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POINT PLEASANT, W.Va. — On a night where Republicans had big celebrations across the country and across West Virginia, sportsmen in two West Virginia counties were celebrating as well.

Referendums were held in Mason and Roane Counties Tuesday on whether to allow Sunday hunting.  The measure passed handily in both counties.  Mason County voters approved the Sunday hunting allowance on a vote of 3961 yes 2919 no votes.  The measure passed in Roane County with 2299 yes votes to1652 no votes.

Those two counties now make seven which have flipped this year and voted to allow Sunday hunting. During the May Primary voters in Braxton, Calhoun, Wirt, Nicholas, and Webster Counties approved the measure.  Primary voters in Gilmer County defeated the measure by 19 votes and the idea was overwhelmingly rejected in May by voters in Lewis County.

With Tuesday’s vote there are now 21 counties in West Virginia where are allowed to hunt on Sunday.  Those are:  Boone, Braxton, Brooke, Calhoun, Clay, Hancock, Jefferson, Lincoln, Logan, McDowell, Marshall, Mingo, Nicholas, Ohio, Wayne, Webster, Wirt, Wetzel, Wyoming. Now Mason and Roane Counties are added to the list.

The legislature repealed the longtime ban on Sunday hunting back in 2001. The measure was one of the old blue laws which remained in effect in West Virginia years after most other Sunday prohibitions had long since been lifted.  However, lawmakers feeling pressure from opponents, agreed to allow the measure to be put to a vote in each individual county. The very next election 41 counties defeated the idea. It hadn’t been brought up again until this year.

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  • like to hunt

    Don't give Cory all the thanks here the demo is changing in America as I go to church revivals across our state there are hardly any young people at them.GOD BLESS!! Men find a revival close to your house and attend.

  • like to hunt

    I just want to thank GOD that im a Christian and I hope all my fellow hunters would take a bible with them while they hunt.This may be your last hunting season you never know what tomorrow will bring.

    • Cory Boothe

      I thank God that we have Sunday hunting. If this is my last hunting season, I reeally am thankful that I can hunt on Sunday.

      • mike

        Cory don't lie your not a Christian and you and me know it.

        • Cory Boothe

          You know so much about me. LOL

  • William from WV

    A local state delegate told me last weekend the crossbow bill didn't pass during the last session because the Democrats wanted the Repubs to vote their way on other bills. Obviously that didn't happen and the bill (which there were several versions introduced by the house and senate and cleared by the DNR and Finance Committee) but they never made it out of committee for a vote. So wake up this session, we are gonna monitor this session and if it doesn't pass we will expose this BS thru every social media comm venue that we can. Politicians lie, so while we are not sure of the actual reason, it's time to pass the crossbow bill like every other border state has several years ago. Let the hunter decide what they want to legally use in a season. The majority want it (choice) and everyone knows it now. If the delegates or organizations like the WV Bowhunters want to get in the way, then be prepared to defend a negative social media campaign. Pass it this session! As for Sunday hunting, I can sit in my Treestand after church and reflect or pray. You can drink alcohol, get a lap dance, shop, shoot, pray, hike, gamble, fish or attend sports games. But you can't hunt on Sunday unless you put a referedum out for a vote. Unbelievable in our great state.

  • Billy Bob

    A co-worker of mine explained to me that she would never vote for Sunday hunting because I should be going to church and then taking it easy the rest of the day. Bustin my hump 5 outta 7. I have a young son who loves to hunt so we got one day better make it count huh. I want a freakin crossbow too!! 2014

  • J. Edgar

    The deer you kill on Sunday is one less to hit with your car on Monday.

  • Berkeley County Hunter and Dad

    Cory Boothe for DNR Director!!!

  • Eastern Panhandle

    Thanks for the truth Noah. Many groups block like the Farm Bureaus are keeping us in the stone age. That's why legislation that makes sense either never makes it to the floor for a vote or is stymied by politics. As for the crop damage permits, they are a joke. I have watched farmers for years hand them out, kill the deer at night and then dig a hole to throw them in the next day. Those same farmers won't let anyone hunt their property. Yes, I agree not all farmers. But damage permits are a ridiculous process and waste of a good animal. DNR hands them out like candy. I hope every county eventually passes this referendum. If our legislature had any guts, it would be applicable to public hunting land as well. I guess we will see if the newly elected Republicans overturn what the former group denied or failed to address. Keep going forward Mr. Boothe and get it going in only counties please.

  • Charleston

    Congrats to Mr. Cory Boothe and your grassroots effort!

    • Eastern Panhandle

      Kudos to Cory Boothe!!! Thank you.

  • Noah Perry

    Sunday Hunting has been opposed by Neanderthals in the West Virginia FARM BUREAU leadership while at the same time complaining about Deer Damage to farm crops, posting their land and requesting Government Assistance while paying Lower Taxes...

    Glad that Voters in many counties now realize that we actually live in the 21ST Century.....excess Deer do Damage Crops, Gardens and Ornamentals.

    Hopefully PUTNAM COUNTY will be next...btw....I served as President of the Putnam County Farm Bureau for 20 + years...

    • ThatGuyOverThere

      I am so in favor of sunday hunting i cannot even explain it....The odds of getting putnam county is between slim and none...Too many people in the subdivisions on the winfield side of the river...I am forever hopeful but doubtful it will ever happen.

  • WV Freedom

    Berkeley, Hardy, Hampshire, Cabell, Grant and Pendleton counties are ready. I'm sure others are primed too. We need a grass roots movement to get the petitions started so we can get a referendum on the next ballot. Not sure how to get this started.

  • longbeards

    Congratulations to the sportsman of Mason and Roan Counties!!

    I hope that Hardy is not to far behind you!!!

  • Joe

    I wish Cabell County would get on the ball and allow it as well

  • Berkeley Hunter

    Congrats to Mason and Roane voters and hunters. Now if we could just get a movement (petition) stated in Berkeley County. I guarantee you that based on many conversations, there are many who would vote yes and also help campaign to pass this referendum. Mr. Boothe, please help us.

    • Cory Boothe


  • johnny

    Lets get it in Pendleton an Grant county next.

  • Commenter

    Does this take effect immediately? Can someone now hunt this Sunday?

    • Cory Boothe

      It will not be law until the votes are canvased.

      • Charleston

        Cory Boothe: Where to next?

        • Cory Boothe

          The woods for a little rest and relaxation. This takes lots of work and substancial amount of time away from my family.

          • Berkeley County Guy

            Good luck hunting. Thanks for your efforts. Please help us in Berkeley and other counties. we will work with you. thanks.

          • Eastern Panhandle Guy

            Mr. Boothe, We will assist you here in Berkeley County in any way we can. Is there a way we can obtain online petition signatures? Or if we can communicate I will give you my address to send the petitions and start the door to door process. Perhaps, Mr. Chris Lawrence of Metronews can post a petition form on the web site. That is the least Metronews can for us sportsman.

          • Charleston

            Haha! Touche' and well stated again!