SUGAR GROVE, W.Va. — A Midwest-based non-profit group believes it could turn the former Sugar Grove Naval Station in West Virginia into a one of a kind training facility for children from foster care.

Kansas City-based KVC Health Systems plans to submit a proposal to the General Services Administration in hopes of acquiring the Pendleton County facility once the Navy vacates the grounds next year. 

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The Sugar Grove facility in Pendleton County has been home to the Navy Information Operations Command base.

“KVC would like to take that property and transform it into a specialized career college to address a national problem in the transitioning for foster care children,” said Charleston attorney Tommy Bailey who represents KVC.

Bailey said currently less than two percent of foster care children wind up going on to college or post high school training. He said their situation leaves them with a poor support network to create a college-going environment.

“We’re not talking about young people who can go home for Christmas break or go home for the summer,” said Bailey. “They would require some sort of robust support network.”

KVC believes the facility at Sugar Grove will offer the exact environment they are looking for.

“You know when you visit, it looks like a college campus,” said Bailey. “They see this, potentially, as a national model. It’s beautiful, it’s regionally located, and much of the infrastructure they would want is already there.”

KVC plans to make application for the property to the General Services Administration, but Bailey said they are aware there are others interested in the property as well. The most conspicuous is the West Virginia Division of Corrections which is seeking to create a prison on the isolated property.

“We understand the state wants to address issues in corrections,” said Bailey. “We hope the proposal we put forward to the GSA is looked at for what it does socially, the economic impact it will make in the community and drawing some attention to this issue.”

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  • Big Ern

    Hopefully the foster kids can fight off ISIS or China when they invade. Thanks OBAMA for decimating our military to its current state.

  • rick

    There have been several proposals for use of he property after the Navy leaves. They are vacating because the technology needed way back in the day to communicate with the southern submarine fleet is now very obsolete. They can do that from the Great Lakes base. The NSA site will still remain.


    DHHR is a joke & as far as foster care 99% of people taking children only do it for the money they could care less about the children. you hear of horrible & abuse murder, I myself was in foster care & abused!! & I see children abused & report to DHHR & nothing is ever done!!!

  • David

    It's all code for illegal immigrant acclimation center.

  • chris1529

    Why is the Navy leaving in the first place?
    Wouldn't there be more of an economic impact if we could keep a Naval Station there?

    • WV Guy

      Sen. Robert C. Byrd passed away in 2010. It just took four years to wind it down.

      • Chris1529

        I would like to think there is a little more to it than that.

        • N

          No, that's about it.

        • Pendleton Native

          They don't need that base any more. With the cuts in military over the last few years, and the ability to perform most of the operations that Sugar Grove does at another location in Maryland, they just don't need it unfortunately.

  • Wirerowe

    Worthy activity But given the lack of good locations and job opportunities in the area there should me more of a economic impact from what appears to be excellent facility. The KVC would come way down on the list of priorities for the use of the property. Given the need for a correctional facility in the state that would rank higher than KVC. But a correctional facility does not seem the highest and best use for the facility from an economic development point.

  • John Richardson

    What a wonderful idea it's about time we start looking out for the less fortunate not the less motivated

  • Mountain Navy

    Now if we can get a state college to apply also.

  • Mountain Navy

    This is by far the best idea out there. Turn it into a college of some sort. Being stationed there in the 80s was great. I would love to see it turned into a educational complex that would be perfect spot for it. Also it would provide many jobs.

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    Yep! Just what WV needs. More urbanite thugs like the Job Corp in Jefferson County attracts. Fights, drugs, thieves, etc. Keep the trash where it belongs - In the hood!

    • Panhandle Man

      While I agree this idea is a noble one, we don't need anymore of this type in WV. This facility and grounds is a gem in the rough. Where are our elected representatives in this pursuit to replace such a great opportunity? Have any of them marketed this location to private contractors like Nothrup Grumman, Boeing, General Fynamics, etc. Im sure they would give this place a serious look and would bring high paying jobs to the area. A state college campus or federal facility would bring more positive impact to this loss. KFC, please look elsewhere!


    yeah !!! KFC is a great idea !!! I love the extra crispy!!!!

    • Ron from Morgantown


    • Charles

      Pitt fan? They exist. Really? You can't tell from Pitt home games

  • Ray

    I think we should build a coal to liquid fuel facility there. That way when all hell breaks lose WV will be ok.

    • WTF

      OH MY GOD. That way when the rest of the country transitions to cleaner fuels, WV will be left behind!

  • CaptainQ

    Whatever happens to the old Navy Base, I hope it'll generate lasting jobs for the people of Pendleton County. There are over one hundred civilians who either worked directly for or in support/related positions for the Navy Base who will soon be unemployed.

  • Grow Up

    Parents need to take care of their children. Do not have them if you have no responsibility. Another waste of taxpayers money because of worthless parents.

    • mntnman

      Children didn't ask to be born. So we abandon them because their parents are idiots? When they become adults, what do we do then? Adults need to be responsible. But then, in the history of our world, has everyone always been responsible. Irresponsible people have been causing trouble in our society forever. Witness the recent events in Morgantown after the Baylor game as an example of stupid, irresponsible people. Even responsible people do stupid things.

      So, we can help with children who are having trouble, or we can ignore them and the they can rob and kill you while you sleep. (Yes, hyperbole, but its appropriate to the moment.) Just sayin'.

    • J the C

      I'm not sure what your point is. I didn't see anything about taxpayer money. As one who works with abused and neglected children, I thinh it's a wonderful idea, because there really is a need.
      I agree that people should be responsible for their children, but some are not. Society has to step up to the plate when that happens. Godd luck KVC!

      • ViennaGuy

        Indeed it is a wonderful idea!

  • Scott p

    I think this is a great idea for KVC. I hope they get it. KVC is great for kids.

    • jeremy

      I am willing to bet the majority of the inhabitants will be from south of the border. I know they are still children but, can we get a guarantee that local kids get presedence?

      • Gob

        I can't see how that should be of any concern. This is a national problem and we, in WV, have a chance to help be a part of that solution. We should take pride in that, even if it's just our land, and not worry about where the children are from.