CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state’s Commerce Secretary is predicting Procter & Gamble’s planned $500 million manufacturing facility in Berkeley County will have an even larger economic impact in West Virginia in the future than initially announced.

“We have a high confidence level that this project will end up being maybe even substantially bigger than what’s being announced,” Keith Burdette said on Wednesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

“I think Procter & Gamble’s doing the right thing. They’re being conservative in their calculations there, but we’ve had broader discussions about the site, how much it can handle, how big their product line may be there.”

P&G officials said their plans, as of now, call for a 1,000,000-square foot facility to be built on more than 450 acres at Martinsburg’s Tabler Station Business Park. It’s part of a company-wide realignment, according to P&G, though the company has not yet specified what products will eventually be produced in Berkeley County.

During construction, Procter & Gamble has estimated 1,000 jobs could be created. Once the facility is in operation, possibly as soon as 2017, company officials projected 700 people would fill permanent jobs.

“We think the building will end up being substantially larger. We think the investment may get larger. We think the jobs may get bigger,” Burdette said. P&G suppliers, he said, could also create many more jobs in West Virginia.

As part of the development deal, Burdette said the state is providing approximately $8.5 million in assistance for site preparation and infrastructure development. As for any additional tax¬†incentives, “They’re going to be able to access the same credits as everybody else. There’s no special deal,” Burdette said.

During the 18 months of talks on the project, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin put decision makers at the table with P&G to address issues as they were brought up by the company, according to Burdette.

“I get the impression that didn’t happen everywhere and that they were impressed that a state like West Virginia could actually be more nimble, more responsive,” he said. “This is a big deal for them.”

Construction is expected to begin later this year on what P&G officials have said will be “one of the most advanced and sustainable plants among P&G’s global manufacturing and supply-chain operations.” It will be only the second manufacturing plant the company has built in the U.S. since 1971.

P&G’s existing East Coast distribution network already includes sites in Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Each of Procter & Gamble’s 23 brands have annual sales of more than $1 billion.

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  • Skeptical

  • Skeptical

    I've negotiated over 1,000 huge new corporate factory locations around the world, with price tags in the trillions, what about you?

  • Skippy

    It's thinking like yours that will keep this state in the dark ages.

  • brian

    Now to get the right to work bill passed for the betterment of Companies wanting to move here with out fighting Unions right from the start.

  • Doobieborough

    The SPECIALTY tax credits and incentives offered by the state of WV would choke a CPA's double-wide file cabinet. Yet MOST of the businesses in the state cannot qualify because they are either too small, not the right gender or such, not in the "correct" business field, or not conforming to a particular "socially engineered" issue. I vote for NO special tax credits or incentives for anyone which is, bottom line, fairest to ALL. I reviewed the list of credits and incentives offered by WV and it would seem P&G will be cashing in large while the little guy and the mom and pops are on your own.

  • Expatriot

    Really happy for the panhandle. I have a P & G story. When they abandoned their plant on the waterfront in Baltimore in the 80's, home prices went down in the neighborhood. There were 6 buildings. Row homes went for 30K. I got one. A few years later a huge national company took over the buildings that P & G abandoned. Now my row home sells for 250K. That new company, you ask??? Under Armour. Thanks P & G. The buildings still carry the names of Joy, Cheer, Tide etc.

  • wirerowe

    Sceptical . What is your experience in negotiating these type of deals? How many of these deals throughout the country have you been involved with.This is a great deal for all West Virginians.

  • Guardian

    So???? You think other states don't play the tax break or "deal" game? Bah! Don't be self righteous. The game has "rules" - if you don't play by the "rules", you'll be left without a seat at the table.

    Bottom line, I don't give a good gosh darn how they did it, but P&G jobs are GOOD jobs and God in Heaven knows we need them.

    Also, don't discount the fact that every P&G location globally attracts P&G suppliers like flies to honey. The secondary effect from this investment is huge.

  • Skeptical

    If you believe no special tax breaks, or sweetheart deals were given to get this plant in northern VA west, I've got some ocean front property to sell you located in Naugatuck.

  • Jephre

    Finally some really good economic news for WV and the EP. Now if they'll only think far enough ahead to start now on the I-81 widening project from Martinsburg to the VA line....

  • ViennaGuy

    I am thrilled to see this come together!

    - you gotta start somewhere -


  • WVU 97

    I think this is great news. People are saying that they employee out of state people that's only because young people these days don't know what an honest days work means. I'm 40 and there are people my age the don't know what that means. And as far as pay goes I work down the road at Orgill and they didn't start out making that much but after you do the time the pay eventually comes, you gotta start somewhere.