MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Class AAA No. 6 South Charleston scored the game winning touchdown with less than a minute to go to beat No. 3 University 24-20 in the high school football quarterfinals Friday night.

University argued the ball hit the ground, but it was officially ruled a catch. The video replay from the end-zone is posted above. South Charleston moves on into the Class AAA semifinals with the win.


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  • bill

    watched this play a couple of times have no side to take either way and video clip was no angle for me to make a call but the SC reciever's reaction was he knows it was a trap and not a catch.

  • #23 step-father


  • #23 step-father

    Really?? You need a 17 yr old student football player to comment on a play that has nothing to do with your life. Grow up, move on I bet your players will...........they lost ...........get over it........To the University Hawk players you all played very well, as did the SC Black Eagles. Much respect to the players of University, you have a very good team, good band and beautiful facility. #23 does his talking on the field.......just saying

  • Mac

    "Get over it! ?" Gee SCHS 1977, somebody gives an opinion and you act "Holier-than- thou" = = We ALL know up here in the "educated northern part of the state" that the Charleston and S. Charleston area teams play dirty, cheat, use non-eligible players and payoff the officials to win your games.
    If you think I'm wrong, then how did you beat UHS on a pass play where the receiver's knee hit on the 1-yard line? Oh, that's right, you paid off the officials so you could win!

  • UHS player

    Thank you, you played awesome as well. Good luck and thanks for being concerned and showing great sportsmanship!

  • Northerner

    Capital players not much better.. What is it???

  • UHS

    Mr. Crozier will probably not speak up I bet

  • SC Fan

    Sorry about his leg, Hope he heals quickly! I was concerned about both but especially the wide receiver. Thank you for the update, you guys played an awesome game. The injured will be in our prayers!

  • John Doe

    You are an idiot.

  • UHS player

    I agree 100%

  • UHS player

    The wide receiver the got hit hard toward the sideline was ok but the number 9 had a broken leg

  • SC89

    SC has always been like that. It will never change. If they would have lost it would have been the refs fault

  • WV Buck

    The University coach and fans are looking like a bunch of immature crybabies. You got beat get over it, it happens. If you played in the MSAC you wouldnt have even made the playoffs. You came to charleston last season and Capital hung what 70 on you now SC comes to your house and spanks you and you cry like a baby.When you come off the porch and run with the big dogs sometimes you get bit.

  • SC Fan

    Are the injured UHS Hawks players okay? I mentioned that several times in my comments but no one responded. I truly hope those boys are not injured badly. I saw one being helped off the field with what appeared to be a foot, knee or leg injury. Congrats again on a great season, by the way that was the first time I had been to UHS , you have a beautiful facility. Would love to see the river valley view in the daytime

  • One Youn Man Knows the Truth

    Yes, only the receiver from SC knows the truth. If he trapped it, he will run his mouth like all kids and lose his integrity as a young man forever. If he truly caught it, the. Great play and pat on back to him. So what's the truth young man?

  • I want the truth from the receiver

    The only left now is for Metronews to interview the receiver and let's see if he has acquired any integrity as a young man. Or is there a better video out there that someone has and that we can watch? I would love to see him admit that it bounced or he pulled it off as called. Just the truth. Doesn't matter what he says now, the call was a "catch" and the game is over with SC being declared the winner per the scoreboard. So what's the receivers name and when will he offer to settle this one like an honest young man so we can all go on with our life knowing the true story. Otherwise, he may have to live with a lie when he could be living with a cherished memory. What say yee young receiver for SC, you wanna tell the story from your perspective?

  • Football Mom

    Amen to that.

  • SCHS1977

    Obviously you are a UHS grad/fan. You lost/we won. Get over it.

  • Impartial football fan

    Sure I'll sell them so he can ride them into the record books. There in fairytale land which is where he'll be riding to, lol.

  • sportsfan

    Im just a fan but I do have 1 comment .WHY is wv the only state around that still uses 5 officials especially in playoff games. I know for a fact VA has been using 7 officials for at least 4 years . These calls would be much better officiated with more eyes on the field. The coaches in this state need to insist on 6 or 7 officials in playoff games anyway. The WVSSAC needs to get with the program and give these games better officiating via more eyes

  • sportsfan

    I listen and watch these comments week in and week out..... Heres an idea wy doesn't wvssac get in the new age with officials most states use 6 and some use 7 officials in games. These calls that happen with a 5 man crew as has been discussed here are the result of not enough officials on the field . My opinion is the coaches in this state shoud insist or 6 or even 7 officials especially in playoff games. I know from visiting relatives and going to game in VA they have been using 7 for at least 4 yrs..... GET IN THE NEW AGE WVSSAC so these calls are gotten right via more eyes on the plays >>>>>>>>

  • SC Joke

    He's the most successful coach in the state and his record speaks of how phenomenal he is. He has 199 wins he's still not done. He cares about his players more than any coach in the state and motivates them and teaches them not only how to be great football players, but how to be great men. You guys are faulting him for standing up for his players? You're a joke. And yeah I'll buy that unicorn. I can give it to him to ride into the record books.

  • Impartial football fan

    Phenomenal coach, what a joke. If you believe that I've got a couple unicorns to sell you.

  • Proud SC Mother

    Is discipline getting on here bashing children if so I don't want it.? I am a proud mother and have every right to be. With God all things are possible and my son has God on his side. Great job to all the boys from both teams you all had an amazing year keep your head up and don't let all this negative stuff pull you in be the better examples

  • Proud SC Mother

    So sad I know this to be untrue there is no way you can honestly say they didn't shake hands this kids are amazing kids and their coach should be very proud of them

  • Mr riff raff

    you think the Hawks were disrespectful... HA. Those black Eagles were possibly the most disrespectful group of heathens I've ever seen. Before the game they spit on the U and were dancing on it. And after the game almost every player didn't shake hands. That team doesn't know what discipline is and never will. If I was a coach that would be the last place I'd coach.

  • Proud SC Mother

    Please tell me how was the SC QB committed a false start on every play

  • John doe


  • AJ Adams

    That's funny because I took a knee. Learn your facts and you grammar

  • Jrizzle

    youre just as bad as those that you called out. You condescend on the phone others, only to them thumb your nose because your team won.... I feel sorry for any kids that deal with parents like all of you nuts that post on here.

    All of you are teaching the wrong lessons because you're living vicariously through your kids playing football. There's WAY more important stuff in life that high school football, but you'd never know it to read all of this nonsense.

  • Impartial football fan

    Kelly is nothing but a "SORE LOSER" period

  • Impartial football fan

    I understand emotions were running high, but that is no excuse for his behaviour. What kind of example is that for the players he "loves"? Oh, I know, when things don't go your way whine and cry about it. I couldn't tell if SC caught the ball at the end and the refs made the call. It may very well have hit the ground but whining about it doesn't change anything and sets a horrible example for everyone.

  • Eer4life

    The game didn't exactly end on this play. It was what? 1st and goal from the 5 when this so called questionable call went down and SC has 2 timeouts left? They had already marched the ball almost the length of the field in like a minute and change, they were scoring regardless. And university did get the ball back with 33 seconds left, they just couldn't do anything with it once again

  • Fbfan

    I thought so too;) better luck next season mr. Doe

  • Random

    some of the comments on here are terrible, you parents should be embarrassed, not only for yourselves but also for you children. Look at the way you are teaching them to act. On the other hand, the Black Eagles deserved this win, and they played hard to get it, yes there were bad plays and bad calls on both sides but that's just how the game goes, accept it and get over it. If you would like to talk about bad sportsmanship, when the sc player was hurt in the second half of the game, not one of the university player took a knee, disrespectful if you ask me, so the speech given before the game about GOOD sportsmanship was just something for me to shake my head about. I could go on and on, the Black Eagles deserved that win, and they showed it, so get out there and practice hard this week and show everyone what the Black Eagles are really made of next week, I know you boys can do it!!!

  • Merl

    This was an incredibly entertaining game. Far more so than the WVU game the night before. Yes it is a shame the game ended with a controversial call. My view was perfect and the same one Coach Kelley had and it sure looked like it bounced. Based on the players reactions the receiver knew it bounced too....should ask him. In any case, I am proud of both teams for how hard they played.

  • John Doe

    Good one coach.

  • Jane Doe

    That means you're dead.

  • SC Joke

    Oh since you were so close to the ridiculous spectator you also probably heard what he said to our coach. He called and badgered our coach until he came over to see what the problem was, where he was bombarded by him and other fans. The SC fans had no right to call over our coach like they did. They have absolutely no class. If you want to dispute me upon what was said, I was standing just feet away from it all and heard every word that was said. Did you ever think that there was a reason that they didn't take a knee? It was because of the total lack of respect your players showed ours, so no you didn't deserve even that simple gesture. Your fans yelled and cussed during our alma-mater, while your players finally shut up for once. I can see where they get it. You can have whatever opinion you'd like, but I'll have mine and that includes a great quote I've recently heard from a phenomenal coach: "F--- You!"

  • Jrizzle

    i have no skin in this game and no cares in the world as to who won it. The catch looks good, and I don't think it could be overturned even with instant replay.

    Kelley claiming he got cheated is terrible leadership for the kids on the team, and those supporting them. In life, you get beat sometimes. Crying foul doesn't get you to a better place in most cases. Being thick skinned enough to move on is invaluable.

    Poor lesson coach. Poor leadership.

  • University

    Most of your comments are irrelevant. All of these things you said that weren't called out were and we came into the game with the best possible plan to win the game and executed it for the most part. And SC shuts down the sweep by blitzing in the C gaps. If you're so observant try to notice that next time. And I disagree with you 100% that bad coaching ended our season. We have the best coaches in the state and nothing will ever change that. I do agree with you though that he did a great job standing up for the team. That solidifies my point of having the best coaches in the state

  • UHS Uncle

    From where I sat on the 50 down in the front row it looked like the ball went into the ground as he dives for it and got trapped against his body but the officials had nobody in position to actually see the play ultimately the official with the worse view who was behind the play called TD to soon and the official to the field side of the play was watching the line of scrimmage and had his back to the play couldn't see the play which you can see at about the 10 or 11 second mark of the video the other two of fails were the line judges standing next to the pilons and are only there to tell if a ball breaks the goal line the video here is from the back view were the official who makes the call would have been so all you see is the kids body shield the ball from view then the kid gets up with the ball. I wish we had a view from the other side so we can put an end to the controversy although as I said from where I was I could see pretty clearly and the ball was trapped not caught great job by the SC player to sell it as a catch though

  • UHS Uncle

    From where I sat on the 50 down in the front row it looked like the ball went into the ground as he dives for it and got trapped against his body but the officials had nobody in position to actually see the play ultimately the official with the worse view who was behind the play called TD to soon and the official to the field side of the play was behind the scrum of players at the line of scrimmage and couldn't see the play the other two of fails were the line judges standing next to the pilons and are only there to tell if a ball breaks the goal line the video here is from the back view were the official who makes the call would have been so all you see is the kids body shield the ball from view then the kid gets up with the ball. I wish we had a view from the other side so we can put an end to the controversy although as I said from where I was I could see pretty clearly and the ball was trapped not caught great job by the SC player to sell it as a catch though

  • Upset Hawks Fan

    To loose on a trapped pass at the end of a game is so upsetting to me the fact that none of the officials had a clear view and that the official with the worse view made the call is upsetting. But having coach Kelly not take advantage of the single high safety look SC was running all night on defense by attacking the single corner deep pissed me off not have him ask the officials to watch the SC quarterback that was committing a false start on every play pisses me off and not having a coach notice that the quarterback was clapping just before the snap on every play really posses me off I'm watching as a fan and I seen this stuff why the hell didn't the coach who has been coaching football for years. Also for the record the flea flicker worked beautifully but the ball was under thrown we should have went back to it later in the game. Also coach just so ya know their is no rule saying you can't run a sweep or something to get outside down by the goal line and why would you call a wide receiver screen as your first play trailing by 4 with 30 seconds left in the game you should have attacked the deep middle of the field and used your timeouts to stop the clock just saying the bad call by the officials ended the game but poor coaching ended our season although I commend you for standing up for our team at the end up until then I didn't know if you were even awake

  • UHS Uncle

    I watched the entire game last night. I'll admit to some bias as my nephew plays for UHS or as he is a senior so thus was his final game. It was a good hard fought game SC gets the win I think coach Kelly made some coaching mistakes but UHS played hard the heartbreaking thing is to loose a close game on a questionable call and from where I sat on 50 in the front it looked like the ball was trapped not caught on the final TD is hard and I understand coach Kelly arguing the point that's football I don't like as you can see in the video the back line ref who is behind the play and had no angle to see what happened made the call almost as it happened I think that influenced the other officials to be honest none of them had a good view of the play I also didn't like the hit on the UHS receiver it was helmet to helmet on a defenseless receiver should have been called targeting bit it wasn't I don't mind the celebration after the hit it's football and it's emotional. Again I would have liked a less controversial call to end the season In sports you don't always get that though. UHS you played well this season be proud keep your heads up to the seniors I wish you the best in the future many of you will play in college. To the SC Black Eagles good luck in the up coming games

  • Fbfan

    No problem John dope....doe:)

  • John Doe

    I'm Neil Armstrong.

  • John Doe

    Thanks John Madden.

  • HAWKS#1

    You are completely wrong, COMPLETELY. I have watched and followed Hawk football for a long time, Coach Kelly had every right to do what he did for his players. how in the world in a critical game such as this the call was not made faster. If an official sees it, call it, don't fiddle faddle around. I pay attention to Kelly on the side lines he is very quite and humbled. Only saying what I see.

  • MamaHawk

    My comment wasn't meant for "your boys", it was meant for "mlb", and I never mentioned anything about welfare.

  • jwws

    You will never find a coach that loves his players as much as Coach Kelly. I typically do not bash refs but these guys were horrible. Emotions were running strong and as any good coach he was there for his players.

  • Proud SC Mother

    God have mercy on your soul. My son has God on his side he is not and will not ever be a thug

  • Missconkle

    Wow your really mature aren't you?! Talking bad about children?? Your parents must be so proud to have raised such a childish backwoods bully. Keep proving that all the racial slurs and badmouthing our boys really happened. Thank you!

  • John Doe

    You can't see. His body blocks the angle.

  • Patrick Bilderback

    So was it a catch? Video wont work for me.

  • John Doe

    RN? Everybody has dreams.

  • Missconkle

    this stupid comment was yelled several times during the game. You know nothing about us or our boys. Your just making yourself look ignorant.

  • WVUfan

    POOR POOR coaching from university. SC turned the ball over 5 times in this game and twice in their own territory. The U had every chance in the world to win this one and let it get away. You have to cash that many turnovers in for some points against a team like SC because u aren't going to stop them forever. Poorest coaching I ever seen. And yea that was definitely a touchdown at the end even if it took 2 days for the refs to signal it.

  • Mama hawk

    Sore loser because I say it's time to hit the books? I have no horse in this race. My son has already graduated, and attends college. This football stuff is great, but very temporary.

  • justsayin

    I think these posts are the better game. Right now I have the two sides tied. Zing a few more please very entertaining.

  • Wvuopie

    Wow. Sore loser. Good thing you are teaching your kids how to live through a loss.

  • Proud SC Mother


  • Proud SC Mother

    this comment was so uncalled for our season ends tonight theirs ends next week" we are supposed to teach our children good habits not bad ones

  • Proud SC Mother

    I am praying for you Amen

  • Proud SC Mother

    This is so sad. I pray that my son never reads this display from these adults. I will pray to God for everyone and the negative posts. May God speak to you all. Amen

  • drivefor5

    Bring on the Bullllllldogs!!
    All this arguing is ridiculous people. Ignorance is taught. Smh

  • WhgFeeling

    WOW!! We have some classy role model for our children. It is a high school football game. Not the end of the world and I am certain there is much more serious issues to be hot under the collar about.


    I'm a cougar fan, but definitely support Kanawha Valley. That being said, I listened to the whole game on the radio and SC got flagged three to four more times than University. In reality it's just a game of high football nothing more or less, If your that caught up in young men playing the sport of football, you need to take a step back and put your life in perspective. This really sounds like and excuse to spew that racist garbage that your full of anyway, so if you can't say that stuff to people's face you need to keep them comments to yourself , because you don't know any of these people your spouting that nonsensical rhetoric to John Doe. Last thing that garbage your spraying really makes you sound like a fool, it's high school football get a life and do something with yourself

  • Impartial football fan

    Kelly is an embarrassment. There is NO excuse for losing it like he did. I have traveled all over the state watching playoff football and I have NEVER seen anything like that from a head coach. It seems to be the rule rather than the exception with Kelly though. And for the record, I am not a South Charleston fan. I would be a UHS fan if it were not for the way the head coach behaves. I have several close friends whose children attended UHS in the past few years and I can honestly say I feel sorry for the ones who played football under Kelly. He sets a horrible example for the players, students, and for UHS. My condolences go out to the players for losing a hard fought game.

  • JD

    It's just a game and either team does have the opportunity to compete against Capital if they would see each other at the end. Can't really determine games before they happen. I am a big Capital High School Fan, even I can say that some football games that were played came close or end up losing due to mistakes. If Capital sees South Charleston at Wheeling and vice versa definitely be a match to see again.

  • Momma Eagle

    You guys talked so much trash all week about how we couldn't beat you and we are overrated. For us to be operated your coach was pretty worried about us. Even going so far as to say he hoped the wind was gusting 30 to 45 miles an hour cause that would stop our pass. Sounds like he didn't have much faith in his team to get the job done themselves. Oh and they didn't. As for shutting us down in the second half you really didn't do that either. It was our mistakes that almost did us in. You all always want to count us out but I believe everytime you have played us whether it be playoffs or the championship game in 1994 you all are the ones that go home empty handed. Whether or not our season ends next week you guys will be at home yet again watching us play that game.

  • SC Fan

    All fans were on the same side of the field so I'm not sure of what you heard I saw after the whistle taunts, pushes and other gestures from UHS but couldn't hear a word any player said. I did however HEAR vividly your Coach say FU to our fans. When someone asked about why they didn't kneel when our players were injured, he said something very smart and again in regards to the situation was "F*** it" now if you want to call that class I will say I don't know anything about it. Leadership is about example. I agree that the call was delayed and I would be upset if it was the other way but that is the way it goes sometimes. We have had it happen. UHS is a good football team and played very well, especially in second half I hope the the players you had injured are okay. We did, however, take a knee when your players were down. That is not a rule but an accepted respectful gesture that has been in football for years. It is tough to lose a game like that and it's a hard thing to get over but even the comments I read in both Morgantown and Charleston newspapers made were ... Well... "Un-classy" Congrats again on a great season and I wish you all well in the future. Especially your injured players.

  • Po14

    This is ridiculous. Both sides are name calling, talking about education, talking about personal things over a game that was very close,on a public site where everyone can see both sides ignorance. Yes the game may not have went the way either side wanted to but in the end there is nothing we can do to change it. Both teams were very good teams and that was a very close game.

  • scalumni

    Let's talk about the kick off return that was called back.....

  • Ofgf

    That's real mature. Take the loss and move on. You don't know anything about this man or anyone of south charleston team. Sorry your team lost.

  • Mama hawk

    You're right, it's over, it's just a game, and neither team is good enough to beat Capital. We're just hanging our cleats up now, and y'all live to fight another day.

  • Mama hawk

    Briefly? It took them forever to make the call, which meant that neither one of them were sure, but anyway, game over, congrats to SC, done!

  • Football fan

    You gotta love how people sitting 300 feet away in the stands can say a call is BS lol. In situations like the winning touchdown The officials will often do what was seen tonignt which is get together briefly and see who had the better angle on the play before signaling a touchdown. Folks should be happy that university was still even InThe game. If south charlesron hadn't turn the Ball over 5 times, they likely win this contest by 2 of 3 scores. University played there hearts out that second half and SC made just enough mistakes to keep them in the game, nothing more.

  • Sc#12uncle

    This is crazy to watch ppl aruge over a loss. Prqctice harder sn come back next year sucks that your teams season stopped tonight. But having good grades and horrible additudes either on or off the field what good are you ? Good Job SC !!! #DemBOyZ as the say #12BG Good game

  • MamaHawk

    Yes, it's called typo darling, and I would be talking, should be wouldn't sweetheart. You're really cracking me up, please keep posting .

  • Ofgf

    I would be talking. Instead if done??? Really... Nice

  • Ofgf

    It's something called a typo darlin.

  • Eagle Aunt

    Great job boys! What matters is BLACK EAGLES WON. Case closed. Period. "Oh yes we did that." Our boys not only play the opposing team they play the refs. We know we're not liked..oh well we still overcome and everyone hates it. It was a great game. If the Hawks would have won it still would have been a good game....buuuuttt they didn't. Oh and PLEASE do not act like you're "classier" than us. Its called PASSION you have it for your boys and we have it for ours. You fight for yours and we fight for ours. Never underestimate and Eagle, win or lose we ALWAYS SOAR! #blackeaglenation

  • Mama hawk

    I totally agree

  • Mama hawk

    More class, that's laughable. I have never heard more foul mouthed players in my life. The coach lost it, and I agree, that's not acceptable, but the touchdown call at the end of the game was total bs.

  • SC Joke

    You guys were classier?? Your fans screamed and cussed at our players on the sideline, your players yelled taunts at our players and our sideline, and worst of all your one thug defensive back after tackling our receiver got up and kicked him in the face as he stepped over him to taunt and yell at him, even though he was hurt before the kick, with two more thugs from your "classy" team. Your definition of class is as backwards as the refs calls

  • Mama hawk

    You should re-read, and re-write your posts before you call anyone uneducated. Use the word did instead if done for starters.

  • Mama hawk

    After reading some of your posts, I can see that the classroom never meant anything to you. Good win, now let's see how far that gets you.

  • Ofgf

    you guys done an amazing job and never let the refs calls as well as the other teams negativity toward us bring you down.

  • Ofgf

    I couldn't be not be more proud of South Charleston Black Eagles you guys done an amazing job and never let the refs calls as well as the other teams negativity toward us. Tonight you pulled together not only as a team but a family. its horrible that we will see negative posts about us on here but that just shows how dumb people are and uneducated. Next week is coming and we may or may not lose but at least WE made it to the NEXT game!!! Congrats boys!!!

  • mlb

    people kill me you lost and thats the end of your season. good game sc classroom books wow

  • SC Fan

    There was questionable calls on both sides of the ball but SC pulls out the win! Whether or not our season ends next week or not I will say SC showed much more class. The coach was rude, cussed our fans at the fence and they never took a knee when players were injured. Classroom is where it counts but also counts in attitude. Congrats to both teams for a great season.

  • Mamahawk

    Great season UHS! This was a heartbreaking loss because of all of the questionable spots and controversial calls, but no one gave you a shot and you shut South Charleston down in the second half. Your season ends tonight and theirs ends next week. Time to pack up the cleats, hit the books, and show everyone why you're the number one school in the state where it counts, in the classroom!!