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West Virginia guard Jevon Carter had 18 points and three steals in an 86-65 win over Oklahoma.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Juwan Staten had never been so happy after a four-point game.

By the time the All-American candidate scored his first points late in the second half, No. 16 West Virginia’s bench had already buried No. 18 Oklahoma in what became an 86-65 thrashing.

Freshman guard Jevon Carter scored 14 of his 18 points after halftime and struggling forward Nathan Adrian finished with a season-high 11 as the Mountaineers reserves outscored Oklahoma’s bench, 55-8.

BOXSCORE: West Virginia 86, Oklahoma 65

Devin Williams grabbed 11 rebounds and finished with 14 points, the lone starter in double figures for West Virginia (15-2, 3-1 Big 12).

Ben Queen/WVMetroNews

West Virginia’s Nathan Adrian (11) drives to the hoop against Oklahoma’s Buddy Hield.

“To get this type of win, it’s indescribable,” said Staten who dished out a season-high eight assists to offset his season-low scoring output. “Oklahoma, they’ve had great wins. They were a top-20 team, it was a must-win game and we got it done.”

It was deemed a must-win because the Mountaineers were three days removed from a 74-72 home loss to Iowa State. This time West Virginia coasted to a drama-free ending, leading by 13 at halftime and allowing the Sooners within single digits for a only brief 17 seconds after that.

Buddy Hield scored 21 points to pace Oklahoma (11-5, 2-2), which committed a season-worst 22 turnovers and saw West Virginia grab 17 offensive rebounds.

“West Virginia played great and dictated every step of the way,” said Sooners coach Lon Kruger. “You have to handle their pressure and limit their offensive rebounding, and we didn’t do either. The final score is not a surprise when you don’t take care of those two things.”

“You have to handle (West Virginia’s) pressure and limit their offensive rebounding, and we didn’t do either. The final score is not a surprise when you don’t take care of those two things.” — Oklahoma coach Lon Kruger.

Staten didn’t score until 6:37 remained in the game, hitting a pair of free throws for a 70-52 lead that made West Virginia the first team to crack 69 points against Oklahoma all season.

Carter buried three 3-pointers in 85 seconds as the Mountaineers refused to let up.

“We knew we couldn’t lose two in a row at home,” said the freshman guard, who made 4 of 6 from long range.

Thanks to its hawkish full-court press, which led Division I with 12.8 steals per game, West Virginia grabbed 16 to frustrate the Sooners. Carter and guard Tarik Phillip led the defense with three each.

“This is a competitive group,” said Mountaineers coach Bob Huggins. “(Oklahoma’s) game plan was good, but our ball pressure was very good. Everybody that we brought in really added to it.”

Sooners guard Isaiah Cousins added 14 points and forward Ryan Spangler had 11 in the loss.

Big bench: West Virginia led 60-40 after an 8-0 run capped by forward Elijah Macon’s 3-point conversion on a putback-and-foul. That gave the Mountaineers’ backups 40 points to match OU’s entire output to that juncture.

Macon scored nine points in nine minutes after totaling six points in West Virginia’s previous four games.

West Virginia closed the first half on a 10-0 run to lead 45-32, building the cushion despite an 0-for-6 start by Staten. The reserves handily picked up the slack by outscoring Oklahoma’s bench 32-4 in the first 20 minutes.

Adrian’s early 3-pointer ended a personal streak of 15 consecutive long-range misses dating back nine games to Dec. 4. The slump lowered the sophomore’s 3-point rate to only 15 percent.

Backup guard Tarik Phillip’s layup scored all eight of his points in the first half, doubling his season average.

Sloppy Sooners: Oklahoma came in committing only 12 turnovers per game, yet suffered 15 during the opening half.

“We’ve got to be stronger with the ball,” Kruger said. “From watching film, (the Mountaineers) have been playing like this. They’re playing great. They were definitely the aggressor.”

Staten contributes: Though Staten finished 1-of-9 shooting, the senior’s game-management was crucial.

“He doesn’t care if he scores or not,” said Carter. “He just wants to win.”

Huggins found Staten particularly effective while playing 18 minutes during the second half: “I thought he was really good in the second half. He had a lot of assists and controlled the game.”

Huggins climbs the wins ladder: With a 755-304 record, Huggins equaled Henry Iba for 13th on the NCAA career wins list.

Defensive leaks: Oklahoma’s field-goal defense (36.3 percent) came in ranked 10th nationally before West Virginia shot 44 percent.

Eye-popping stat: Jaysean Paige finished with seven points and two steals while playing only eight minutes. In that short stint, West Virginia was plus-23.

Attendance: Tuesday’s game drew 9,196 fans, which is precisely two above the average crowd after eight Coliseum home dates.

Next: West Virginia visits No. 20 Texas (12-4, 1-2) on Saturday.

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  • J the C

    Very strong performance, all around! I'll tell ya', watching these guys on TV wears me out. I think maybe the ISU game did us some good. We're going to lose games in the BigXII., but that's to be expected. When you run with the big dogs, you're going to get a bite or two. Go Eers!!!

  • cutty77

    Great game. Even Adrian acted like he knew what was going on,at least he moved his feet to play defense,he fell down a couple of times because his body wasn't use to moving that fast. lol This Team looked like a completly different Team than the one against Iowa St. Huggie likes Jeff Goodman from ESPN,he even threw in a Keglers reference to him after the game. Winning makes everybody smell good.

  • flossrancher

    WVU is near the bottom of the NCAA in rebounding, but that's misleading. We're forcing 20-plus turnovers per game! Give the other team 20 more shots, they miss 11, and we rebound 9 of those, and we'd look like what we are--a pretty good team on the boards.

    • Ron

      My guess you don't follow NCAA basketball, They are first in the country in offensive rebounds and 38th in total rebounds.


    All this team needs is confidence, by beating Oklahoma by twenty points should help....

    I hope this team can build off of this win and push on through the Big 12 and get a good seat in the NCAA tournament...

    we are only 3-1 in the Big 12 so we have some work a head of us... Kansas, K-State, Texas, Baylor, Oklahoma State & Iowa State in Iowa....

    Great Job Men!!!!!


    • really

      WVU fan,

      I think the guys heard you loud and clear. Your post should push them over the hump. No stopping them now! If you are not a motivational speaker already, you sure need to be...

  • Tim

    Great to see team bounce back after Saturday's close loss. Solid, impressive win over Top 20 team. Let's Go Mountaineers! Beat Longhorns!

  • jay zoom

    looks like (ONE AND DONE) Huggins is putting on some weight. A comment by the announcer about Huggins STOOL no not the one in the toilet Steve and Aaron -- the one on the court as to why he uses it. Its because he needs help getting out of the courtside chairs according to people in the Athletic Department. nice win for the young men that more than I can say for the BLIMP I mean one and done

    • Mister Man

      How's Marshall's basketball team doing? One and done? Better than none and done.

    • Mister Man


    • Mike Wallace


      • norm

        mike are u a former wvu basketball player

    • the flying dutchman

      are you worried that your bromance with huggs will end if his weight problem turns serious? also, based upon your style of writing i completly understand your obession with huggs stool..maybe if you asked him nicely he would send you a picture suitable for are one sick dude.

    • flossrancher

      I need a cane to help me walk. No doubt there are people every day who see me and want to make fun of me for it, but they've been conditioned by society to keep those types of comments to themselves. Thanks for the reminder that not everyone feels these constraints. And whatever your own laughable trait is, Jay Zoom--baldness, sloppy gut, big nose, stupid clothes, facial scars, whatever--when I see you on the street I'm not going to point and laugh, even if you're doing that to me.

      • GoEers

        jay zoom's laughable trait is being a jealous marshall troll...I take satisfaction every time he posts...he has to follow WVU because marshall's basketball team and athletics in general are irrelevant

        please keep posting jay zoom...I enjoy reading all the jealousy and hatred lol!

      • Basketball Joe

        His main trait is that he is an idiot!

    • high roller

      Stool is due to total hip surgery he had after last season. Not good to be getting up and down frequently from a seated position.

    • Airmayle

      Great comments and insight . Thanks for weighing in to enlighten us all. Most people don't know what it's like to be incredibly dense. Keep those cards and letters coming sir, and God's speed

      • nashville cat

        you know exactly what it is to be incredibly dense don't you.

      • Damon

        God's speed? Is that some kind of illicit drug? Try Godspeed -- that's the correct way.

  • Protect ps

    Great game. The only thing that puzzles me is, where were the fans? We had no problems with traffic or parking and even in the lower level there were WAY too many empty seats. I know this was a mid week game, but this team is special and the opponent formidable. We need to fill that house


      A full house is needed anytime WVU plays a top-20 opponent at home. I agree there were way too many empty seats. OU is a good team and a lot of people missed seeing WVU taking them to the woodshed. If fans aren't going to go, give tix to people who will.

      • Larry

        why not a full house each time we play? Do you have a problem with that/

  • richard

    harris and henderson who?

  • steve

    Sweatsuit coached em up last night. Where is all the haters? Willie must be grounded, Gay Zoom is in the corner crying and Little Larry is lost in Huntington

    • Airmayle

      Big Larry, you nailed your very last prognostication yesterday : "that's all I got" .

      Way to go bro. Way to look in the mirror and acknowledge you got nothin

      As for your other predictions, well, let's just say that it's ok to cry in front of others. (I doubt you have a wife and I pray you don't have kids)

      • Larry

        thanks aaron.

    • Aaron

      I get a kick out of the nimrods like Larry/Nashville/Hater/poser who run like b****es when West Virginia wins. I don't get the intelligence level of some of these guys who's life revolves around being miserable and hating on an institution. Seriously, how Pathetic must someone like that be?

      • norm

        aaron give me one reson not tohate wvu one genius there bigots there drunks there guys who love gambling {this ones coming soon} skirt chasers liars dead beats hooker lovers and creepswho assult women some who never report assults and guys likeu who stay in school 6 or7 years

      • GoEers

        They are the true definition of jealous loser trolls.

        Let's Go Mountaineers!


    Best total game played last night by WVU. They were awesome in all aspects. Now go to Austin and beat the 'Horns. 2-1 vs. 3 top 20 teams sounds real good.

    • West by God

      When they make shots there a different team. Hope your enjoying hoop season. Be safe!

  • Aaron

    When this team makes shots, it wins. Last night they shot what is essentially their season average of 44% and won going away. If they shoot that % against ISU, they win going away. It appears thus far that the only team that can beat WVU is WVU. What a complete team victory. It's a great day to be a Mountaineer.

    • Gizmolarge

      And if wvu shoots a 100% they win every game! Genius!

    • mad hatter

      genius, simply genius, and so profound.

      • NORM

        and so mundane

    • GoEers

      Great post Aaron! Keep on posting. Even though the trolls are using your screen name, it's easy to differentiate your posts from theirs.

      Huggs has these guys bought in to playing relentless defense for 4o minutes. The next challenge comes Saturday in Austin.

      It's a great day to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be!

      • J.M.

        Good post GoEers, it makes me sick to read all the negative post about the Mountaineers and coaches. Keep on posting.....It's a great day to be a Mountaineer.

      • mojo

        +1..... we will win in Austin. 7 days off wont help them. Go Mounties !!

      • mad hatter

        aaron is one total idiot, and you are the troll.

    • West by God

      Yes you called this after the ISU game. I was afraid we would start dropping games left and right. Good call!


      Aaron, I agree with you. I said at the beginning of the season that if WVU makes 40% or better, they will win a lot of games this year. If they do that vs. LSU & ISU, we are looking at an undefeated team. Didn't happen but we all saw what can happen to OU when WVU makes some shots.

      The best thing about this team. The only 2 seniors on the squad (Staten & Browne) combined for only 7 points last night. I know they both bring more to the table than points but it was other guys stepping up and producing. Future is bright for this team.

      • NCWVUFAN

        then again , knowing you, I think I won't agree with and idiot like you.

  • mojo

    And it's only gonna get better. Got a TEAM here that just maybe can play Huggins Style. If they listen and play together they are going to RULE !! Go Mounties!

  • DP

    Duck In A Row and any major dude-My sentiments exactly!!!

  • Duck In A Row

    Incredible defense, incredible pressure, incredible depth, incredible ball control, incredible rebounding, incredible statistics and an overall incredibly good team! It's exciting to watch this team play the game. Great job, Mountaineers! Let's Go!!!

    • GoEers


      Let's go mountaineers!

  • any major dude

    Good team victory tonight: everybody contributed. We did what we do with the pressure, offensive rebounding and forcing turnovers. Special shoutout to Jevon Carter for his overall excellent play tonight.