MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A second West Virginia University fraternity had its charter revoked for bad behavior.

The university announced Thursday the national office of Beta Theta Pi fraternity revoked the charter of the WVU fraternity.

WVU’s Office of Student Activities issued a letter of support for the national decision, “confirming that the chapter has lost all rights and privileges and is no longer a recognized campus group.”

The national office of Kappa Sigma made a similar move Nov. 10, two nights before freshman Nolan Burch, 18, was found unresponsive at the Kappa Sigma house. Burch died two days later and his funeral was Thursday in Buffalo, N.Y. Morgantown police continue to investigate his alcohol-related death.

Earlier this month, 19 students associated with the Sigma Chi fraternity were either arrested or cited for underage drinking and other charges after a rowdy outing in Morgantown’s South Park neighborhood.

WVU issued a moratorium last week on Greek life at the university. It impacts all social and new member activities at fraternities and sororities.

WVU announced Thursday a “national facilitator” would be coming to campus after the Thanksgiving break to “assist students in thoughtful discussions and development of solutions.”

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  • Carole Jones

    I graduated from WVU in 1974. My freshman year I went to a lot of Greek parties. Totally centered around alcohol and copious amounts of it. But I don't remember people dying from alcohol. Things haven't changed in 40 years. Maybe we were lucky that people didn't die, but I would like to think we had a little sense not to drink until death. And if people forced him to drink, they should be held accountable.

  • gv

    I never did like those b*stards!

  • Andrew

    Why exactly did Beta lose its charter? The article didn't explain.

  • Wvu Greek alum

    I am an alumni and past president of AGR at WVU. It's been my understanding that most of the fraternities being kicke off campus have been on some sort of probation for some time. Greek Life itself is not to be blamed for the actions of a few. Media is the ultimate death to society. Media only reports the incidents that they feel will get the most readers or listeners. Media does not report that Greeks on average across the country have a higher GPA among other undergraduates, the thousands of dollars raised for charities, the countless hours of community service, or the amount of high ranking officials and CEOs that are past Greeks. There are success stories with Greek Life and there are the other stories.
    The incident that happened at Kappa Sigma is tragic and Nolan Branch should be remembered in thoughts and prayers. But it is not an event that should define all of Greek Life.

    • WV Alum

      Thank you AGR! Someone who finally knows what they're talking about. Greek life in general is not a problem and if you think it is, and should be shut down forever, then you clearly have a misunderstanding of it. The media kills us but hopefully this won't be the end. Oh, and @ "tired of it", you are a complete moron. Congratulations on your corrections to the above post. I'm sure they were quite insightful and totally won't be ignored. Try to actually gain an understanding of greek life and culture before you totally bash it, and get over the fact that you didn't get a bid when you tried to rush.

      • tired of it

        They clearly weren't ignored as you just responded to them...

        Believe it or not, I have a pretty good understanding of the Greek system, and unfortunately now the rest of the community does as well. It's time you stop making excuses and take a little responsibility for the actions of your "brothers".

        If you want to be taken seriously (do you even?) maybe try to form a well rounded opinion rather than personal attacks. It really just confirms the idiot frat boy stereotype.

    • WVU1

      AGR is a little different from most fraternities. Having friends that are Tekes, Betas, and AGR boys from my time in the early 90's, I know that is very true. I spent many days at the AGR house. AGR parties are nothing like the rest of these morons. During that time at your house, the philanthropy is better, the quality of interaction is better, and the GPAs were better. The people were just more grounded and controlled.

    • tired of it

      That's a load of BS and you know it. I am so tired of the Greek community hiding behind the guise of a "charitable organization". If it wasn't a requirement, community service would not happen, plain and simple. No one joins a frat for community outreach purposes, they join for the booze, parties, and girls. I would venture a guess that once a Greek has graduated their community service decreases to 0.

      Due to these multiple recent events it is very very clear there is a serious, systemic problem in the Greek culture and those trying to defend it should be ashamed of themselves. This kid was peer pressured and forced fed booze until his "big brother" disregarded him, leaving him totally unattended. Is that how you would take care of a supposed family member?

      You can spew your overplayed "above average GPA" (due to stolen tests and copied assignments) banter until the cows come home, but the bottom line is WVU is worse off because of these institutions.

      As far as your comments on the media, they don't create stories, they just report on them. I understand how uncomfortable it must make you feel about them entering your bubble of debauchery, but when things of this magnitude occur it becomes a community issue that needs addressing.

      And just to clear a couple things up, you are not an "alumni", you are an "alumnus" and the young man in questions name was Nolan Burch...

      • WV Grad

        F*cking idiot.

      • jamie Burke

        Spoken well

  • Mark C

    Spring of my freshman year I was hammered and returned to Towers thanks to my GDI friends, who continued to look out for me for free because we were friends and they were good people (who were drunk too, but more responsible than I had been.) I don't understand how a person can get into peril of death in a frat house looking for new members. So I'm guessing the "brothers" were pushing alcohol but not responsible enough to care about the impact? Isn't that negligent homicide ?

  • Student

    There has been little to nothing said about the non-Greek affiliated individual who also passed away last week due to alcohol abuse. I pray for the families of those lost, but this is a very clear and blatant attack against Greek life at WVU. One fraternity kicked off last year and two already this year with more to come if I were a betting man. This is a product of small minded, good ol boy decision making at WVU. Someone thinks they can clean house within Greek life, put new letters with new members in these houses, and things will change. To those of you from the 70's, 80's, and 90's who say you didn't have issues like this when you were at WVU, wake up. You had the same issues to the same extent if not worse; there was just no internet or social media to bring your issues to light in the public eye. I don't know what the solution is, but I'm sure there is one out there. WVU needs leaders innovative enough to find solutions, not leaders who put band-aids on the problems so they become issues again further down the road.

  • Dean Wermer

    They were on double secret probation.

  • Jay Gordon

    Some nationals have made great strides in the past years to change the fraternity culture and one of those fraternity's is on the WVU campus now. So not all is lost, nor are they outdated just getting up-dated.

  • DB

    The Greek community has shown its true colors yet again. Between these recent fraternity related deaths and the allegations coming out of the woodwork about the fraternity rape culture at the University of Virginia, we have to ask ourselves if the money that mommy and daddy bring to the university really worth all of this? The article sites a study claiming fraternity members are 3x more likely to commit sexual assault. Any of you commenters like those odds with your daughters? Not me.

    Judging from my time at WVU a few years ago and my interactions with "brothers" in Phi Psi or the "classy gentleman" of Beta Theta Pi there is no difference between the character of these men at humble, quiet WVU or an academic powerhouse like UVA or Yale. They all are a bunch of animals that are not held accountable for their actions.

    Fraternities are silly and outdated. Just another relic that society should dump and move on.

    • WV Alum

      Are you KIDDING ME DB?! How can you have the complete and udder stupidity to compare these events to the ones at UVA? That is absolutely ridiculous. Clearly everything happening is very serious but that's just plain wrong. You remind me of FOX news, which I'm sure you watch religiously.

    • Smarter than you

      This guy clearly didn't get a bid - why don't you do some actual research about all the good greek life brings to community - as undergrads and as alumni. Someone has to pick up the slack for you geeds

      • WVU1

        It's token philanthropy in most cases to keep the charter. You know it. Been there.

      • DoseofReality

        If you have to 'research' what the greek life brings to humanity, then it can't be all that good. Greece might have represented the pinnacle of human achievement at one time, but why would you want to represent those living in austerity today? Now, time for class, and don't show up drunk, lazy, or stupid.

      • DB

        You and your "bros" are losing the PR war. Just google anything related to a frat and you'll see.

        The onus is on you to prove otherwise, not me.

        By the way, I did get a bid, but after I saw "if you can read this, you're a s**t" written on the ceiling of a room with some mattresses on it, I decided to stay home on initiation night.

        Proud to be a GID. I saved a lot of money that way and I actually made real friends!

    • Greek Is Greek To Me


    • DB

      *cites, my bad. For those that are interested:

  • wvu_93

    As a 1993 graduate the drinking age was 21when I was there and although underage drinking was prevalent we did not have the tragedies that have been occurring lately. Education and communication about alcohol and the dangers will be more productive than a ban, prohibition didn't work in the 1920's and isn't the answer today.

  • The Merican

    Who runs this joint, Obama? WVU has been in charge of the Greek system at WVU for years and they've failed miserably! Greek alumni account for a large part of donations to WVU. One suggestion liberals - change the legal age if drinking back to 18--all this BS started after you made alcohol a mystery to ADULTS that are responsible for everything else at the age of 18. If it was up to Oblahblah, he'd move the drinking age to 26, he wants to encourage our youths to never grow up and suck on the government tat. LOSERS! Can't wait until the Mexicans take over, 2050, right?

    • J the C

      real intellectual.

  • Loyal Mountaineer

    I agree with John B here. While the loss of life is tragic and unnecessary, totally banning all Greek life is not the answer. It will make a minimal impact on drinking around campus and they will just lose a boogieman on which they blame all the woes of student life.

    Alcohol is prohibited in dorms. However, most fraternities are not owned by the University, and thus the University cannot ban alcohol from their houses.

    Poor behavior needs to be corrected and properly punished, but I think the current approach of punishing everyone, regardless of whether they are guilty or associated, is not the right approach.

  • Abbagoochie

    Real simple. Ban any and all alcohol from any school property rented or leased and the problem will fix itself 95% and anyone caught with alcohol will be expelled on the 1st offense. Its amazing simple solutions to all problems but can never be utlized. Sad.

    • WV Grad

      Hahahahahahaha I'm going to print this comment off and post it on my fridge so I can laugh at something stupid every morning before I go to work. Please never post here again, from all of us.

    • J the C

      no solution at all.

    • john b

      1. Most kids live off campus not on.
      2. I say this as a 91 WVU Graduate who donates money to the school through the MAC. WVU since at least the 70's has been a party school and will continue to be. Sorry for the young MAN losing his life last week due to HIS bad decisions regarding the consumption of alcohol. But for the University Brass to go over the top to try to "Control" student behavior is ridiculous. We have a great school and it doesn't need to be policed with an iron fist because some young adult made bad choices with his life!

      • Nettie

        john b, It's not just one MAN, but 20 from two separate fraternities in two separate incidents in one month at one school. Not just an isolated tragedy, but indicators of a real problem. Students will continue to party, but the Fraternity culture has developed to a level of partying that goes beyond just underage drinking. We were all 18 once and know that the title of adult does not automatically bestow wisdom and judgement. It is entirely appropriate for University Brass to make moves to moderate the party culture. If only so parents will feel comfortable sending their children there. At this point, I don't and won't.

        • WVU1

          It has not "developed to a level of partying that goes beyond just underage drinking."

          It has always been that way. It's always been a screwed up culture of buying friends, hazing, and drinking/drugs in excess.