MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A West Virginia University freshman was in critical condition at a Morgantown hospital after what university officials called “a catastrophic medical emergency.” 

Nolan Burch of Buffalo, NY, is an 18-year-old freshman at WVU.


Nolan Burch of Buffalo, N.Y., is an 18-year-old freshman at WVU. This photo was taken on North High Street in Morgantown.

Morgantown police said Nolan Michael Burch, 18, of Buffalo, N.Y., was found on the floor of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at 11:52 p.m. Wednesday. Police said another person was performing CPR on Burch when they arrived. He was rushed to Ruby Memorial Hospital where he remained in critical condition Thursday night.

WVU officials held an emergency meeting Thursday that included the Inter-Fraternity Council and Panhellenic Council, where they placed an immediate moratorium on all Greek activities.

First, our hearts, prayers and support go out to the student who is gravely ill and his family. Right now that is our utmost concern,” said Dean of Students Corey Farris, Inter-Fraternity Council President Ansh Kumar and Panhellenic Council President Rachel Poe in a joint statement.

The moratorium includes all pledging and social activities for fraternities and sororities at WVU.

Burch had tweeted Wednesday, “It’s about to be a very eventful night to say the least.”

Social media postings Thursday indicated Burch was in grave condition and friends were saying their goodbyes.

Farris said the Wednesday night incident, and one that took place involving the Sigma Chi fraternity last week in a Morgantown, neighborhood prompted the moratorium.

“It’s just the right time to take a pause to take a look at, in particular, where our fraternities and sororities have been and where they’re going, make sure it’s the right direction we want our students to be walking,” Farris told WAJR Radio in Morgantown Thursday night.

Last week, a group of students were involved in a neighborhood disruption that saw three students arrested and 16 others cited. Police said all had been drinking and all were under the legal age.

Farris said the most recent incidents don’t fully represent Greek life at WVU.

“As with most things that go on around us, there are a few problems here and there and you stop and deal with them. But, not everything is bad,” he said.

Police said Burch’s family was at his side while investigators were trying to find pledges or fraternity members that may have been with Burch Wednesday night.

“We know we’ve got a medical emergency with someone in the hospital, (but) the details behind it, we just don’t know,” Farris said. “Quite honestly our focus is that particular thing right now, we’ve got thoughts and prayers out for the student and the family.”

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  • Connor Knuckles

    I honestly couldn't have said it any better myself. How many times do we have to close properties like the one most recently known as exhale hookah, for things like drug distribution and other illegal activities. Maybe the city of morgantown is more to blame than anything else. Somebody keeps letting this happen. Don't blame the university for things that it can only control to an extent. These kids are living in a town with it's own history, which revolves around a whole lot more than just our university. Just as a child can't help who or what he or she is born with, neither can we.
    For those who are constantly attacking President Gee, please stop. You don't know what you're talking about and have no idea who he even is or what he's done for our school. None of you see this because you're so caught up in your own little lives. You want to "fix" morgantown? Try talking to the city council not lay all the blame on an innocent man just trying to guide our future generations to the next step in their lives.

  • Connor Knuckles

    Ouch, shots fired...why you gotta hate? Only the people who struggle socially despise those who have more friends. It's not because Greeks "buy friends" it's because they're willing to commit to something more. It's not something just anybody can understand. It goes even deeper than having teammates on a team, or partners in a lab. Greeks are Greek for life and will always have each other. It's the closest thing you'll ever have to another family. So think twice the next time you open your mouth and say something like that, because believe it or not what she's saying is true. The grades are there and they're from the same tests you and all your "friends" take. So respect what's happened, who's been lost, and the families involved. Leave your negativities and insecurities elsewhere.

  • Connor Knuckles

    That was literally the stupidest thing Iv ever heard. Stop pointing the finger and be respectful of what's happened. I'm sure Mr. Gee didn't ask for this to happen and also, mind you that we have not done this well in football since 2012. You should check your facts before making outlandish accusations that make no sense.

  • Connor Knuckles

    Lol! The mindset in this does sound rather bizarre. I don't understand what is to be accomplished by the implementation of the moratorium. If anything they would've all just changed their plans and had services among other things for the passing brother. But threatening the one thing that brings true life to this campus is going to do nothing but create a bad reputation. Not to mention lower the attendance here at this wonderful school.

  • Dan Richards

    Suspending all Greek activity makes as much sense as stopping all driving in Morgantown due to recent traffic accidents. Absolutley stupid and I'm ashamed of the administration for implementing this and the Greek leadership for tolerating it. This is not a solution. What's next? No football when an athlete is hurt? No basketball when someone is hurt? How about no Chemistry lab when someone is hurt? Small minds making big decisions. Never a good idea.

  • Sid

    Take off your rose colored glasses.

    Fact #1 - 90% of college students drink or do drugs.

    Fact # 2 - 90% of college students do stupid things, repeatedly.

    Fact # 3 - Blame the person(s) who do the stupid thing not the place.

    If you blamed the place/organization Vegas & Atlantic city would be sued out of existence.

  • Frank

    We aren't sure he was declared brain dead. Sometimes they pull life support without even that. And if organ donation is part of the situation, they will declare you brain dead as soon as possible and cut as many corners as possible to HARVEST those organs.

    Part of why I went to DMV and had them REMOVE my organ donor status! I want people to keep me alive, not cannibalize me for spare parts like I was an old car.

    It would be doubly tragic if he was in fact declared "brain dead". Alcohol and drugs can stop brain activity and get someone declared "brain dead" - they are supposed to wait until everything is out of their system but they don't because the organs might go bad and to heck with the person who could still use them!

  • PSC student

    You are uneducated. Binge drinking and drugs are going to be used whether there are fraternities or not. Coming from a small school without frats. It's the same everywhere. Just less publicized.

  • Kara

    You're an idiot.

  • Doesn't matter

    I am not in greek life at wvu but I am a student there. I can say that in my opinion this has nothing to do with greek life. There have been many other deaths at this campus that have not got the attention this one has due to the fact they weren't in greek life. I go out and see just ask many of my friend or people I don't know just as "messed up" as people at events. It doesn't matter. What does matter is there is a problem and WVU as a whole needs to come together and help fix it.

  • Cpt Obvious

    ~76$ a greek member...yeah Ive dontated more time and money to the community; as a NON-GREEK!

  • Grab your Pitchfork

    YEA!! Eliminate the Greek system and you will do away with binge drinking and drug use on college campuses!!!! That will solve the problem!!! Neighbors won't be bothered anymore as well!!! You people are brilliant!! Sure, fraternities/sororities raise for more money for their charities than outsiders ever do, but they drink!! AND do drugs!!! Unlike those god-fearing non-fraternity college kids!!! I've never heard of any of them getting intoxicated!!! Burn them!!! Burn them all to the ground!!!

  • Amanda

    So your GPA is increased by keeping old tests around, so instead of actually learning the information, you just learn to memorize questions and acceptable answers to those questions.

  • Answer

    Each sorority holds a different set of values near and dear to their hearts. My sorority specifically emphasizes the importance of friendship, love, loyalty, and faith. While we live by these values every day, we make connections with alum. These connections help us get better job and internships. We also have test banks which aid in doing well on tests. On top of that, we have required study hours. If your GPA falls below a certain number, we have to do study hours each week in the house to help raise our GPA. That's why students in Greek life have higher GPAs than the rest of campus. We also have required volunteer hours, which we have to do every semester. We ALSO do a philanthropy event every semester to raise money for specific organizations such as St Jude and Juvenile Diabetes Research and Development. Tell me again how we aren't contributing to the college and community?

  • Matt

    It's both. WVU has a horrible drug culture. A lot of parents don't understand this when they allow their children to go to WVU.

    The blame here is on many people. Mr. Burch himself is to blame, as are his parents for not doing their due diligence. The university is to blame for having been complicit so long in allowing this culture to thrive. Partying isn't inherently bad, nor is a little fun -- but when students are dying as a result, we clearly crossed the line long ago.

    I have two close friends that went to WVU to undergrad. They had everything going their way when entering school. Both are dead now. I firmly believe they would still be healthy and alive had they gone to school almost anywhere else. This place is toxic for young adults. Parents need to wake up.

  • gdi

    Then is Greek life really about partying? Because thats the only thing thats being downgraded right now. Greek life is school affiliated, obviously they have to do something big to protect others this could happen to and to show that they are doing something.

  • guy


  • Jeff

    Burch was not a victim of anything but stupidity. He chose, out of his own will, to wash down his drugs with too much alcohol. He was not being forced to drink, he simply chose to do it in his fraternity house. I'm not saying fraternities don't foster this sort of reckless behavior. They do. But wvu as a whole fosters this sort of behavior. I know more kids who have overdosed on heroin at wvu this year who have no affiliation with greek life than I know of any greek org members who have had any sort of overdose related incident. The spotlight is on the Greek community, however, so it will always be picked apart with scrutiny.

  • Jeff

    Greek organizations at wvu raised a total of $115,000 (recorded) for charities and non-profits through their well established philanthropic system last year. What have you done for the community?

  • Benjamin

    If I may submit the following from a non-Greek college student's perspective:

  • Benjamin

    As a college student myself, I say Amen!

  • Jay

    You're an idiot for thinking this is all Greek life's fault.. GDI's fight every night. GDI's do drugs and get way to wasted... GDI's blame Greek life because it's their time to take shots at us. If this happened at a house party this wouldn't Be happening at all

  • honest question

    Would someone please list how the benefits Greek societies make to the college and community? Specifically.

  • Common Sense

    so disgusting to see you people sit here and blame Greek life for one kids actions. Morgantown has drugs everywhere! It could have happen to anyone and because it happened to a kid who was pledging a fraternity everyone has to down Greek life. Wake up people... Kids are doing this all over morgantown who aren't in a fraternity or sorority.. It's a sad tradegy but let's be honest this kid had 0 common sense.. He could have said no to the alcohol and he should have known his own limit. He also shouldn't have been mixing Xanax and alcohol together. Plain and simple Greek life didn't do this to him.. He did it to himself.

  • AJ


  • Sean

    that is tragic of true. 911 call for cardiac arrest and another 30 min later? So the kid lay there for 30 plus minutes waiting for a squad????

  • CPT Obvious

    "What Greek is really about."--Paying $$$ for your friends

  • Marcia

    Johnna - please tell me about the great things this fraternity has done for the community.

  • RedGal

    Preach it, WVU I have two sons at WVU who will graduate in December. NEITHER of which are thugs. While enjoying college life (as they should), they've studied, held down jobs and worked hard to succeed at WVU. Jake should remove his head from his arse and try a different perspective, perhaps.

  • Harpers Ferry

    Well, when in the span of a week you have drunk pledges running through residential neighborhoods in South Park, where families live, in the middle of the night, and then drug use in the fraternity house that results in one death, what do you think WVU should do? I guess your idea would be to act as if nothing is wrong and carry on like business as usual. You are an ostrich.

    Ostrich: Animal that puts it's head in the ground as a defense mechanism against predators. Also used as a term for people who avoid dealing with tough issues by pretending nothing is wrong.

  • RedGal

    Agree! As a parent of two soon to be WVU grads, the students do have to assume responsibilities for their behaviors and learn logical consequences. I don't agree with suspending all Greek activities. The organizations involved should be the recipient of the moratorium. I understand the party school reputation, and as a parent, I remember entrusting my "kid" to WVU. But, I also remember entrusting and equipping my "kid" with information and skills to make good decisions and behave as the young adults they were and are.

  • Johnna

    Sigma chi is where the pledges got arrested and kappa sig is where the young boy died.

  • Patchy

    Pathetic: sad as in a so-called institution of higher learning prefers gestures to constructive action.

    Knee-jerk: immediate, premature, unthinking.

    PR-focused: self-explanatory except that protecting the university is the first and only priority. Blaming the Greek system is lazy and relies on stereotypes that academics constantly decry.

    Overreaction: suspending the entire Greek system is akin to stopping all traffic in the city because of an accident at one intersection.

    Groupthink: borrowing ideas, especially bad ones, is easier than novel ways to address the problem. Groupthink is also why course offerings and points of view are nearly identical among institutions who claim, quite preposterously, to be unique and therefore superior.

  • Johnna

    My prayers go out to Nolan and his family. But blaming the Greeks is way out of hand. They do great things for the community. You should punish the bad ones (sigma chi and kappa sigma) let the others be they've done nothing. This could've happened to anyone, and they would not of put a hold on partying if it was a non Greek member. But since it just happened to be a member they all have to pay the price and downgrade what Greek is really about.

  • the flying dutchman

    most bizarre post in recent memory...of all the arguments against greek the death angle was a new one as well as the word "lucrativity".....

  • Say What

    Lump them all into one basket and maybe a talking apple or two will fall out.

  • Say What

    .4 bac?? Some young adult(s) may be facing jail time if someone comes forward with proof. This kind of behavior goes on all across the country. What the hell was the young adult thinking ? Immune to the effects of booze on the human body due to over consumption?I guess he learned nothing from the required online alcohol stuff that students must complete. Actions have consequences, and I pray this young adult survives his bad decision and does not suffer brain damage as well.

  • Pepe


  • wapjr

    No Fred, bad decisions by our children is killing our children. I was one of those irresponsible freshmen once and it is a wonder I survived. It is not the schools fault it is the fault of the individual that chooses to partake in bad decision making. Place the blame where it belongs even if it is a tragedy.

  • Patchy

    Pathetic knee-jerk PR-focused overreaction but typical of the groupthink that infests universities nationwide.

  • ViennaGuy

    Yes, it's athletically out-of-hand because we're not playing in a patsy conference anymore.

    Sheesh ...

  • The bookman

    Sadly, there are thugs and problems everywhere. Call your daughter and tell her to not let her guard down simply because she isn't in Morgantown. And you need to lift your head out of the sand. There is no magic potion for common sense.

  • ViennaGuy

    Well stated. Agreed.

  • Fed up

    Ron Justice has let all of the Greek life get way out of hand!

  • Commenter

    Don't be so hard on yourself, you're never to old to learn. You could even go back to college if you wanted.

  • areel

    Seriously? smh

  • Crs

    It was a party school long before Gee got there. You're just not old enough to remember.

  • Crs

    Greek life has no value in this day and age. It centers around irresponsible behavior...period. It is outdated and over-rated. Thier presence destroys whole sections of neighborhoods and devalues the property of others. Nobody wants to live near a fraternity house, and properties near them cannot be sold. It's a problem here in Buckhannon as well as other college towns.

    A movement amongst all collegiate institutions to disavow themselves from Greek organizations should be initiated. Otherwise, as people get fed up, as people die, and as properties are destroyed and devalued, Law suits against the institutions that facilitate, sponsor, and sanction thier activities will become the order of the day.

    It is only a matter of time before victims and lawyers alike realize the lucrativity of suing colleges for the activities of thier Greek affiliates.

  • The bookman


  • Harpers Ferry

    3 students overdosed on cocaine, with one of them dying yesterday. The drugs were, obviously, taken in the fraternity house, which is on WVU property. That's why the moratorium has been placed on all Greek events indefinitely.

  • Harpers Ferry

    Please stop referring to the students as kids. They are adults. If society wants these ADULTS to stop acting like kids, then society needs to stop referring to them as kids.

  • WVU Mom

    I feel that some are missing the point. There is an adult/student that is fighting for their life. Now is not the time to debate who is being discriminated against! Let's just pray this young man lives and is able to finish college.

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    Every witness to this has already lawyered up. Mommies and Daddies have kicked into parental overdrive and are hovering over their little "do no wrong angels".

    The inferences from the article are this kid is already dead and a machine is keeping him alive.

    MPD is already investigating the "death" as a homicide.

    So far every incident in Morgantown/WVU has been alcohol/drug related. They need a bigger jail.

  • scott

    Very true GF........personal responsibility.

    It's a problem that is increasingly having a negative effect on our society

  • Kevin T

    You're onto something. I heard Gee bought the hooch and was at this party in a toga helping put the liquor in the bong.

    C'mon ... It's absolute ignorance to put the blame on Gee for this. You're an idiot.

  • Commenter

    Sorry, I'm just grasping for straws here, I don't know any good Greek civil rights activists or attorneys, only black ones...

  • Commenter

    Ok then, call Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson, or that black guy who was Trayvon Martins families attorney, call someone!

  • WVU Mom

    My niece was at the hospital last night and spoke with other kids visiting Mr. Burch. His blood alcohol content was 0.4. That's not a typo. He seriously over consumed and is paying the ultimate price. The article references people saying their last goodbyes. She heard he was brain dead. Such a tragedy for him and for the other members who are old enough to and did buy the alcohol. This will have far reaching impacts. My mother always told me that you can't put an old head on young shoulders and this is just a case in point. Pure stupidity by young people. Go with God Nolan Burch.

  • WV Grad

    Hell Week gone too far?

  • Realist

    As you undoubtedly will learn, lack of knowledge or background doesn't filter postings to this website.

  • GF

    No, stupid decisions by kids are the issue. How about they take a little responsibility for their own actions? The fraternities are a problem, but it's not like the University is condoning their actions.

  • Roswell

    Fifteen paragraphs, and I still don't know what happened to this kid. Just a load of peripheral fluff. C'mon, Sunshine. Dig. Find some news!

  • Ricky

    From the Morgantown newspaper:

    Dean of Students Corey Farris said the incident happened at the Kappa Sigma house. According to MECCA 911 data, one of the calls was at 11:50 p.m. for a cardiac arrest; the other was 30 minutes later for an unconscious patient.

    Why is this information left out of the article here?

  • Fred

    WVU is killing our children.

  • Matt

    Many prayers for the student, his family and friends.

  • Arianna

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of this student! No family should have to go through a tragedy like this.

    As for the comments about the university targeting Greek Life, think about it from the university's perspective. The best way to affect the most students is going to the sororities and fraternities. On my campus, Greek Life is extremely prominent and everyone knows someone who participates. The best way to get to the students would be through the Greeks. The ban is reminding students, not just those in Greek Life, that parties and irresponsible action have dire consequences.

    From a student's perspective, I think the ban is warranted. I have seen and heard about too many of these articles and tragedies. We, as students, need to band together and prevent these.

  • annebeth66

    So sorry but Cochran died back in 2005.

  • Megan K.

    Can we just take a second to realize that WVU is known to be a "PARTY SCHOOL" that it is not only Greeks, it's majority of the campus. Kids I knew in high school went there three years ago because it was all about the partying. This incident is extremely unfortunate, but could have happened anywhere on that campus or any other for that matter. It is about education of alcohol for these young students and the consequences. I agree that there should be sanctions for these two groups that have been causing troubles and violating University and their National bylaws, but these incidents out of the 28 greek organizations on campus, only makes up 1%. It is extremely unfortunate, but people need to stop blaming Greek life. Deal with the problem greeks, but the others do great things. This is coming from a current active member in a chapter at another large school.

  • Megan K.

    Can we just take a second to realize that WVU is known to be a "PARTY SCHOOL" that it is not only Greeks, it's majority of the campus. Kids I knew in high school went there three years ago because it was all about the partying. This incident is extremely unfortunate, but could have happened anywhere on that campus or any other for that matter. It is about education of alcohol for these young students and the consequences. I agree that there should be sanctions for these two groups that have been causing troubles and violating University and their National bylaws, but these incidents out of the 28 greek organizations on campus, only makes up 1%. It is extremely unfortunate, but people need to stop blaming Greek life. Deal with the problem greeks, but the others do great things. This is coming from a current active member in a chapter at another large school.

  • Sally

    They go to the game that they project will give them the most views.

  • Sally

    I'm sorry but I hate how greek life is constantly put down because people in greek life go to the hospital. WAKE UP. Not every person in greek life has to go to the hospital. Look at non greeks, do they write a newspaper every time a non greek goes to the hospital? No. Does every non greek go to the hospital? No. Exactly, so why are people being singled out for being in greek life and going to the hospital. Correlation is NOT causation people.

  • Teresa

    100% agreed.

  • Filiz

    AND.... E. Gordon Gee was president 30 + years ago when the behavior went downhill.

  • Filiz

    This was the same problem 30+ years ago. It had just begun to get bad when I graduated in '88 and has snowballed. Come on, it's time to police each other and take responsibility. I wrote off being an alumni years ago because of this insistent attitude.

  • Ruzi

    Are you a moron? Parents do not send their child/ren to college to become victim/s to endure a serious medical situation to become a brother or sister of a fraternal organization.

    There are fraternal organizations making a positive statement in the community, yet, it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the entire community. Accountability and responsibility must take precedence.

    My prayers goes out to the family and friends of this young man. This is a painful situation. Not, excuses such as your response. "Boys will be Boys"! He was a son of parents who loved him.

    Just walk in the parents shoes at this moment!!!!!

  • annebeth66

    It is unfair to suspend all fraternities and sororities, when Sigma Chi and Kappa Sigma are the guilty ones. However instead of WVU disciplining the ones responsible, it's easier to impact all Greeks.

  • annebeth66

    These people are not "kids" but adults, whom are old enough to vote, old enough to serve in the military, so old enough to know how to act.

  • The flying dutchman

    Hey Alice, wake up if you think this is limited to Wvu....your smugness may come back to bite one day...a more appropriate comment would have prayers for the student and his family...

  • Santolini

    As a parent, my heart goes out to the family and friends of this young man. As the parent of a freshman at WVU, I hope to see significant changes to the monitoring system in place for Fraternities and Sororities. While many of the Greek organizations do wonderful community service work and produce exemplary leaders, others are using the "party school" atmosphere to recruit members.

  • william

    Kids will be Kids!

  • Mom of WVU student

    As of mother of a sophomore at WVU, my son is not a thug. He takes his studies seriously. Maybe you should think about your comments while calling people thugs, when you do not know everyone at WVU. Instead, maybe pray for the family involved in this horrible tragedy.

  • sean kenney

    Have a little sensitivity, there is a child laying in a hospital bed and your "im glad my daughter didn't go to school there"...

  • LDB


  • flossrancher

    Ricky: I searched the story for "heart attack" and did not find it. Work on your reading skills.

  • Uncle Unctuous

    Wide right!

  • Just sayin

    Glad she did too! No thugs or problems at any other schools. Probably won't be long until she ends up in either a mug shot, Girls Gone Wild episode, or Girls of the Mountain East Conference Penthouse spread. But hey, just sayin with a dad like you, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Harpers Ferry

    The "party school" reputation at WVU has become a problem that the school MUST address. It's unfortunate that those of you who think the students are the victims or that WVU has gone too far have to be reminded that WVU is an institution of higher learning, not a 24/7 party. If these ADULTS actually think they can go through life with no consequences for their actions, then what kind of success would WVU be setting them up for? No one forced these students to attend college, or attend WVU. If they can't carry themselves in an appropriate way, then get out!

  • Jake

    I am so glad my daughter chose to go to another school. Nothing but thugs and problems there.

  • Commenter

    This is racism, they need to call Johnny Cochran, Greeks are a minority but they have rights too, this is the USA after all.

  • The bookman

    It is so easy to paint with the broad brush and call out groups instead of dealing punishment to the obvious offenders. All too often authorities take this easy path to assuage the public that swift justice and attention are being brought to bear.

    But like the post Baylor debacle, this too shall pass only to rear its ugly head again at a later date.
    Throw out the bums.....but do it selectively. Be complete and without mercy to those who can be clearly identified, using a scalpel to extract them in place of this giant tarp being used to cover up the problem.

    But all is quiet in the University City tonight, I'm sure.

  • John Dahlia

    This is so sad. Another horrible story about a great institution. On the one hand I'm glad the University folks are taking a proactive approach. On the other hand, it's a negative news story going viral.

  • dangerousdaneerfan

    Sen Joe wants his buddy Eddie Pasthisprime and the Good Old Boy network back in charge.

  • Dean Wormer

    "Get Neidermeyer on this.."

  • Current Student

    actually, Sig Chi was the one in South Park claiming to be TKEs, and the incident reported here was Kappa Sig, completely unrelated.


    AJ, there is no basis of fact in your outrageous comment.

    As for the position taken by the university, while I will not disagree that there are behavioral issues within the Greek community, these issues do not occur only within the fraternity and sorority houses at WVU (and across the nation), these issues of binge drinking,substance abuse, etc.... run rampant across the entire WVU campus, city, county, state, and country. With this stance, is it safe for us to assume that the next student athlete - football player or other - caught up in an incident (legal, criminal, and others which have already occurred many times) is assumed to be sanctioned by, and a product of, the athletic department, thereby resulting in a shutdown of all athletic activities? I don't see how the university can do anything less than take this very action. The precedent has now been set.

    The truth is that this is nothing more than grandstanding on the part of WVU to give the illusion that "action" is being taken. Perhaps the Greek community should self impose a suspension on all philanthropic activities for the remainder of the year and request that all remaining "active" university sanctioned organizations make up the difference.

    I am all for solving these problems and certainly for avoiding any incident where one of our young people is harmed, but WVU is just kicking the can down the road until the "couch smoke" clears instead of really trying to solve the problems. WVU is my alma mater and I want only the best for the university, but WVU is really no different on this topic than most other universities across the country. It's a difficult issue with no easy answers. But this action does nothing substantive and solves nothing.

    As for the City of Morgantown and Mon County, if you want to help, start shutting down the bars that stay open all night and consistently serve to minors. That's so obvious and easy it's rediculus to argue any different. Unless the thought of losing the tax revenue generated by these establishments is somehow clouding your view of what is really happening. Nah, that couldn't be it, probably just the smoke from the couch fires getting in your eyes.

  • Bob

    untill they are competitive in salary for staff things like this will keep happening. It's easy for staff to just look the other way when you are making welfair wages.

    Just keep looking the other way !

  • former student

    Actually it was sigma chi. Those arrested in south park claimed they were kappa sig but no...sigma chi were the culprits

  • wv4evah

    More reporting-via-handout. MetroNews should have investigated to learn the details that are so, so lacking in this article.

  • Lynne

    This is a tragic accident. However, I wonder if this ban is also placed on service and academic fraternities. It seems unfair to halt all Greek organizations, especially ones that are strictly alcohol and drug free, when there is a very clear few who are predominantly responsible for all the bad publicity.

  • Steve

    How is see University athletically out of hand? ESPN's college football game day seemed to think that all was well with WVU's football program.

  • Joe

    He definitely has a great job given the circumstances.

  • AJ

    Stupid comment Joe. I think he has a great job givend the circumstances

  • AJ

    Place them on permanent ban. The Greeks have been giving WVU a very bad name the past couple years from fights, debauchery, drugs, orgies, and other reckless stuff (Baylor riots). The kids were abusing the privileges the university has provided to them. No more. The city, state, and residents are taking this university back.

  • Joe

    Mr. Gee, this university both functionally and athletically is completely out of hand.

    You are not leading but hiding.

  • The Frat involved was

    Kappa Sig

  • Pickle Barrel

    Anybody know the fraternity involved?

  • Ricky

    What would make a teenager have a heart attack? Hmmm..