PINCH, W.Va. —┬áInvestigators with the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department say a pharmacist who shot a man who later died will not be charged with a crime.

Detectives said surveillance video at Good’s Family Pharmacy in Pinch shows the masked man, Terry Gillenwater, 25, pulled out a gun after he entered the pharmacy at about 9:45 Wednesday morning and pointed it at workers. The pharmacist, who has a legal conceal carry permit, pulled out his gun and shot the man, who later died at a Charleston hospital.

“The guy was walking around with a mask on and my pharmacist joked, ‘He must be here to rob us,'” owner Patrick Good told MetroNews. “Whenever he said that the guy pulled a gun.”

Good said Gillenwater was probably after prescription pills, but couldn’t confirm that because he didn’t have time to state his demands.

“The guy pulled the gun and jumped in front of a customer in line and was pointing the gun at the employees,” said Good. “That’s when my guy pulled his gun and shot him three times.”

The pharmacist on duty had a .45 pistol. The first shot hit the robber in the chest and he went down, but he raised the gun again. The employee then fired a second and third shot. One of those hit the suspect’s gun in his hand and the other shot hit him in the abdomen.

Workers at the pharmacy attempted life-saving measures on the man. Nobody in the pharmacy was injured.

“He was here for the pills,” said Good. “We’re a real small, small store here.”

Good said he had no problem with his employees carrying firearms with a concealed carry permit while on the job.

The information from the investigation will be turned over to the Kanawha County Prosecutor’s Office.

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  • Hillbilly

    I sure hope this makes the National Headlines , God Bless the Second Amendment !!!!!

    • Imisswv

      Not a chance, these feel good stories don't fit their narrative.

  • Ed

    Add concealed carry classes to pharmacy schools

  • jm

    Good job Mr. Pharmacist. You should be commended.

    For all you nay sayers....... if the SOB wasn't trying to commit an armed robbery, he would not have died. End of story.

  • Hillbilly

    Darn , I wish I lived close to this Pharmacy , they would be my one and only . If you need to replenish you ammo supply please let me know , keep up the good work , God Bless the Second Amendment !!!

  • Roger

    I will be happy to send money for replacing the .45 ammunition used, as it was put to good use, just let me where to send it. Job well done, my man! Maybe some of these dope heads will get the idea that attempted robbery comes with a cost.

  • Bill

    File this under D.S.A.F. (did society a favor)

  • 2XLPatriot

    Oh come on now! Rehab would have saved this poor robber who is obviously addicted to pills. Never mind the fact that his addiction started when he willingly and knowingly took them for the first time and enjoyed his escape from the real world.

    Millions of dollars and summits to curb the out of control drug problem in the Mountain State with tax payer money is coming! That's right folks, if you get arrested for drugs, you too may have the choice of rehab over jail time. We all know how that will end up!

    Regional jail populations will drop and there will be more addiction treatment centers than Hot Spots. Once completed, the graduates will be right back out popping, snorting and shooting every little pink, blue and white pill they can get heir grubby little hands on. Because hey, They can just go back to rehab instead of jail if they get caught again!

    Yay for big government!

    Seriously, good job! Them's some serious consequences for a serious crime. Just what he deserved! Don't carry? Get trained, get certified and licensed!

  • Christopher Parker

    Violent action happens quickly and, usually, without warning. It's comforting to know that this individual took the necessary action to safeguard his life, and the lives of others. It's unknown what the assailant would've been willing to do to achieve their goals.

  • Pensfan

    Great job. Kudos to the pharmacist

  • Upelk

    I wonder if this shows up in the charleston gazette's "Bearing arms in wv" opinion pieces?? Doubt it

  • Ezra

    Nicely done !

  • John of Wayne


  • David

    Just think there are actually people out there tha will be sympathetic to the perp. Great job he got what he deserved.

  • Brian

    Good shooting! Zero misses! I'm

    • Brian

      I'm proud of them!

  • Rufus

    This is a lot better than the twelve step program, it works.