MIDDLEBOURNE, W.Va. — There will be no school in Tyler County Monday and Tuesday because of a flu outbreak. The decision was made after nearly 30 percent of the system’s students missed school last week for the flu and other ailments.

The time off this week will flow right into Tyler County’s Christmas break. Classes won’t resume until Jan. 5. All extracurricular activities have been postponed until Dec. 29.

The extended break actually began last Friday when schools were closed for the day because of the outbreak. Monday was supposed to be a regular day in the Tyler County school system, while Tuesday was a scheduled half-day.

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  • lime

    Ha !! this story wasnt even covered by local news ( WTRF) til i told them about it, the schools were closed but yet none of them showed up on any closing list( i guess it different if its snow?) oh and thanks for the sick kids for Christmas !!!

  • jblaker1

    So you think keeping them at home to prevent them from getting sick is the right thing to do? What are they going to do when they grow up and go out into the real world, or do you advocate that they work from home to? Wait, I've got a better idea, lets put them in a bubble!

  • Dr Pill

    Let's get real.

    Public schools in WV seem to be a very fertile breeding ground for viruses, including the flu. Yet another reason to homeschool your children, if you can, for their health and safety.