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Jeremiah Parsons (in blue) and brother Nathaniel won their respective divisions in the IBO Indoor Championships recently

PARMA, Oh. — Jeremiah Parsons has been shooting his bow for a long time with great success, but if you asked him about his chances for a world title going into the recent International Bowhunting Organization World Indoor Championship in Ohio, chances are he would have been skeptical.

“I was going into it pretty blind.  Usually I’ll practice about twice a week when I have my bow,” said Parsons in a recent interview with MetroNews. “But I was out of town working in Washington D.C. and I didn’t have my bow. So I hadn’t shot at all leading up to the tournament.”

The lack of shooting didn’t seem to bother the Vienna, W.Va. native.  He shot a score of 430. Out of 40 possible targets, he shot the top score, an 11 or “x”, on 32 of them.  His lowest scoring shot of the day was an 8. He not only secured the title among college shooters in his division, but he did it with an additional handicap.

“I stepped up to the practice ring where you get about six shots before the tournament and realized my 20 yard pin was off,” he said. “I was going through the tournament pretty chaotic. When you travel that far with a bow, that will happen. I’ve done it before and it’s one of those things you learn to live with.”

Unlike most archery events, the IBO utilizes 3-d animal targets in the competition. Shooters may use binoculars, but are not allowed to go up to the target and inspect it.

“The one I got the 8 on was the hardest, it was a laying down Corsican ram.  There was also a fox and a pouncing cheetah and a few other smaller targets,” he explained. “Some of these targets are tough because they’ve never been shot. They are really smooth and it’s like looking at the side of a car door, it’s hard to find where the rings are.”

Parsons is a member of the WVU Archery Club. He’s in fact the president and coach of the organization. He’s also a part-time coach for the Parkersburg High School Archery club back in his native Wood County.   Among the shooters he coaches there is his little brother Nathaniel Parsons.  Not to be outdone, Nathaniel won the high school division at the indoor shoot in the World Championship as well.

Parsons has been shooting most of his life and calls it one of his most enjoyable pastimes. He cautions though against getting so involved you wear yourself out.

“I’ve torn both rotator cuffs in my shoulder from shooting too much,” he said. “I used to shoot four days a week and now I shoot two. If you’re body can handle it, it’s okay but it’s not the best thing in the world.  I tell the kids three days a week is enough.  It’s not the quantity of shots, it’s the quality.”

Who could argue with him, he’s a world champion.

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  • Jeremiah Parsons

    Thank you everyone. We try to represent the state in the best way possible. Myself and the other engeineering majors I go to school with are also trying to build a bow to bring the archery world full circle to West Virginia.

  • Gun Hunter

    I hope these guys lose. WV uneducated inbred rednecks.

    • Justin

      Gun Hunter, im sure it was a sad day when your mother chose not to swallow you.

    • Mom from Wood County

      I know both of these young men personally and there is nothing uneducated about them. Both are intelligent and dedicated sportsmen.

  • Jeff Amos

    Great job guys

  • Jeff Anos

    great job guys keep it up

  • Rob

    Congratulations on your accomplishments guys! Great news to hear about 2 of the best from WV.

  • bianca

    Awesome job guys, we are proud of your state representation.

  • WVGrad

    Outstanding. Congratulations!

  • J mama

    World champions in red neck sports.

    • Justin

      Stereotype much?

  • On Target

    You are spot on--who cares what you think of these young men's accomplishments?
    Go back down into your mom's basement, maybe see had cable installed why you were at the post office picking up your disability check.

  • Poacher

    Who really cares.

    • WV Guru

      what you say!

  • Ron from Morgantown

    That's what I'm talking about .

  • Chuck

    Good job guys.

  • Ritchie county guy

    Congrats to accomplish this outstanding to accomplish this with your brother astronomical Two world champions outstanding

    • Bowmom

      Thank you for nice comment both boys work very hard on and off the course. Great young men they also do a lot for the community as well as their teammates.

  • Ken Hackworth

    Congratulations to both World Champions!