LEWISBURG, W.Va. — West Virginia State Police have released the names of the two Texas men who are charged with shooting two Lewisburg police officers Thursday afternoon on Interstate 64. Police said the pair would also be charged in the murders of a North Carolina couple.

State Police spokesman Lt. Michael Baylous said Edward Campbell, 54, and his son, Eric Campbell, 21, of Indian Acres, Texas, are facing malicious assault and attempted murder of a police officer charges in West Virginia. 

Eric Campbell of Texas is being held in the Southern Regional Jail without bail.


Eric Campbell of Texas is being held in the Southern Regional Jail without bail.

Lewisburg Police Chief Tim Stover told MetroNews Friday morning his officers were in good condition at Greenbrier Valley Medical Center.

Chief Stover said “their spirits are high.”

Lewisburg PD officers Jeromy Dove and Nicholas Sams suffered what Chief Stover called superficial wounds in the shooting that started after a North Carolina license plate on a SUV was tagged as being stolen. It was being driven by Eric Campbell. Police said Edward Campbell was driving a red truck that was traveling with his son and he also stopped. Police said Edward Campbell fired shots at Dove and Sams. One of the officers was able to return fire.

Edward Campbell was arrested in a wooded area near the shooting scene. Eric Campbell was taken into custody a few miles from the scene after he had driven away.

Edward Campbell is being treated at Charleston Area Medical Center for a leg wound. Police said he would be arrested upon his release. Eric Campbell is being held without bail in the Southern Regional Jail.

Police said the bodies of a man and woman, believed to be those of a murdered North Carolina couple, were found under a mattress in the red truck. The Granville County, North Carolina Sheriff told MetroNews Friday morning the Campbells would be charged with murder.

Dove is a veteran officer with the Lewisburg PD, while Sams just graduated from the State Police Academy Dec. 19.


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  • william

    Why some people hate cops -
    Yes or No - Did the cops have the right to violenty beat Eric Campbell up when he turned himself in?
    Did you see his face, how bad they beat and assaulted him?
    Now WV cops should be sued, and this guy will get a big check from the WV taxpayers!

  • harold

    You sound like you know what went down.....Were you there?

  • Betty, Retired Officer

    They were not troopers.
    They are City officers of Lewisburg. ...
    Troopers are state patrols.

  • Ray-Gunn

    The dad shot at the cops in his sons defense and the kid had 2 dead people in his truck. These guys needed to be restrained. It looks like they could still breath. They are lucky.

  • Betty, Retired Officer

    Good spirits I'll bet....they made the stop of a lifetime. ...
    the fantasy of officers. .
    only difference was, the people in the truck bed wasn't alive....
    These 2 officers get the Award of the Century! .
    Great job!

  • Ncfromwv

    That boy must have tripped and fallen to get bruised up like that. You know, kind of the way the boys going into Prunty Town used to slip and fall up the steps while getting checked in. Should have been "accidentally" shot while getting arrested.

    I live in NC about 20 miles from where that sweet couple lived. Their church is completely crushed by this event. I hope for the death penalty, but they will get theirs if not in this life, on judgement day

  • Ray-Gunn

    I am so glad Texas has the death penalty. Hey Michigan, watch how Texas handles killers and people who shoot at cops. Learn something Michigan. Now, all we have to concern ourselves with are a liberal judge and liberal attorney.

  • Cassie

    I have worked around cops a few years ago. They are great men, family men. The women are too. I only worked around male cops. They have my full support! It makes me MAD to hear all the trash talk about our police in this country. I know that our WV State police, county and city cops are great guys. Let us support our police! We would have anarchy without them. I'm so glad these 2 state troopers are going to be OK. They saved lives that night. Those 2 thugs from Texas would have gone on killing! That poor innocent couple. Lets pray for their family too.

  • Old Crow

    He resisted arrest, shot at and injured two police officers, before that, he help murder two elderly people in NC, you are ignorant excuse of a human.

  • Renee

    NC has a Death Penalty. Lets throw them a going away party and send them back there! I'm sure Texas would WELCOME them with open arms also

  • Cman

    You are right they should have put a bullet in his head! He's not worth what we'll have to pay to house and feed the crap he is

  • Frank

    You really need to talk to the West Virginia State Police ...if you have not already...

    For that matter find a Texas Ranger..

  • Frank


    If these guys are from Texas..How did they come to randomly pick someone in North Carolina to murder..

    Glad to see the Lewisburg officers are out of the Hospital..

    Good job guys....Please be safe...

  • Martinsburg Guy

    It takes a big man to beat up a guy that's handcuffed. No wonder the biggest dorks in school become cops.

  • John

    Al Sharpton and the NYC Mayor influenced these guys to do shoot those cops.

  • Candice

    Many thoughts and prayers to the couples family. Very tragic.

  • Bill

    After being shot one of the cops returned fire and shot the father who then got away for awhile. The son had a small encounter with some fists while being subdued. Father will be arrested once they let him out of the hospital.

  • Julie

    Did Ed injure his wife Val to make her disabled ?

  • Chick

    Jake from State Farm, he guy was running way from the law, in SUV, meaning going very fast down interstate...the interstate had been blocked off, plus helicopters were put in the air over the area looking for him.. He decided to go between guard rails , over an inbankment to a covered hiding area...finally realizing he was not going to get away & injured from going over hill he climed up to road to be apprehended & to receive aid... It took 2 hours for the tow truck to get the SUV back up to the road...does that not explain swollen eyes , taking an automobile over an enbankment at a high rate of speed?

  • Linda

    My thought that his dad beat him. That the way Ed works his kids. It was Eric's Birthday.

  • Linda

    Ed's mom was a lady of the night. He was taken into foster-care at a young age. Always going from home to home foster family to foster family. At one point he told me the boys were tied to trees and raped. Ed explained the Foster home sent Ed into the Military where became our Vet/Marine then an RN. I thought maybe he suffered from PTS. His wife Valery also an RN worked in Administration. They loved traveling.And had 3 boys. Always had beautiful places to live Evan on the beach:extremely nice living. His jealousy was way out of control. " I blamed that on his mamma for for letting him be there while she worked and leaving not ever knowing if she was coming back." Ed also suffered not knowing if he wanted to be guy: just stuck to being bi. He told me he was Islam like Cat Stevens. He went on a search for his dad in NYC,Ed believes his dad is lawyer. He studies books on destruction like bombs,explosives. once after my beating he came close to killing me! He said if I ever tell the police he would blow up a building in NYC. Needless to say i did go directly to the Katy Tx Police dept. I will never understand how Ed was a House Supervisor over a big Memorial City Hospital in HoustonTX caring for so many thousands people and all the staff in the hospital~ .... He was a professional RN and perfect in public but home life was a tragedy.

  • Renee

    Your point??? They weren't shot dim wit! Probably should have been but they weren't.

  • Maeie

    My heart goes out to the cop's who were injured and put their lives on the line every day...

    However, little has been said about the couple who were murdered, and yes they too are someone's family, they we're actually our family, and they suffered a horrific death, that no human being should ever have to experience, and the sweetest people in the world you would ever want to meet...

    No human being deserves this, please pray for the victims family

  • wj

    He shot a cop and lives. He was not shoot or does it say he was assaulted. He had a weapon and shot a cop. What is your point?

  • Sandy

    Officers and child are victims, abuse is the first crime that caused the sequence of events.

  • Sandy

    Do you see any signs of duress?

  • Sandy

    No duress there right?

  • dee

    have you told the cops this?

  • Yusef

    Why would ethnicity be relevant? Isn't all crime bad no matter the color of the perpetrator.

  • Les Dretsch

    How could this happen???... Police only assualt and shoot Blacks... Ask Obama Holder and Sharptongue ..

  • Sherri Mccracken

    The wounds to the low life. Well just maybe...the eldery man or woman tried to defend themselves. We will never know

  • LMG

    He went over a cliff...that's probably how he sustained his injuries! Not from police brutality! Stop inciting racist comments! Good grief!

  • Linda LaMotte

    My name is Linda. I met Ed while working as a unit clerk at Memorial city hospital. Ed was my nursing supervisor. In time working together he begin dating. And became a serious relationship. Ed is a RN Naval Vet. Ed has a disabled wife. Whom i helped care for. Before being admitted to a nursing home in Katyville. Ed , Nicholas and eric and his wifes family splits time with Ed caring for Valery. After moving in with Ed I begin seing all sorta very bad behavior in him. I became partial trapped in his web.Ed being my Nursing Supervisor was involved in my termination. He took total control of me at that point no job! No money to leave. Living with him became a nightmare. While caring for his wife RN she can talk some. Polarized to wheel chair. She would tell me run he is a bad bad man! Nicholas the oldest boy, told me on how he almost killed his mom. Eric was to young to member. Ed became very hostile with me for asking about Val. He begin to be very violent. and controlled his 2 younger children,at the point of death! and also with myself. I reported Ed to the Katy police dept. filed a report. called the schools the children attended Evan when he tried hiding in Galveston Tx i called the school there too and in AlvinTx. Eric is being controlled by his dad.He was always being threatened by his dad. He would hold him upside down.by his ankles and beat him. And anyone in the room if we didn't do what he said. I was able to escape. Which virtually took an act of God! But the two boys have no family i taught them about God as much as i could. Ed wouldnt let them out of his sight nor let them have any social life. From what I know Nicholas is in Huntsville Tx prison 2031. I say this in Erics behave. I believe Eric was is own dads prisoner. Eric was a very slow kid. maybe ADD or something. please help him not get death. if convicted.

  • Sam Hat

    "Jake's" contact info has just been forwarded to the FBI.

    Let's us just see the paperwork on all them hawg-laigs.


  • Sam Hat

    And a lot of them can't spell or punctuate properly.

    (See what I did there?)


  • Sam Hat

    Oops! Looks like "someone stupid" just *did*! Mark DC!


  • Sam Hat

    We *REALLY* need to seal that Texas border -- the *northern* one.


  • Peaches

    We already have "under-qualified [and trained]cops lacking integrity and good moral character" who feel they can assault (and sometimes kill) people who were no threat to them. And who those people are (age, mental condition, ethnicity) is irrelevant to these types of cops.


    I concur. Hopefully the opportunity will present itself and these two will be taken out, permanently. Nothing good will come from their continued existence. Artimus is entitled to his opinion, just as you or i....your "idiot" remark was rude and uncalled for.

  • Justin Russell

    You sir.... are a moron

  • gar bear

    good one!!

    he headbutted those officers fist multiple times.

  • Harpers Ferry

    Wait, I'm confused. All the idiot racists that commented on the shooting said the suspects were black thugs and shot the cops because of Ferguson. It's a good thing I actually read the article and realized that most likely wasn't the case. I'm sure Obama and "Sweatsuit Huggs" put these guys up to it, though.

  • sportsfan

    Haha if only you had a clue, but apparently you lost it all when you arrived on the idiot boat along with "wondering one" I am a law enforcement officer that deals with pieces of trash just like these 2 every day. Now they will get a prison sentence and they will spend the rest of their life with 3 hot meals, a roof over their head, free health care and never a worry about providing for their families. That's what is wrong with this country, there is no deterrent for dirt bags that commit crimes!

  • Fubar

    Looks like he fell to me

  • Jrizzle

    My point precisely.

  • john

    lol! Dude should have stopped violently and repeatedly throwing his face at the officer's closed fist. Nothing good ever comes from that.

  • Wondering two

    I am with you he looks like he was beaten possibly By his dad to comply , and he turned himself in and is talking . We will see. It is terrible we can't be safe in our own homes.so sad about this couple . As for the police officers , good work!

  • Robin

    This is gonna end up making people not want to be cops. It's hard enough finding enough people who are upstanding enough to be a cop. Now we will be left with under-qualified cops lacking integrity and good moral character. The future doesn't look bright.

  • Wondering two

    I am with you he looks like he was beaten possibly By his dad to comply , and he turned himself in and is talking . We will see.

  • Jake

    Some of my handguns have 17 round mags and I wouldn't stop fearing for my life until they were empty.

  • JakefromStateFarm

    LOL, the cops did a some good work on that punks face.

  • Mark DC (@FilmCriticOne)

    Watch someone stupid point out they were taken alive, but black kids are shot immediately at parks with a toy weapon.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Let's hope they were both given a much deserved wood shampoo and complimentary Thom McAn enema for their troubles.

  • anne

    Bad to the bone father and son...apple didn't fall far from the tree!!



  • Stanley Cowder

    Speedy recovery for the police officers. THANK YOU FOR YOU DOING YOUR JOB!! it will be a safer world. again thanks.

  • meme

    They will NOT protest because he is white...

  • Pnzr

    Belligerent idiot.

  • Pnzr

    So, two men shoot with intent to kill two police officers, after they murdered two individuals elsewhere, yet you think this was overdone? You're a belligerent fool.

  • John

    It would appear Eric punched himself in the head multiple times in anger. What a dumb muppet.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Let's hope he did.

  • Gunshy

    Marc Clyburn, I made a calm and rational comment similar to yours and within minutes got half a dozen threatening responses. So I caved, and deleted my comment from facebook. It was actually scary.

  • mary

    You can't fix stupid. #isupportfirstresponders

  • Marc Clyburn


  • Marc Clyburn

    These guys should indicted after their arrest and put thru the system in a court of law not a lynch mob of cops. I don't see organized crime killers beaten or shot no matter how many people they murder.When was the last time you heard of any mafia criminal being shot by police.c'mon tell me. Y'all are jokes.

  • littlebytes

    Maybe he looks that way from assaulting and killing the elderly couple? Either way he's scum and lucky he's alive. Thank God the cops are ok, prayers for the elderly couples family.

  • Cascilla Boy

    I was thinking the same thing.

  • Henry Ford

    I agree with you. Most of people here only seeing one side. Being business owner i come across many police officer time by time. Only handful are wearing spotless uniform these days. No one deserve to die how ever just like any other case along with victim, killer's family suffers too. God bless every one who got effected here.

  • Cujo

    I'm sure the Doctors,Nurses,Cooks,etc at the hospital have a tiny part in the recovery. Don't have all the facts regarding this guys arrest, but it looks like he was beat excessively by the police. I respect those who show respect, not someone because they wear a badge.

  • C. F. T.

    Eric looks to be in pretty good shape to have participated in a double murder, driven stolen vehicle from NC to WV, little or no sleep for at least a day, driven over then climed up an embankment through brush and rocks, watch his father shoot at police Officers and father wounded by return fire.

  • WV Grad

    Exemplary police work by the two Lewisburg officers in the apprehension of these vicious criminals. Where would society be without the protection of our law enforcement? Fortunately most West Virginians understand this and support such men who uphold law and order such as officers Dove and Sams.

  • jasonbarr


  • Artimus

    We don't know how he got his black eyes. If "dad" is as bad an egg as he obviously is, isn't it possible he beat his own son at some point in this foray?

  • College Ave

    ...several times.

  • jasonbarr

    You are right.

  • jasonbarr

    This is what capital punishment is for. Fry them

  • Cascilla Boy

    Did it say what their motive was?

  • Cascilla Boy

    Wow! I wonder what in the world were these guys thinking. How were the couple found in the back of the truck involved?

  • Martinsburg Resident

    Total IDIOT! Agreed!

  • Martinsburg Resident

    ...for nothing right? Wrong! He was a violent mentally unstable criminal. Grand Jury refused to indict any officer (after hearing EVIDENCE) & a Federal Judge dismissed the law suit! I guarantee you not one of those officers wanted to shoot this man and they have to deal with it the rest of their lives! I know many Martinsburg Police officers & I think overall they are a great asset to the community! Sick of police bashing... Police officers are human just like you, bleed like you, have personal problems just like you, etc... yet they still choose to put themselves between chaos & you! People constantly criticizing the police never have solutions! I SUPPORT OUR POLICE OFFICERS IN WV!

  • wvrockdj

    Motion seconded and carried.

  • Pretty Boy

    He's got a pretty face....I bet he'll find out more pretty things later in prison.

  • Martinsburg Resident

    Looks like he resisted arrest

  • Sean

    Martinsburg police shot a Black man 26 times last year. I wouldn't praise the police in West Virginia too much.

  • WVKelly

    I am thankful 4 the apprehension of these 2 murderers, arsonists, & felonious thieves who took the lives of an elderly couple in NC proud they were taken down in WV & even more thankful both our men survived this incident. Prayers of healing 4 them & the families of the couple, may they find comfort that these criminals did not & will not get away with what they have done. Prayers 4 the team that captured them, all the Responders, the hospital & jail staff may u all be safe.

  • John

    Looking at some of these post you have to wonder abt the future of this country a lot of people short on BRAIN MATTER ? One concerned Red Neck !

  • sportsfan

    You are officially an idiot

  • Pnzr

    Welcome to West Virginia, where you shoot at our cops you get your rear handed to you. Just glad he was white though,I can only imagine if they weren't, the national news would have a field day.

  • jrizzle

    if this situation were slightly different, we would have certain folks protesting that mr. Campbell appears to have been abused while being arrested.

    I think that someone who behaved the way the he apparently did yesterday probably earned those battle scars.

    I hope that we don't have any idiots decide to organize a "peaceful protest" over this incident. Well done officers, and God bless you and your families. Thanks for all that you do to protect us from scumbags like these two.

  • Wondering One

    I am glad that the Campbells are in custody. Edward sounds like a particularly bad case. The reports are still too fresh and everyone is too emotional to be reacting as we are. I wonder why Eric looks as if he were beaten. He supposedly did not shoot the officers and voluntarily surrendered. What guardian of the law should have lost his control and vented his personal anger against Eric? Eric MAY have been too afraid of his father to not follow his lead. We don't know enough at this time.

  • Harpers Ferry guy

    I think he got off light.

  • Sick & Tired


  • WestByGod

    A fine looking chap, hehe.....Done come to the wrong state to act in this fashion. Well done men.

  • wvrockdj

    Methinks young Master Campbell's features are markedly different than 24 hours prior. Looks like he may have fallen during his transit to the pokey. :-)


    Glad the officers are going to be ok,just wish they could have shot better then we would not have to pay to keep this scum locked up.

    Glad to see they put some beat down on the trash also.

  • Mark

    Are the Campbells undocumented aliens?

  • joeybiden

    Any attack on our police should be met with an immediate trial and mandatory sentencing....

  • Bleed Green

    Thank God they will be okay. We need police officers to protect us in times like this. I don't know how long this world will last the way that no one has respect for anyone.

  • Lorie Busick

    P.S. and my favorite guy in green out this is.

  • Jones

    Thanks to both of the Officers involved.Prayers to you both, as well to the families of the loved ones found in the truck.

  • Lorie Busick

    Thank God you both will recover. May prayers go out to your familys and all men and women in green.
    this has sickened me how our PD lives have lost respect from the president down.
    2015 needs no dividers, we are one nation under God. Amen.

  • truthperme

    Thanks to the Thin Blue Line for gittin' er done in regard to protecting us from violent criminals. Like Charles Barkley said, "without the police, it would be the wild, wild west out there."

  • Jody I

    Wish you all the best
    get well soon! We need you guy's in blue God bless.

  • Questions

    Thank you Officers Dove and Sams. You are an asset to our state.