CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Mayor Danny Jones says the city will fight to make sure resigned Lt. Shawn Williams is never a police officer again.

Jones reacted Wednesday to Williams’ resignation bringing to a close a controversy that began last year when racially sensitive videos from Williams’ personal computer surfaced as Williams was going through a divorce.

“He has to be certified as a police officer to work as a police officer. So, we’ll work with the state and keep our eye on him and be notified if there’s a hearing,” the mayor said.

Williams decided to resign instead of appealing his termination to a city police board. A hearing was scheduled for Wednesday. Williams was placed on leave last year as an internal investigation took place.

“I knew he couldn’t win this case and apparently he finally did too,” Jones said. “I think it’s a sad chapter in our history that’s finally come to an end.”

The videos, which reportedly included Williams’ young daughter being dressed like an officer and dancing to KKK music, were shown to some city council members by the mayor last year. Jones said Wednesday he neither regrets that move nor the decision the next day by a judge to seal the tapes.

“We don’t have to show them in a hearing and hopefully no one will ever see them again unless it’s in his divorce hearing,” Jones said.

Williams was critical of the city in his resignation letter.

“It is clear to me and most of the general public, that I will not be able to resolve my personal problems based upon the way in which the administration has strategically ‘leaked’ and handled my internal investigation,” Williams wrote. “In my sixteen years of service to this department, I have never before witnessed the ‘leaks’ from an internal investigation such as mine. Therefore, I feel that resigning is in the best interest for my family.”

Mayor Jones said the city didn’t leak the tapes but that happened from one of the “many people who were privy to the divorce.”

Lt. Williams was a supervisor and a spokesman many times to the media on various actions taken by police. Jones said he never had heard of any previous racial problems involving Williams. Jones said Wednesday Williams “put up a good front.”

“I want to say this that there are almost 160 police officers who don’t have these (racial) tendencies,” Jones said.

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  • Chiquita

    Justice, I want to throw a banana at you!

  • Lil Georgio Bushio

    you are welcome


    We will never be considered relevant and you guys and gals are the reason, thanks!!!


    Hello stupid you can't just be a bigot in your own home. It's a way of life . Look in the mirror






    I don't listen to rap music but I don't believe all a genre of music can categorized as bad. I see why WV is what it is


    Don't become a bigot


    So white people never say eff every and all pig. I'm seeing the worse of my great state.


    You don't understand the truth because you are typical BIGOT

  • And justice for all

    You have no argument justice and you know it.

  • Lil George

    The black panthers are a hate group and rap music with it's hate is akin to the swastika in it's own way.

  • Lil George

    Is it just me or does it sound like the mayor has it out for this cop. I wonder what the cop knows about the mayor. And why aren't black cops held to the same standards as white cops?

  • Lil Georgio Bushio

    Right on Tom, I couldn't agree more, what a man does in his own home is his own right.

  • You gidget

    dang, 33 million, more of our hard earned tax money down the drain, why can't people see what's happening.

  • Roaddawg

    Maybe it was the hate crimes the panthers committed toward whites that got them named radicals. Either way, it's the same thing.

  • Roaddawg

    I agree!

  • Tom Paine

    Just because there's a slight KKK connection is no reason for everyone to get their panties in a wad. Need some real criminals? How about indicting George Soros for conspiracy to promote civil disobediance, riots and anarchy, destruction of private property, looting and everything else Negroes did in Ferguson where they chimped out there? Washington Times article from 1/15 indicates he was in for a cool 33 million dollars.

  • Yogi Wahoo

    The Black Panters were originally an organization that was established to fight poverty in black communities and provide early education to children. The trouble did not start with the Black Panters untill law enforcement and government officals labeled them as "radicals."

  • Roaddawg

    Bacon is obviously a criminal, no one can deny that. I see it does appear gidget and WV Proud did point out the double standard which we all know is there, and they are right. I'm not sure what part of racial equality you're not understanding.

  • You Gidget

    I merely pointed out the truth. You want to see white ppl fired for something black ppl do all the time. I plan on making ppl aware of that. If you want equality, then don't complain about it when I do!

  • mary

    Oh I think we all know what bacon meant, I mean we all read the story right. I see the point you gidget is making though. And I think what he is saying is that the double standard is causing racial issues in this country. Personally I think the beating of Ralph Weems was the icing on the cake for a lot of people. It may take years for trust to be rebuilt between the races, but progress will not be achieved as long as that double standard exists. I mean common sense will tell you that.


    So, you are saying Bacon was only talking about white cops because what I read said " Eff each and every pig". I don't agree but he didn't separate cops by race, you and WV Proud did that


    I'm a white male and won't assume the race bacon , but it's obvious who you are and what you are.

  • Citizen 1

    I'm curious as to what evidence you were able to see with your own eyes.

  • WV Proud

    I'm wondering what court convicted and labeled this officer a radical racist. Someone mentioned the fact that 2pac's mother was a member of the black panthers and that the majority of black officers and their kids have listened to that music. So should we all press for those officers to be removed from service? So jss, since the door swung towards this white officer losing his job, I'm leaning toward racial equality on this one and I'm gonna say that we need to see that all minority officers guilty of the same should lose their jobs.

  • Citizen 1

    Explain to me how a man standing up for what's right becomes the problem with our society.

  • Citizen 1

    Yeah, this is just ridiculous. I'm amazed at how many white ppl just bend over on this issue. I'm glad there are at least a few people willing to speak out for equality concerning race, because in todays society there definitely isn't equality for whites in the race issue.

  • White Chic

    I agree, if white officers are going to be held accountable for the music they listen to, then so should the black officers. If music by the kkk is to be considered bad, then music by minorities affiliated with the black panthers should be considered bad. You are 100% correct!

  • You gidget

    Why is there a double standard in our society today concerning race? Why has reverse racism became acceptable in our culture? I came on this board, read the comments and the most disturbing one was by an alias named bacon. I think that it's easy to see that considering the basis of the story above, it's a high probability to conclude that aka bacon is a minority. I think we all know that the majority of black officers and their children have listened to 2pac whose mother was a member of the black panthers, in their homes. So I would only support the claims of this officer as being unacceptable if the door swung both ways and all racism was considered racism.

  • You gidget

    If you look above in the comment section, you will see that an alias named bacon aimed some harsh blasphemy at our police. I'm curious to know why you would consider that reverse racism acceptable? Why is it ok for a minority to blab obscenities and not ok for a white to defend his people from it? You call yourself justice and yet you know nothing of justice.


    Citizen 1 and WV Proud are examples of why this State ranks last in meaningful categories and #1 in racism

  • Jeff

    Then out of the other side of Danny's mouth he says he hopes the video is never shown again unless at Williams divorce hearing even tho in a previous article he threatens Williams to show it to anyone he could what a smuck. Williams made a mistake admitted it now he had to back away to protect his daughter from Danny so he wouldn't exploit a child anymore

  • Tom

    The issue here is not whether Danny Jones is a good mayor or not. The issue is whether Shawn Williams is a bad cop or not...and I think the evidence is overwhelming.

  • Jeff

    The "godfather" Danny Jones got his work handled for him again by the other elected thugs in town why is there no investigation into Danny using evedence from a open case and investigation for his own agenda by exploiting a minor and showing the video in a meeting when evidence should only be released or showed in court especially with a minor involved. Oops that right Williams was never innocent until proven guilty or got his day in court he was guilty by the court of Danny Jones

  • Citizen 1

    My question is, If the cop was black and listened to rap music and dressed his kids like rappers, would he be considered racist?

  • Citizen 1

    It's not a crime to be racist is it? As long as a man does his job, what does it matter?

  • WV Proud

    Yeah, Jones had it out for Williams alright. I don't see why it matters what our officers do in their personal life anyway. This cop got the shaft.

  • WV Proud

    Nah, I say eff the monkeys

  • No Dan Fan

    The sad chapter won't come to an end until Jones is no longer mayor. He needs to take care of his own family both old and young kids and let someone who has some vision take care of Charleston.

  • NoJonesFan

    Make no mistake about it, there is an expectation of professionalism for police officers and certainly there is misconduct here on the part of the officer. Danny Jones is no better! He is nothing more than a hipocritical dope head that should have gone to the pen years ago and would have had he not ratted on others. Just so everyone knows, Shawn Williams isn't the only public official with skeletons in their closet.

  • cutty77

    Not a Big Danny Jones Fan. But in this case he was 1000% right. This guy was Barney Fife of The CPD. He was a Bad Cop through and through untill The End.

  • WVU86

    Anthony and jss - I never said I supported Williams. His resignation is the right course of action. My beef with this is the personal vindictiveness Jones is delighting in with this outcome. Watching Jones gloat in such an unprofessional manner toward Williams is just as sickening as what Williams was accused of. That is my contention.

  • jim

    Glass House, talk about Language that went beyond personal. "People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

  • Glass House Jones

    Just by the language used by Charleston Mayor Danny Jones, this went beyond the professional aspect. This was personal. It was a personal battle that Jones relished in the outcome. Something about the police seeing to it that Jones's son went to prison THIS TIME for his drug dealing crimes was Jones's motivation. Jones's son is a poison pedaling (heroin) drug thug (hangs with his Detroit posse) that belongs locked away. Jones has an election coming up in March. Lets see the dirty laundry fly now.

  • rocketscientist

    If the Mayor was unaware that the LT. had these beliefs for over 16 years and in a supervisory position, how can he be 100% positive that " there almost 160 police officers who don't have these (racial) tendencies"????? Seems to me like he goes from making bad assumptions to making even more outrageous assumptions.

  • Bacon

    Eff each and every pig.

  • Anthony

    Not a huge fan of Danny Jones, but that doesn't mean he is wrong all the time. What Williams had done was inexcusable, and any arrest on a person of different color or creed could by him would have been suspect. There is nothing alleged about it, the guy dressed his little kid up like an SS soldier and screaming obscenities. Glad you're happy with the mayor wherever you live though!

  • jss

    W, Shawn Williams is a radical racist. Do you want him in position of public trust? Would you keep in your town as a police officer? Yes or No.

  • WVU86

    The piety that Jones oozes in his remarks is sickening and the venom he spouses toward Williams makes him just as prejudice toward an individual as Williams apparently was toward a group of individuals. Jones' words and actions in this case are just as despicable as what Williams is alleged to have done. For the thousandth time, thank goodness I don't live in Charleston with this media-hungry narcissist as mayor.

  • Kary "The Vulture" Garstens

    Did they take his GUN!?!!


  • Gary Karstens

    Danny Jones....a refreshing, progressive Republican!!!!! Awwwwwww....a nice change every once in awhile.