COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin apologized to West Virginia Tuesday for the behavior of student assistant coach Michael Richardson who twice shoved WVU players on the Aggies sideline during Monday’s AutoZone Liberty Bowl.

Sumlin said after watching clips of the incident, Richardson has been “permanently dismissed from our football program.”

Sumblin’s apology covered everyone who could have been bothered by the behavior. “On behalf of the Texas A&M football program, I want to apologize to Darryl Worley and to Andrew Buie as well as to Coach Holgorsen and the West Virginia family for the inexcusable actions of the student assistant,” Sumlin said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon.

The coach also extended his regrets to his own team’s fans.  “I also want to apologize to the Aggie faithful, as they deserve a program to be proud of, not only in our play, but in the integrity and respect we show on and off the field.”  Sumlin said Richardson’s actions “are not representative of our program.”

Richardson, a former linebacker with the Aggies, shoved Buie as he ran out of bounds. Then later, Richardson punched Worley in the back of the helmet when he ended up on the Aggie sideline after a play.

The ESPN TV announcers initially missed the incidents, but the Twittersphere quickly blew up with video and comments, and they drew attention to them in the second half.  Sumlin says he learned of the episodes at halftime and ordered Richardson to stay in the locker room for the second half.  He pursued the issue after the game.

“Upon returning to College Station last night, I had the opportunity to gather information and watch clips of one our student assistant coaches initiating physical contact on two separate occasions with a West Virginia player,” Sumlin said.  “I am extremely disappointed and embarrassed, as his behavior reflected poorly on the program.”

Here is the entire statement from Sumlin:

“Upon returning to College Station last night, I had the opportunity to gather information and watch clips of one of our student assistant coaches initiating physical contact on two separate occasions with a West Virginia player.  I am extremely disappointed and embarrassed, as his behavior reflected poorly on our program.

“On behalf of the Texas A&M football program, I want to apologize to Darryl Worley and to Andrew Buie as well as to Coach Holgorsen and the West Virginia family for the inexcusable actions of the student assistant.  I removed him from the sideline at halftime of yesterday’s game after being informed of the incidents and, after further review, have permanently dismissed him from our football program.

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  • Independent View

    Now that's class Coach Sumlin.

  • Ashlea

    Fake apologies don't mean anything to us. We can handle a hit or two, even a loss of a game, you're the ones who have the internal issues to live with. Richardson has anger issues, as does the entire team, and that was shown throughout the entire game. You ALL need help. Serious help.

    • Durdur

      Like the Texas A@M staff actually read a minor hillbilly news source from WV?

      • Kevin

        Evidently you do, dumdum. LOL.

    • Ashlea

      The apology was forced if nothing else.

      • Aqualeeze


  • sammy

    Thanks to Coach Sumlin for his quick and appropriate response.

    The thug is lucky he was not charged with assault. Hope your free ride at Texas A&M is revoked!

  • WVcoal

    That is the correct and proper disposition for this incident.
    The legendary coach Woody Hayes was forced out (resigned) after he punched a Clemson player in a bowl game, and Richardson was merely a student assistant.
    The arena is for the gladiators, not the onlookers - all coaches and those not actively involved in the game need to understand that.

    • Ron from Morgantown

      Woody Hayes was a legendary head coach with great historical importance . The clown for AM was a minimum wage student with no connection to college football history whatsoever .

      • Tomegone12

        I talked to Charlie Bauman, the DB from Clemson, he said it had a very detrimental impact on his life. Woody never apologized to him only to Danny Ford. What a gentlemen was Woody!!

        • Junius

          I had a business relationship with Charlie Bauman. He milked that cow dry. I wished Woody didn't hit him hard enough.

      • sammy

        I don't care if Hayes was "legendary." His behavior, just like the behavior of this assistant, was unacceptable. There are no excuses for this type of behavior in the world of athletics. And we wonder why the NFL is out of control.

  • Smith the Charlie

    Anything to get the attention away from the WVU coaching staff, go back to the Big Easy where you belong, get out of the Big 12, your just a whipping boy here,

    • Silas Lynch

      I don't know if you've noticed yet,,, but the Big12 IS the new "BigEasy"

      Now what conference got passed over for a national championship spot for a lesser ranked team? What's the Big12 bowl record thus far in the bowl season?

    • ernie


      • Durdur

        He has a point. WVU has been severely lack luster in the Big XII. They need to join the American Athletic Conference where they have a chance to win, and then brag about having a winning season only to lose in another no-name bowl.

        • Ron

          We are not Marshall, we are not afraid of playing against great competition. We will be competitive down the road. We were this year.

          • Nergal

            Where did anyone mention Marshall? I know you're from WV, but I honestly didn't know that you all were that illiterate.

  • Very Impressed

    I am very impressed that as soon as the Coach found out what happened he removed him from the sidelines and afterwards the program. There was NO reason for what he did AT ALL !!!

    • wow

      Sumlin is a class act, good job on his part.

  • Karl

    The NCAA should forceTexas A&M to forfeit the game.

    • wvsteve77

      Sounds like there are three folks here that do not understand sarcasim.

    • Durdur

      Hello Captain Overreaction! Of course, that would be the only way WVU could win a bowl game under Holgorsen!

    • Ashlea


    • sammy

      Karl, sorry, but WVU didn't and doesn't deserve that win, no matter the situation. WVU was simply out coached. The offender lost his job/scholorship. Enough said.

      • WVU TROLL

        Correction: simply outplayed, the coaching staff did there part, got everyone there, made sure they all had the proper equipment to play the game and gave the players the play calls to compete. The execution of these calls where up to the players to perform properly and better than the opponent, on this particular day the players did not out perform the competition.

    • WV Common Tater

      Sounds like a WVU Law Student! If you can't whip 'em on the field do it with the NCAA.

    • jeepster

      over- react much?? Sumlin handled situation well. case closed.

  • R Moffett

    A very classy, appropriate, and timely response from Coach Sumlin. I have always liked his demeanor on the sidelines and, now, have even more respect for him. His is a worthy example for coaches and players everywhere.

  • AJ

    Good riddance thug.

  • WVU Staff Member

    Where's the apology from Michael Richardson?

    • sammy

      Thugs do not admit guilt, they only try to justify their behavior. He is probably looking for a couple of police officers to blame it on.

  • Paul Smathers

    An official was watching both ties and failed to throw a flag. Both should have drawn 15 yard penalties. Additionally, the coach should be prosecuted for assault. Why is he being allowed to remain a student? This is clear evidence of criminal action.

    • WVU Staff Member


      • jeepster

        wvu staff member lol Is this where you get your mail ?

  • Martinsburg Resident

    Faced with the indisputable video evidence, coach Sumlin did what any sensible adult would have done. With that being said, he impresses me as a no nonsense coach who commands respect. He definitely out coached the WVU staff this game. Made adjustments at half-time. Hopefully Holgorsen and Company learned from this loss and we have an outstanding year in 2015! Go Mountaineers!

  • wvu999

    As a Graduate Assistant does that mean he was receiving a free education at Texas A&M?
    Very expensive shove and punch.
    Great response from T A&M

  • Scott

    Proper response. Let's all move on.

  • dr dng

    First class response in my book.

    • WSR152