BRETZ, W. Va. — A general contractor based in Braxton County is facing punishment from the state Department of Environmental Protection for violating the Water Pollution Control Act at a site in Tucker County.

Breakaway, Inc. is believed to have discharged sediment into Deckers Creek near Bretz at a work site. This altered the creek enough to violate regulations, according to a Notice of Violation issued by the DEP

The company has agreed to pay over $8,000 in administrative penalties if further violations are found after the final settlement –which is subject to public comments, which will be received until Jan. 9 by the agency. If not, Breakaway will only pay the first $3,000 of the penalty.

According to the company’s website, Breakaway, Inc. offers “services in design/build, site work, utility and reclamation.”

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  • Dale Porter

    Are not they talking about Bretz in Preston County rather than Tucker County?

    • Hillboy

      You are correct. I'm not sure where the Tucker County came from.

  • Friend of Deckers Creek

    It is call sediment control, everyone needs to do their part to help keep our streams clean, for the next generation to enjoy and have clean water. This was a Contractor he should know the laws, the fines should be a lot more than 8,830 dollars. Things like this should never happen. I know accidents happen to pollute the streams but this was no accident, sounds like carelessness putting making a profit over the protection of our water ways.