MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia University placed a fraternity on temporary suspension after 19 of its members were involved in an underage drinking incident this week.

The WVU Office of Student Activities announced Sigma Chi fraternity won’t be allowed to accept pledges, host social events or participate in university activities.

The fraternity remains under investigation after its members were either arrested or cited by Morgantown police early Thursday morning in the South Park section of Morgantown. They were allegedly drunk, running through the neighborhood and disturbing the peace.

Police said all 19 were under the under the legal drinking age of 21.

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  • J Miller

    and you wonder why schools are getting rid of Greek Life. How arrogant of you not to know you are adding fuel to the fire. An apology might be in order. You effectively make getting rid of Greek Life look like a good idea instead of proving it enhances any school. Perspective controls perception.

  • Abraham

    Did we hurt the students and parents feelings when the police arrested the thugs for destroying property? Just like liberal thinking, grouping the thugs in with the students who can actually have a good time responsibly.

    Students at WVU can and will have a good time as they should. Send the trash back home....

  • Fred

    The alcohol dealers are killing our children.

  • Silent Killer

    So I'm confused Sigma Chi is on probation for what?

  • Silent Killer

    You spelled I'm wrong and life wrong. I don't know how accurate in what you are saying is right. You also don't use commas. And you say things very awkwardly; such as I probably, (which is spelled wrong too) older than you and I have a vendetta at the age of 60. You sound like a child...

  • WVWorker

    I am sorry, I typed it so you could understand it, very simple and easy to read.

  • Your A Geed

    Your grammar really resembles someone with a BA and working on masters haha

  • blue dawn

    party on garth

  • Harpers Ferry

    Go back to Jersey, BRO. We know why you all join fraternities, because you can't make friends on your own, so you pay for them. That, and because you guys all like getting REAL CLOSE with your brothers.

  • jwwswvu

    Your frat is not in south park where families and children were sleeping so it was a matter for the police. Also 21 means 21. The law is the law and everyone has to follow it.

  • WVWorker

    Sorry for that.


    So, we had a big party here at Sigma Chi: when is that news and when does that warrant police intervention. Who did we disturb? The other frats/sororities holding similar parties? The cops and Gee need to get a life as these events are part of college life. No one was hurt, no one was seriously disturbed, no couches were burned, no riots started, and it was all confined to our frat, so WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL???

  • Aaron

    How's the air up there on your high horse.

  • Realist

    Racist much?

  • Raging Moderate


    Your suggestion that miscreants go flip burgers or collect garbage is an insult to burger flippers and garbage collectors everywhere.

  • MORE Dean Wormer

    "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.."

  • WVU Parent

    Hmmmmm...methinks Metro News has a little vendetta with WVU compliments of he who shall not be named.

    Could be wrong though.

  • WVWorker

    Also have a daughter working on her masters. So yes, I know college life. Apparently you may think it's party time and will learn later. Well, for these kids I believe LATER has arrived.

  • WVWorker

    I did go to college and believe me I paid my way because I have 8 brothers and sisters and my parents couldn't afford to pay. I didn't party, I worked and studied of course I probably older than you. I am close to 60 and my parents taught me work for what you wanted. I was raised to be responsible for myself. The children today think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. Live is not like that, AT real Reality check. I have a BA and working on Masters.

  • Joe

    What has not been reported and for those who are unfamiliar with Morgantown is the section of South Park they were in is essentially gangland. You truly take your life in your hands walking at night in that neighborhood. Yet they go after the white middle class students blowing off some steam and not hurting anyone.

  • Steve

    Wow wv worker you sound like loads of fun. I want to party with u

  • Reality check

    Spoken like someone who never went to college

  • Dean wormer

    Double secret probation

  • WVWorker

    19 members of one frat house, 19 who has wasted their parents money/student loans. They are there to learn not party. They need to learn a very hard lesson, parents jerk their buts out of school, if they want to party let them get a job and waste their own money. I am sure they can flip burgers or work on a trash truck. Parents if you are like me working to make things a lot better for your children they should be ashamed of themselves. President Gee, you and WVU spent thousands and thousands of dollars thru your extension programs to teach elementary and middle grade students about drug and alcohol abuse and you can't control your own school. You made big statements last few weeks about not tolerating this kind of behavior, well, put your money where your mouth is, KICK THEM OUT. And MAKE THE STATEMENT TRUE.

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    Gee. That'll teach them - temporarily. Wonder what that cost their mommies & daddies monetarily? As long as it's green, Gee makes sure the blue and gold rolls along - unabated.