who may; those who may have it poking fun at those who don't.

    Just another indication of the need for good jobs throughout our state and tri-state region for everyone.

    Just like kids on the playground: "You don't git no ice cweem cuz you on duh welfare."


  • ridiculous

    You people are being ridiculous... How dare you mock something as serious as this...yes its a flea market but there are really nice people who have shops there that are an extra income to help them sickens me to see how heartless people can be...

  • Nancy

    This is very sad for these business owners, this was supposed to be the biggest weekend for sales. These people depend on these sales to keep their businesses going and to pay bills, feed families. Many of these owners do not even make enough to pay for insurance and they will likely lose everything they had. Why would anyone want to put this down, shame on those of you that think this means nothing.
    I pray that no body or animals were harmed.

  • Noooooo

    BR go to work. I will stay home drink down a 12 pack. Get my welfare check, pay no taxes and use food stamps. While your boss pays you a low wage, over works you, fires you for a buddy who needs a job, no retirement and you are in debt. Who is the smarter one?

    • Tom wv

      Noooooo.... I hope your just jerking BR chain... If not... The smarter one sure not you. I would say the lazy one.

      • Noooooo

        The Noooooo you're responding to is a fake, I'm the real Noooooo.

    • BR

      No debt here moron -

      Just a nice home, great wife and two wonderful kids!

      But yes - I do work hard and I do have a boss.

      I'm an idiot, huh?

      Ask yourself when the last time YOU actually had to changed your underwear and we'll talk about comparative intelligence quotients.

  • BR

    I live relatively close (Cabell Co.); and I get the sarcasm and jokes - I really do.

    BUT - since when is a large structure fire; during operation/working hours for some people - something to ridicule?

    If a fireman was injured or killed - is that funny?
    Folks out of work now trying to feed their families by means possible becomes hilarious?
    Structure fires burning only yards from a very heavily travelled Rt 60 is a "knee-slapper"?

    Wow - I'd to see if you'd laugh when I made fun of YOUR place of business (doctors, accountants and lawyers included!!) as it went up in flames putting emergency responders, home owners and drivers at risk.

    But I digress; you go ahead cash your welfare checks, eat your Cheetos and play on your Goodwill laptops - lord knows those of us with a job (and a conscience) want to support your right to be a jerk.

    • Cat

      AMEN! PREACH IT! People out trying to make an honest living are better than pill pushers and thives any day!

  • the flying dutchman

    where am i going to buy used hubcaps at a discount....this is beyond a tragedy.

  • Noooooo

    Thousands of useless trinkets, knock off purses, foakleys, junk furniture, and ugly t-shirts have been lost, sad, so sad.

  • Aaron


  • Noone important

    Darn ISIS at it again!!!