MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A fire at a power plant near Morgantown was extinguished Monday afternoon after burning for about two hours.

Monongalia County MECCA 911 Director Mike Wolfe said the fire started in a methane tank at the Longview Power Station.

The fire triggered an evacuation of workers at the plant and residents within a one-mile radius as a precaution.  No injuries were reported.

Wolfe said firefighters and plant officials were able to cut off the primary methane flow to the tank and the residual gas eventually burned itself out.

Longview is a 695 megawatt coal-fired electricity generating facility in Maidsville, about six miles north of Morgantown along the Monongahela River.   It was completed just three years ago and at the time was the largest privately-funded project in the state’s history at a cost of $2 billion.  However, last year the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and blamed a contractor for glitches that left it unable to pay its debts.



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  • Pete

    Why do I keep getting this order for immediate evacuation text from Jimmy Gianato? Is it safe?

    • Harpers Ferry

      Because Jimmy G says if you don't pay up, you'll be swimming with the fishes.

  • Worker

    I do not believe anyone. Get the heck out of the area.

  • ron williams

    Good coverage in a timely manner Hop. Thanks.

  • Fireman

    Too bad.

  • Teressa Golden

    i understand from a friend that's mom works there that she( her mom) and 64 other employees were in the cafeteria on lockdown and was not allowed to exit the building yet they evacuated homes within a 1 mile radius news says that they evacuated but the truth be known there were 65 employees in their cafeteria on lockdown

    • zero tolerance

      Bueller? ..... ..... Anyone? ..... Bueller? .... .... Anyone?.... ....
      My sister's boyfriend's brother whose cousin works at the Dairy Store on the corner across the high school has a nephew who said his mother works there and said..........

      • Jake

        I went to school with his cousin's illegitimate step-sister-inlaw on his mother's side (twice removed).
        We graduated together at different schools a few years apart.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Any details other than there was a fire? Can we assume this is a Methane power plant or must we guess? How much power (in Mega-Watts) does it produce? How many customers are served? Are there any outages associated with this incident?

    • Joes

      It's a gas fired power plant

    • ryan

      If you read the post it states that it is a Coal fired power plant creating 695 MW. It sends it's power out of state.

      • Average Joe

        Honest question.. How can a plant send the power out of state? Wouldn't it just go onto the grid and get used by everyone?

    • Jack Sofolot

      Did you not read the article? it is all in there dumbass.