WESTON, W.Va. — A difficult interchange along I-79 in Lewis County will be scrutinized for future improvements.

The state Division of Highways will hold a public information meeting on Tuesday evening about possible improvements at the interchange at I-79 and U.S. Route 33 at Weston.

“Our engineers are looking at what can be done to improve it,” said state Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox. “So the mixture of traffic coming off I-79 and onto I-79, you don’t have that conflict.”

Presently, the southbound on ramp and exit ramp are on a single lane shared by motorists either getting on or off the highway. At times, the lane can be confusing and dangerous. Many cars are speeding up and others slowing down simultaneously.

“The increase in traffic flow with more of Corridor H being opened up over the years, it’s time to take a look at it,” Mattox said.

A public workshop to lay out the ideas for public consumption is 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday at Peterson-Central Elementary School in Weston.

Officials said the meeting is very preliminary to begin the process of examining what could be done and to learn if the public has any strong opinions about how to improve the interchange.

The workshop, they said, is the first step in what is expected to be a long process toward design and construction.

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  • Shadow

    One of the problems is that it is not Signed to warn first timers.

  • Shadow

    You should keep DC and Charlotte off your driving area.

  • Shadow

    All of the lights on 33 use the same stupid 5 second Yellow. Every light change is your opportunity to be T-boned. Sensible States have a system that warns you, and especially truckers, that they will have a Red light when they get there but not WV.

  • Linda Lang Gipko

    Gee...after 40 years they finally decide that exit is dangerous? I can't count the times I was almost hit when i lived there.

  • In da stickes

    I thought Parsons to Davis was supposed to start construction by 2020.

  • WV Hillbilly

    Intersection of US 33 West and Interstate 81 in Harrisonburg, VA used to be the same. Virginia had the good sense to rebuild it.

  • WV Hillbilly

    What they need to do is.....do it right the 1st time. They should be building full-blown interchanges where traffic is heavy. The US 250 intersection to Belington is a good example. Who in their right mind intersects two US Highways with an at-grade intersection on a high-speed 4-lane corridor?

    That location's terrain was perfect for 250 to pass under 33, with on ramps.

    By the time they are done planting traffic lights from Weston to Elkins, the trip won't be worth it.

    Our State Highway Department needs some people with common sense, not career politicians.

  • Charlie Smith

    I travel that way almost daily sometimes is a pain when you get behind a untrained driver who doesn't know how to merge, but thats not because of the road so please tell me more about Uranus.

  • Commenter

    I can't remember where it is, but there is another exit just like that, and I think it's in WV, just not sure.

  • Obama must go

    Truest statement if there ever was one.

  • Roger

    I have been all over the Eastern Seaboard, and that is the worst exit I have ever seen in my life. Why, its a wonder someone isn't killed there everyday

  • Justsayin

    Construction on the Parsons to Davis section is not scheduled to begin until 2031.

  • ThMburg

    Please finish corridor H. I'm running out of time in my lifetime to see its completetion

  • Gary in Fairmont

    I can remember my uncle in 1976 saying what a stupid set-up that was.

  • Justsayin

    I wish the DOH would stop installing stop lights on 33 between Weston and Elkins. Utilize frontal roads connecting businesses and expect more from the drivers to get on and off. The people of Belington and west Elkins need to read traffic better without relying on stop lights.

  • Robert

    Funny, I grew up driving intersections very similar to this and never had a problem. It's called 'merge'.

    However I don't think I've ever encountered one where the merge lanes seemed so short, especially when trying to enter onto 33W. The combination of at grade intersections on either side isn't helping. I don't think 'tweaking' the current design is going to help, it's going to need a complete overhaul. The problem will be funding as well as geography.

    All I ask is that when the thing is done we don't get lighting as was done a bit further South at the Roanoke exit. It's absolutely horrible. Over lamped clusters of orange HPS glare bombs. It looks like a military installation, especially jarring since it's the gateway to the resort.

  • Scared

    I thought about going to Elkins once, but didn't because I was so afraid to get off the exit. Just drove to the south Weston exit, turned around, and drove home shaking like a leaf!!!

  • Harpers Ferry

    By the time Corridor H opens we'll be in flying cars. Then again, a certain Doc Brown told me there would be flying cars by 2015.

  • Dave from Clarksburg

    Save this article. In 2034, you'll read the same article again. And when you ask yourself, "Where have I heard that before?", you'll know!

  • JTC

    Instead of talking about it for months begin construction ASAP! It is not like this problem occurred overnight! Build a separate off ramp! WVDo H will receive my consulting fee in the morning. There next problem?

  • a concerned educator

    I also disagree! This is a very dangerous off/entrance ramp! I have almost been in wrecks here multiple times. People are unsure what to do getting off 79 or coming onto the interstate. I hope that the state makes a common sense change.

  • 4mounties

    "To learn if the public has any strong opinions about how to improve the interchange". In other words, our engineers are ignorant and can't figure out a better solution. WV roads = the worst in the lower 48!!

  • Annie

    I totally agree. Our daughter was a student at WV Wesleyan and getting off at the exit was always a worry for me. We have seen and experienced many close calls!

  • James

    Maybe a simple on off ramp like they have at most interchanges. All the lanes are there on 33 so no modifications would be needed. Nothing would be needed on north side either.

  • WV Hillbilly

    This interchange is simply an example of the same mistakes being made as they build at-grade intersections at busy locations on Corridor H and the other Corridors. They know full-well that many are too busy for at-grade and should be built as full-blown interchanges. But, we will build them and we will see numerous accidents and deaths as we have seen at several around Buckhannon and one at Elkins.

    Many of our state and community leaders are/were so eager to build Corridor H that they would loop it around Pittsburgh if that is what it takes to say they built it! It is crammed up next to I-68 and neglects the southern path that it was originally intended to serve.

  • susanf1218

    I disagree! It can be very dangerous and difficult to exit when there are people also coming onto the interstate. Happened to me the other night - I was trying to exit and an 18 wheeler with a double trailer was entering the interstate at the same time. I ended up having to drive down to the next exit and then backtrack to get on Rt. 33. And the volume of traffic on I79/33 has definitely increased!

  • Tim C

    I've been off and on this interchange many times with no problem. Big waste of taxpayer money if you ask me.