Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin was all smiles with Berkeley County officials Tuesday in announcing P&G plant project.

Gov's office

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin was all smiles with Berkeley County officials Tuesday in announcing P&G plant project.


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia beat out several states and dozens of other potential sites for the $500-million Procter & Gamble manufacturing plant to be built along Interstate 81 in Berkeley County.

“They began with over 40 sites identified across the entire northeast and began a process with us over a year and a half ago,” state Commerce Secretary and Development Office executive director Keith Burdette said during a Tuesday news conference at the state capitol. “We competed against bigger and wealthier states with a lot more flat property than we have.”

The plant is planned for the Tabler Station Business Park in Martinsburg, which has grown to 600 acres since 2012. P&G will use approximately 450 acres for the project. Construction is expected to begin later this year.

In a Tuesday morning announcement, the company said the more than 1-million square-foot facility “will produce multiple P&G brands when it is fully operational.”

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin estimated the plant would create 1,000 construction jobs and 700 permanent positions.

“For years we have worked hard to make West Virginia an even stronger competitor for economic development investments, and companies around the world are noticing the changes we have made,” Tomblin said at the capitol.

Cincinnati-based P&G said the manufacturing facility “will be one of the most advanced and sustainable plants among P&G’s global manufacturing and supply-chain operations.

This new plant will leverage economies of scale and standardized manufacturing platforms to P&G’s advantage by allowing us to produce multiple brands at one strategic location,” said Yannis Skoufalos, P&G’s global product supply officer, said in a company news release.

P&G has a new distribution center network with large plants in Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania and the Martinsburg facility is seen has a good fit.

This will enable us to rapidly and efficiently serve retail customers and consumers throughout the eastern half of the United States, reaching 80 percent of them within one-day transit,” added Skoufalos.

Commerce Secretary Burdette said P&G hasn’t built many new manufacturing plants in the U.S. making Tuesday’s announcement that much more significant.

“This is only their second new facility to be constructed in the United States in 40 years (since 1971) and to say that this was a highly coveted project would be a gross understatement,” he said.

The investment has been talked about for some time in Berkeley County, it’s called Project Independence, although the specific company hasn’t been mentioned.

U.S. Sen.Joe Manchin praised the news:

It is great news for the residents of Berkeley County, the Eastern Panhandle and the entire state of West Virginia that Procter & Gamble plans to move forward with Project Independence, a vast manufacturing project that will create hundreds of new jobs, boost economic development and undoubtedly diversify the Mountain State’s economic landscape.”

Among its 80 brands of consumer goods, P&G manufactures Always, Ambi Pur, Ariel, Bounty, Charmin, Crest, Dawn, Downy, Fairy, Febreze, Gain, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Lenor, Olay, Oral-B, Pampers, Pantene, SK-II, Tide, Vicks, Wella and Whisper.

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  • Moonshine Mama

    LOL..well now peach is my favorite flavor! So... WVman75 years old?, Sammy Spammy, Damon isn't that spelled Damien??? and Mburg that can't spell Martinsburg, if you are so smart and have so much time on your hands, check out the 10 acres that was recently acquired and closed on Nov 2014 in Pikeside for this deal to go thru if you think I am lying and furthermore I am not a democrat. I have a feeling you are implants and haven't lived here all your life so you are lying about being true WV residents...and I do know who my Father is, he was doing your mother the last time I heard.....oh do I have the facts wrong?

  • Marion

    This is going to create a lot of great UNION jobs!!

  • bob aikman

    are they moving the swiffer plant

  • bob aikman

    what plants are they closing

  • Ole Sasquatch

    When the Republicans took over the state, Proctor & Gambel said Let's go for it.
    All these yrs. the democrats held us back.

  • John

    Right On, Martinsburg Resident..You're exactly correct in your comment. I agree 100%. I can tell you are a person of common sense and logic.

  • J Sammy

    You probably don't even know who your father really is...

  • bobo

    being that its located in the panhandle, alot of out of state people will make the short drive if the pay is decent. Anything located around the state lines fall into this "trap"....but I agree, would love to see more WV'ians working. Another point in the article states Wv was competing w/ other states that are wealthier and have flatter land....(smh) gee, the gov't keeps telling us that they can't get businesses here due to education and infastructure....if one is looking for a flat land, fly over the coalfields in SoWV...there is more than ya think.

  • Expatriot

    Because....Berkeley still has not caught up to Md. to the north ad Va. to the south. Two reasons. One ... WV has always taken more than they gave to the panhandle. Anyone seen the redevelopment of the south side of Winchester or the new roads put in immediately for a business/factory moving into the Hagerstown area. Think how long and hard it was to get a dinky little extension of a street done in Martinsburg (Raliegh St.). And, Martinsburg and Berkeley County still has their own version of good ole boy's in charge. But thankfully, the population has increased so fast that they are outnumbered. Bottom line, it is all about location. Forward thinking minds would have moved that community much faster. Rail lines directly into the port of Baltimore as well as highways linking to the East Coast.

  • Also Jim

    They are describing the plant as "sustainable," so I think that means they are making products from renewable resources, such as vegetable oil. Soap is made from vegetable oil, and for Procter & Gamble, that doesn't narrow it down a lot, but that's my guess. Soap.

    I'm a former Carbider from South Charleston, and chemicals jobs pay pretty well. Operators (H. S.) probably start in the 30s, chemists (B. S.) probably in the 40s, scientists (Ph. D.) probably in the 80s, and engineers probably in the 90s (90 something thousand per year, that is.)

  • Expatriot

    a line from the movie "Sweet Dreams" filmed in WV a while back, ""Sounds like you need a sugar teet"" What is with all these negative attitudes?

  • bob aikman

    what products are they to manufacture there are they going to move the large Swiffer plant in Brockville Ont to the new location

  • Jim

    Does anyone know where P and G are manufacturing this stuff now???

    Also, does anyone know if they have said what the average the jobs there will pay?

    This sounds like a good thing.

  • Martinsburg Resident

    There is good reason less than 1/2 the working age workforce are not employed in the State of WV... It is too easy to sit on your a** & draw some type of government assistance or disability in this state! The gravy train needs the wheels knocked off & only the truly needy should be allowed to benefit from hard working taxpayers! Right to Work should be changed to Required to Work! Great news for anyone willing to go to work!

  • Mike M

    I'm in Mon Co and consider the P&G announcement good news. I'm hopeful that the facility will help turn around the recent statistic showing WV with less than 50% of its working age population actually working.

  • takemetoEmstar

    Wow, good point! Instead of us being happy, we always find a something to Bit** about. Being selfish, I would have liked to have seen it in another part of the state.... but need to be happy we 'landed' something that creates jobs and a tax base.

  • David Kennedy

    I agree with everything you said in your post...sadly, many West Virginian's are caught up in this same ole drag that has existed for years...'That we are nothing, deserve nothing and will continue to be nothing...' It's a mentality that was fostered on us during the 60's with the Vista Volunteers...and even earlier with the Coal Barons who had to import slave labor for the mines because the independent farmers would not work for them... We are looking at a new day now....the New Deal is dead...the War on Poverty has spent all the money and finally, the people have cast off the political oppression of the Democrats...I hope the new people give us a future instead of lining their pockets...
    I looked carefully at the pic of this news piece...the Gov. is giving that crazy Cecil the 'High HO!...Wonder what that means...? Will this shop be Union and move on to Maryland in 10 years? I hope not...but with the 'same ole...same ole, you get just that...and I'm sure that money is flowing to the correct sources....Maybe its a dream that corruption could be slowed down just a little...but a big market exists in the DC Metro area and I'm glad that P & G is landing on somebodies building site... good luck to them and the people who will work there...

  • Damon

    Yeah, all one of them.

  • Damon

    Looks to me like the Democrats will be doing the same thing. And Bible thumpers? Don't know what that has to do with P&G coming in. I guess it's your hatred toward anything conservative.

  • Damon

    And the large number of Republicans who represent that area had nothing to do with it? You think all this is controlled by Charleston? Dream on.

  • Damon

    You "understand that there was an elderly man..." and then you say he's your father? Then you should have said you KNOW of an elderly man... And he "was" your father? You mean he isn't any more? You are not a very convincing liar.

  • Dennis

    No mention of the tax incentives that where given to attract P&G. I am sure that they were drawn to WV based on our great infrastructure, education system and our highly educated workforce. LOL

  • Jonus Grumby

    Or Pennsylvania.

  • rick

    An example of the direction WV should be going in. Reduce the dependance on coal and the lottery and produce real jobs.

  • Mburg

    You just keep on making up crap mama - your father - keep drinking your moonshine. The rest of us will continue working and paying our taxes so we can provide you with rehab when you come to your senses.

  • grumpy ole' man

    He might need a GPS to find Berkley county, but at least he doesn't have to ask the Chamber of Commerce were his butt is to scratch it like nearly all the newly elected republican delegates.

  • Skeptical

    I don't hate them, but they are headed for a break-up, and the overwhelming number of their products are made in other countries.

  • True

    I'd say that's accurate.

  • True

    Exactly, this is a great day for Virginia, where most of the employees will reside.

  • moonshine mama

    That old man was my father you jerk

  • Kevin W

    most of those workers will be from Va and Md, js

  • wvman75

    And your ilk is what's wrong in this state. Keep anti-cheerleading.

  • Mburg

    Who cares - you probably made this up like all the other crap you write. Sometimes a single individual or his family has to sacrifice in order to do what is best for his community. It happens all the time in all countries, states and towns and is call eminent domain. I lived in Orlando for awhile and when the county was ready to build a road that ran through our house - eminent domain kicked in. When West Virginia was ready to expand route 9 in Jefferson and Berkeley counties eminent domain kicked in. Now that a company needs a small parcel of land in order to move here and provide 700 tax paying jobs plus all of the other jobs and companies that will move here to support this big business you are crying about an old man? Mr. Old man - thanks for being a service to your community - you sacrifice is greatly appreciated. I notice that Sheetz, a bank an other businesses have already started moving near the place when this new business will be located - these are wise people we should take a page from their books. Berkeley county is fertile ground for business and we should make room for progress while holding on to our wild and wonderful nature.

  • Mburg

    You are so hateful that you cannot even appreciate someone who is trying to help you. He will be gone in 2 years my friend and then you will get someone else to gripe about. Take some time to see the forest thru the trees - If you cannot - please allow those of us who can to enjoy the forest. Bob Marley has a line in one of his songs that say "in the abundance of water the fool is thirsty." You sir or madam is thirsty.

  • wvman75

    And you're moron. Feel better, now? I know I do.

  • Mburg

    Thanks for being happy for us - hope the project breath some new life into the community. Hope much more companies find a comfortable home in West Virginia - As it remain Wild and Wonderful. Hope some of these developments come to Parkersburg as well. I believe the Eastern Panhandle - especially Berkeley County is prime location because of its proximity to DC and Northern Virginia. Interstate 81 and Highway -9 and 11 are also pluses. Please bring on the jobs - it full time will have some very good news. The coal mines are laying of people and other businesses are hiring - why not cheer them as they come? The politicians are currently changing some of the laws to try to encourage businesses to come lets help them cheer on the businesses that have already chosen to come - Very very glad to have you and you 500 million dollars.

  • Jeff

    Go cheerlead somewhere else. You're a waste

  • ViennaGuy

    - The politicians go out and cut a deal to move a company into our community and all we can do is complain and find fault? -

    Yes, that's all some people can do, sad to say. Those people are very miserable people.

    - Every time something good happens in the Eastern Panhandle people from the other parts of the state complain. -

    I'm over here near Parkersburg, and I'm cheering the announcement. It's been a good day for the Eastern Panhandle, and I hope that there are more to come!

  • wvman75

    You talking about Obama? lmao

    Democrats get no credit for this, just look at their opposition shown on this site. They couldn't run a fever. That's why they were voted out. That's already showing progress.

  • Mburg

    After reading some of the comments on this site I finally realize why we are so far behind as a state in all of the areas that count. The politicians go out and cut a deal to move a company into our community and all we can do is complain and find fault? We cannot continue to turn all of the apple orchards into housing development and not provide a place for these people to work. Every time something good happens in the Eastern Panhandle people from the other parts of the state complain. Please understand that if no businesses move to your county it will die. Look how the population is dwindling all over the state as they sit and talk about coal. Coal appears to be a dying industry and if it does not die tomorrow it will die eventually - it is really time to diversify and get into some other business like making soap, toilet paper and stuff that people will need forever. I cannot see any downside in the project. I live in Berkeley county and if they need to raise taxes to encourage other business to come calling - raise on. Greenbrier and similar areas get all kinds of government aid and I don't hear the same type of nonsense when they receive the aid. Please bring all the 500 million dollar projects to Berkeley since the rest of the state don't need it. I watched how APUS - American Public University Systems changed the face of Charles Town - Martinsburg and Berkeley County need something similar - bring them on. Thanks so much to all the businesses who have decided to give Berkeley County a try. Don't pay any attention to those individuals who wants to remain in the past.

  • Mike

    Republicans did nothing to bring this business to the state. This didn't happen overnight. Chalk one up for the Democrats!

  • mk

    Good news for Berkeley County and all of West Virginia. However, I do have one concern. You all do realize that Procter & Gamble is not a coal mining company and these would not be coal mining jobs. Frankly, I did not think that politicians in WV even knew there were industries other than coal mining.

  • wvman75

    You should lay off the shine.

  • wvman75

    Ha ha. You must think you're a smart, lying democrat.

  • Moonshine Mama


  • wvman75

    So, I guess they must be evil.... now it's clear why you hate them so
    much. You can't make this crap up...

  • Kitty Litter

    The proper thing for Governor Tomblin to do would have been to go to Berkeley County to make the announcement. However, I doubt Tomblin could find Berkeley County with a GPS.

  • wvman75

    What a crock of democrat!

  • Moonshine Mama

    We are forgetting about the people who owned the land that were manipulated to sell so this "game changer" could take place. I know of one incident where an elderly man was told imminent domain would be used if he didn't sell his 10 acres....he finally sold his land after living there since 1955 and had 90 days to vacate. I sure hope karma comes back around to these folks tooting their horns. Sure wish the old man wasn't scared and rode it out....he would have tied them up for years in court....and the deal would have gone to one of the other 40 states!

  • MRich

    Well said, many Repubs & the media alike fails to mention the latter part of what Obama said in that statement...he was simply implying that you didn't build that by yourself.

  • Moonshine Mama

    I understand that there was an elderly man that owned 10 acres in the middle of this tract that the BCDA used manipulation and scare tactics on to get him to sell his land so that they could get this deal. He was given only 90 days to vacate his property and move after living there since 1955. It created stress and hardship on him and his family but do you think these scum bags care? These "jobs" will be like any other so called game changer...... $10.00 an hour and hardly no benefits. They destroyed an old man's life, will destroy the land and do absolutely nothing for the economy. How can you raise a family on $10.00 an hour? Look at the Ralph Lauren building....empty..Swerigan Plane building..empty....Macy's....a injustice has been done here and no one knows about it

  • Kitty Litter

    According to Superintendent Manny Arvon, 74 teaching positions are being eliminated as part of a district-wide realignment, a change that will not result in any teachers being laid off or put on a reduction-in-force list.

  • Skeptical

    They don't make Xtra, my favorite, cheap brand!!!

  • Hillbilly Tea

    They wouldn't be committing if the Gov didn't promise them Right To Work passage. Get ready for the big labor, dumbocrat temper tantrum in 3, 2, 1.........

  • Hillbilly Tea

    It's what they do. Self loathing Dumbocrats hate everything but big government, big labor, and anything else that destroys liberty and the private sector.

  • Mtneer001

    If NAFTA and free trade policies have shown us anything, its that a strong manufacturing base leads to a bigger, better and more diverse economy for all strata.

  • Mtneer001

    This is terrific news for the Eastern Panhandle.
    Great jobs for a great area.

    This really does prove that great roads can lead to great jobs and industry.

    Pretty soon, the Eastern Panhandle will be one of the largest population areas in the state!

  • wvman75

    Just take a look at the posts by liberals/democrats on here and you see how they've held back our state for decades. All doom and gloom, negative thinking, and skepticism of any big business that actually wants to operate in our state. They need to go occupy something...besides the dead space between their ears.

  • Martinsburg Resident

    Tabler: maybe you got the wrong degree? Virginia Beach is spot on... Sometimes it requires doing work maybe you hadn't planned on, but good paying jobs are out there... Granted Dear Leader Obama's economy has done severe damage to many prospective jobs!

  • Molon Labe

    Pretty pathetic the capital city can't bring such a venture.

  • Skeptical

    Google proctor and gamble problems.

  • wvman75

    Obama hasn't been right about anything and neither are you.

  • don in berkeley

    P&G not doing well financially? $2.57 per share dividend. $11.6 billion net income, AA credit rating, 11.3 % profit margin.
    Like any company they could be doing better, but buy the stock, collect the dividend, and sleep well.

  • Anthony

    You hit the nail on the head. The site in Augusta Ga. announced last month that they will shut down at the end of the year. They lost some production to Louisiana last year and China is getting a new plant to produce the rest of the downy unstopables. Real breaks by moving I guess. I can tell you now with certainty they will not be a union site.

  • WHAT

    Do you really think that P&G only make a "Name Brand"? I would be certain that a so called "Knock-Off" is also produced by P&G. I work for a company that not only makes it own name products, but we also produce for other chains, such as Dollar Tree, Aldi, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and other such companies.

  • Dr Pill

    Let's get real.

    I know Pendleton County well, and the only thing those three Stooges who call themselves County Commissions want is a casino at Fisher Mountain. That's it, that's their plan. Now that the GOP is running things in Charleston, that's not likely to happen.

  • denz

    And to think this largee corporation could have built in mexico and will probably regret not doing so

  • Skeptical

    P&G is not in great shape financially and with their leadership, maybe they'll turn it around. People just aren't buying the $20 bottles of Tide nowadays when the knock off brands that do just as good are $6.

  • Marion

    SWEET ! I can send a few TEAMSTER business agents over there ASAP !

  • Stan the Man

    Good for Berkeley Co. Pendleton County has county commissioners and an economic development authority we would like to send to you. Maybe you can teach them how to get businesses interested in our county.

  • Charles

    We've been following the democrat Union thumping ways for years. How's that been working out?????? We've lost population this whole time. Hmmmm. There is a reason employers moved south. That great place all wv'ians run away too to find employment. Let's try something new. Right to works might cause a slightly lower wage. But at least those people are working. Unlike most wv residents right now

  • Charles

    Who cares!!!!!! How many companies have left wv. Does the new state that hold the company care? Wv'ians have been moving away for years looking for work. Look now. We might be able to keep a few home now. And who cares it may employ some out if staters. Last time I checked. We have a drug problem here. This way the company is guaranteed to find enough employees to past a drug test. Which would be a struggle in southern wv. Has it has not been proven even a good job will get people to quit

  • Mr. Smith my comment above. China going to be jealous!

  • Mr. Smith

    I love Bounty Paper Towels, Dawn dish soap, Crest Toothpaste, Gillette razors, Pamper diapers, Tide, Scope, Vicks, Head & Shoulders, Olay, Oral B, Charmin, etc. These are American Made Products. We should be proud! Made in the USA! Bring it on to West Virginia, Mountain Momma...Country Roads....Take me home...

  • MountainBuckeye

    I was all for this until I saw Joe Manchin (aka the scum of WV) was happy about it. Hopefully P&G will donate to his opponent in 2016.

  • harlancentral

    Also can someone explain what is going on with BC schools why all the rifts....after they just past a massive levi?

  • harlancentral

    What exactly does P and G manufacture?

  • earl ray.jr.

    beady eyed tomblin rubbin his greasy, grimy palms together with the stench of money in the air.. As for i dont kow jack's Qs/below : this particular fiasco will be just like every other continuing & new messes that the good ole boys of charleston are into..-- just Do It firt & ask questions of impact and necessities Later.. Simply take a look around .. place is a Shambles..

  • Marion

    Sweet. Great for WV! I can send a few TEAMSTER business agents over ASAP. Union work place=SAFE work place. Better wages. Better benefit package. Right to work ?! WORK FOR LESS!

  • I dont know JACK

    This is great news for Berkeley County and West Virginia. I understand it took great effort to lure them to Berkeley County. Does anyone know what kind of environmental impact this will have on the surrounding area such as air/noise pollution. I hope they produce a better smell than the tar plant at Tabler Station. I do understand this is next to I-81 but not everyone will use that route does the county have any plans for the increased traffic on Rt.11? Can the Berkeley County infrastructure support this large company or will improvements need to be made and the current customers have to pay for it? Yes it is good news but there are many questions that should be answered by the people that pursued this deal !!!

  • Doobieborough

    The "finer details" should have been revealed at the news conference but I doubt anyone asked for fear of getting hit with a roll of P&G scented toilet paper.

  • Andrew

    Naysayers, please consider the broader economic impact of this announcement. Let’s think about the added personal income to the area. Simplify put this facility at capacity could have 700 employees, let’s say the average employee makes $50,000 a year. This means that the total economic impact for the area would be $35,000,000 a year. The state would then recover a certain percent through personal income taxes and in the form of sales taxes when the money is spend on goods or services by the individuals. This is not to mention the potential of spin off or support businesses to this facility. Also, not considering the economic growth in the service industry to support the added income i.e. restaurants, home building, car dealers, etc.

  • Jonus Grumby

    I'll jump for joy once the finer details are known. While I am very hopeful this will be a win-win for everyone, too many times the taxpayers are responsible to support these boondoggles. See Swearingen Aircraft. Until that happens, I shall remain cautiously optimistic.

  • Jonus Grumby

    No question. If you want a better job, apply yourself and go for it. However our elected officials seem to stumble all over themselves bringing in slightly better than minimum wage jobs while the residents are on the hook with higher taxes to pay for the infrastructure. Here's a clue: It's called "corporate welfare".

  • David

    Most of you people are pathetic...

    Mostly upset because at least 700 of you won't have an excuse not work...

  • Jonus Grumby

    I suppose the devil is in the details, as the old idiom goes.

  • Tabler

    That's funny you think there are a plethora of jobs with higher pay, especially in this area. I'm a 2013 WVU graduate and can't find a job to start my career in the Tri-State area. I've had to resort to working places like Macy's (that hire anyone that walks) because I needed an income.

  • olé timer

    Wonder how it will be built? Local construction or with out of state workers. Prevailing fair wage or debilitating wage of right to work. Careful what we think we have. Tax breaks out the a## for corporate greed. Time will tell!!!

  • The bookman

    Careful.....there are several posts with the same message here. Where most see a glorious rainbow, there are always those that focus on the stormy clouds.

  • DWM

    Simply Amazing.

    Here sir, please take this check for $1,000,000. You: I don't want that check, think of all the taxes I'll have to pay, all that headache I'll have to deal with.

  • Incomplete Story

    Hmm this looks good on paper, but to me only the positive aspects were pointed out in this artice, "reputable company, 700 skilled laborers, boost in the economy, etc.."

    What it doesn't say is WHO will be the NEW 700 employees( In-state hires or transfers from other sates?) OR how this will be paid for(tax payer dime though Gv't subsidies which could potentially raise taxes) OR why P&G wanted to chose Berk.Co. WV.(Corp America is Stockholder/ Investor driven which we all see the effect of Big Biz on the middle class, they don't care you and me!).

    This looks, seems and smells shady to me, but hopefully I'm wrong..not to mention environmental concerns and increased traffic patterns in which if you have you driven through N. Va. during rush hour? It's one of the reason I like WV. to begin with. It doesn't take you 1 hour to drive 5 miles.

  • karry

    Watch how many other P&G plants close after this one is built.

  • Expatriot

    Couple of things. The rich get richer. Sure wish this plant was going to be in an area that is suffering, but I do not begrudge Berkeley County. They have done wonders with little support from the state of WV. Would be nice if the State would upgrade some East West Highways especially to the west so in state residents could get to the jobs easier. And...this might be a scary Dem. program. Dedicate some funds to move upstate and downstate families to Berkeley for jobs. A companion housing program to upgrade some of the older housing stock in M'burg. Please, Berkeley County, no more single wides and double wides.

  • ThrMburg

    While I welcome the jobs for B Co I don't welcome any more traffic on I 81. The jobs are great but when residents take a look at the big picture they may not like what they see!

  • MTNR

    Would you say I have a "plethora" of pinatas?

  • Jason Smith

    They aren't building it wouldn't build it without lots of tax breaks & tax exemptions from the county & state, plus will benefit from federal tax advantages, so, like Obama correctly stated, "you had help (building it)"...the second part of his statement which conservatives conveniently fail to mention.

  • GregG

    Damn right the repubs are lying!!!!

  • Sheryry

    Love the positive thoughts

  • wvman75

    Don't the "big corporations are evil" democrats want to protest this yet? This can't be good in their eyes! lol

  • GregG

    Hummm, I wonder how this is going to go over with all the bible thumpers? Will the republicans knock each other down running to a camera to take credit for P&G coming to WV? Will they want to be tied to a company like P&G? Gotta love it!

  • Martinsburg Resident

    That was the intent of my post... This being a "Private" project, as opposed to another RCB government building project, where government "forced prevailing wage" would be the case & tax payers footing the bill. Anyhow, I'm sure P&G received some sweetened incentives to locate here. That is just where we are in this crony capitalism country. Better get that new High School built!

  • Mark

    Funny how our "bad business climate" keeps landing these new facilities.

  • Low Rider

    Great news for Berkely County and the state of WV!

    It is amazing to me the number of negative posts on this site! P&G, one of the worlds most highly respected companies decides to build a state-of-the-art manufatruing plant in WV and people bitch and whine about it??

    I guess good paying jobs with full benefits is a bad, bad, thing.

    Congrats to all who made this deal come through...and don't listen to those people who live south of Route 60 who hate progress.

  • Pete

    Out-of-work coal miners with skills do NOT have to sit on their couches & draw unemployment! I worked over 30 years for the telephone company & had to move multiple times! The hollers do not chain miners in place! Move to the Panhandle & get back to work!

  • Virginia Beach resident

    There is also a plethora of jobs with higher pay, its all a matter of how hard your willing to work and/or apply yourself. If your okay with working for $10 an hour for the rest of your life then you will. Simple as that

  • Virginia Beach resident


  • matt miller

    They didn't build that.

    ...not yet, anyway.

  • Steve

    This can't be, corporations don't create jobs.

  • Jonus Grumby

    While I'm certainly excited about the news, I am only cautiously optimistic. Curiosity has me wondering what effect this will have on current property taxes, schools, and the cost of the infrastructure to the taxpayers. I realize there has to be incentives to lure business into an area. It's a very competitive process. However, too many times we find the citizens on the hook for corporate welfare. I hope this is different.

  • The bookman

    Half a mile from I-81. Two hour, four lane trip to an Inland Port. Within 500 Miles of 50% of the US Population on a highly integrated transportation network. Anything that happened in the last 30 days was gravy, but certainly irrelevant to the decision to locate here.

    Insert all of the pending accomplishments from this current session and remove the infrastructure serving the development site and we aren't among the 40 sites considered for the project. Yet we continue to squander what Frank the Tank accurately posts as the three most important ingredients to a successful business venture....location, location, location.

    We have location. We do not have adequate transportation corridors, water and sewage, high speed communication capabilities. Kudos to Berkeley County and the State for their ability to land such an opportunity. Can we learn the lessons from this opportunity so that we can replicate such development elsewhere?

    Will the legislature have the courage to propose a revenue stream for development of necessary infrastructure, and will the people accept the cost that investing in our own prosperity will bring, or cower in dismay that RCB is no longer alive to give it to us for "free?"

  • Jonus Grumby

    I hope you are right. Currently, there's a plethora of $10/hour jobs in Berkeley County.

  • Jonus Grumby

    You said it. Let's not forget sprained arms for patting themselves on the back.

  • Jonus Grumby

    "I feel if someone researched all the money that corporations receive as incentives to locate here, it would show most of that money is never recovered. Taxpayers pay more to subsidize more spending on infrastructure, schools and roads etc. All the trucks and traffic created etc."

    I'd be very interested to read the report that confirms what you say. Please tell us of the source.

  • ThrMburg

    How ironic that P&G will bring 700 jobs to Berk Co but the school board is broke and teachers have to get refrig and microwaves out of rooms because it costs too much.

  • Corporate Joe

    When we hear of any and all State Incentives and what it actually will cost the state and local govt will be interesting. Seems to me, large corporations that make billions and create good returns for Stock Holders shouldn't need to bleed the govt for incentives.

    I feel if someone researched all the money that corporations receive as incentives to locate here, it would show most of that money is never recovered. Taxpayers pay more to subsidize more spending on infrastructure, schools and roads etc. All the trucks and traffic created etc.

    Also I just read that they were going to need millions of gallons of Water in the manufacturing process so hopefully that area has plenty. I would be concerned about the industrial waste created and where that ends up.

    It was just announced that a company bought 3m plant in Middleway as it is polluted and needs cleaning before it can be sold. (Brown site) So why didn't the company who created the pollution clean it up?

    Govt doesn't require corporations to have a Clean Up fund and if they go bankrupt or close the local area is left with the mess.

    Just wait till fracking mistakes start to destroy ground water etc. I bet the Local Taxpayer will end up paying the bill.

  • Dr. Pill

    Let's get real.

    I predict there's going to be a rise in bruises, abrasions and other injuries as WV lawmakers start 'tripping all over' each other, struggling and fighting to take credit for this new P&G plant.

    Of course, Governor Tomblin has the inside track for taking the lion's share of the credit for this, but you can bet your boots that both the GOP and the Democrat lawmakers will try to outscream each other and hope voters will believe that their side of the aisle was responsible.

    To quote ex-NFL star Terrell Owens: "Get your popcorn ready!"

    All this political posturing makes very grand theater!

  • ThrMburg

    I hope they hire area workers for these jobs. I am not voting to build any more schools for out of staters

  • liberty4all

    See my comment above to the poster claiming this scalp in the name of prevailing wages. Same applies to right to work.

  • liberty4all

    Happy to hear positive economic news but a project of this magnitude did not just happen since last November. So don't count this scalp in the name of "prevailing wages".

    I am interested to learn of the incentives the state has/will give in order for this business to locate. I don't like corporate welfare any more than I like welfare to individuals. Until the costs are known, my joy will be somewhat tempered.

  • Jesse

    They also make toilet paper which an a**hole like you should appreciate.

  • Frank the tank

    location, location, location

  • Will

    Umm ..... this would be a private sector customer and therefore not subject to prevailing wages anyway unless the state is kicking in money for the construction. And the only companies big enough to build something like this are probably going to hire a lot of highly paid construction workers anyway.

  • Randy

    Oh sure, stand up and cheer. But this company makes things like paper towels, shampoo, diapers and soap. INSTRUMENTS OF DEATH! Another grieving family after someone slips on the soap in the shower. Another terrible injury from diaper rash. Yeesh! Although my friend Gary does go on and on about their baby oil. Something about it being gentle on gerbil fur.

  • Damon

    And Tinkerbell is a linebacker for the Steelers. You don't think a multi-billion dollar business checks everything out before investing $500 million? Do you even know if P&G has union workers? Your hate-filled rant is pure baloney, and obviously written without a shred of research into anything. Bringing 700 permanent jobs to the state is great news -- except for you. It offers you an excuse to whine, complain and blame. Pretty sad.

  • Jephre

    I don't think so - Macy's is a distribution center, the P&G facility will be manufacturing. Big difference.

  • Honest Reply

    Its called offering a two tiered system where the businesses that the state pick get all kinds of perks from the State Government. Perks like the state owning the building and equipment to help avoid property taxes but leasing it back to the company. The incentive package for Gestamp alone was estimated to be in the neighborhood of $25 million. I am sure this place will get a similar package.

    Offering these things is not equivalent to offering a good business environment. The government doesn't need to pick winners and losers. Which is why things need to change. So all employers and business can succeed not just the projects the state wants to help.

  • Stan

    The Republicans are lying to all the gullible West Virginians that will up their crumbs.

    They are union busting and taking away your rights with tort reform and businesses don't factor that in when they pick a location.

    Glad this is happening in our state. Hopefully the gullible sheep will see through the republican smokescreen and fight for their rights.

  • Johnny

    Some people should learn before speaking.

  • Andy

    This is the kind of development and investment we need in the state. I hope to see more of this in central and southern West Virginia. Then, and only then, will folks have options outside the coal industry. An even greater benefit, jobs like these require technical and formal education for advancement. Hopefully that leads to a better educated/trained workforce and that stays put in WV.

  • ViennaGuy

    Some people can't be happy. It would take them out of their comfort zone.

  • Charleston

    Why the political rant? Can't you just be happy that a business is coming to WV?

  • Chris

    This will be just like Macy's where they pay about $10 an hour.

  • WhlgFeelin

    little butthurt?

  • Robert

    P&G makes a product for that.

  • Dave

    Wait a second........repubs told us companies avoided WV because it is a "judicial hellhole", union friendly, and pays prevailing wage! Could it be repubs were lying? Let the spin begin repubs and while you're at it explain the huge Toyota plant in Buffalo which actually pays higher than Union scale.

  • Eastern Panhandle Hunter

    Great start for 2015!!!!

  • Martinsburg Resident

    Right to work conversation already paying big dividends! 700 good paying manufacturing jobs! The construction of this facility will be bid based on the free market and NO "prevailing wage" either! Less government = more private industry & prosperity!

  • ViennaGuy

    That's great news! Congratulations to Berkeley County and the Eastern Panhandle!

  • Skilled Worker

    Just talking about getting a Right-to-Work law is already paying dividends. Just think what will happen when it becomes a reality. Reversing 80 years of democrat neglect in WV and a company running away from democrat induced taxes in Maryland.

  • Normin Alaskerette

    I'm getting moist ...