Response crews for the West Virginia train derailment continue to monitor the burning of the derailed rail cars near Mount Carbon.

U.S. Coast Guard photo/Angie Vallier

Response crews for the West Virginia train derailment continue to monitor the burning of the derailed rail cars near Mount Carbon.

The state Department of Environmental Protection said it has yet to determine the full scope of the environmental impact of Monday’s CSX oil train derailment at Mount Carbon in Fayette County.

DEP spokeswoman Kelley Gillenwater said the focus Wednesday continued to be containment. She said the top priority continues to be making sure no crude oil gets into the Kanawha River. An additional boom was installed in a containment trench Wednesday.

Gillenwater said once the burned cars and other debris is removed, soil testing and soil evacuation will begin.

The oil that has leaked thus far into Armstrong Creek has been caught by ice and booms. Gillenwater said 5,000 gallons of an oil-water mix was vacuumed Tuesday night. Water samples of the river continue to be non-detect.

Residents of the community of Boomer, across the Kanawha River from the derailment site, were allowed to return home Wednesday. The evacuation order continues for Mount Carbon and Adena Village.

The U.S. Coast Guard announced Wednesday a unified command response involving the Coast Guard, DOT, EPA, CSX, state DEP, DMAPS, the National Guard and other agencies.

“The top priorities for response personnel remain the safety of the community and responders, and mitigating the impact to the environment,” said Capt. Lee Boone, Federal On Scene Coordinator for the West Virginia Train Derailment in a prepared release.

The Federal Railroad Administration said fires at the derailment site continued to burn Wednesday but it was more controlled than Tuesday.

CSX also released the following information Wednesday:

–detailed car count- 27 cars derailed with 19 of those were involved in the fire.

–oil transfers from the derailed cars have not begun, and no estimate of when the tracks will be restored.

–CSX will inspect the derailed cars more closely to determine how they and other debris will be removed.

–inspections will determine if the cars can be repaired or whether they will be scrapped.

–the cause of the derailment remains under investigation.

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  • Moco man

    I happen to work for CSX and know firsthand that CSX spends way up in the millions every year on maintenance. There are geometry cars that check track geometry. There are FRA and state inspectors that conduct inspections. No tracks are perfect but I know there is a heightened awareness with the oil trains. Please educate yourself. And Joe, instead of worrying about scabs and thin flanges........which had nothing to do with this situation, please work on your spelling.

  • Expatriot

    WV should lead the nation in creating a railroad track inspection program funded by a fee on active track milage in the state. I live in another state and can say that CSX does not take care of their tracks at all. They are in poor shape, weedy, trashy (and this trash is their own). In my neighborhood a private company cleans up their track right of way to keep the neighborhood around the tracks looking somewhat good.

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    Alright! The alphabet soup consortium has come to a consensus. Now on to more important business – Will they be using a round or rectangular table?

    The individual “agendas” will bubble up over time with this chef’s special. It’s actually comical watching the pot boil dry with these government controlled soup kitchens. It’s all about the money that they can extort from CSX.

  • TB

    Won't be long until Manchin jumps in...

  • Joe daugherty

    The car shops at raceland shut down , thousands of. Railway Carmen lay off over the last 15 years Union mech, dept work contracted out to scab non union , co, who's workers neaver starve the 3year Union aprentice programs all at gov , AAR, blessing well this is what you get thin flanges ,high flanges,Bering failing,air brakes not applying, Train wrecks ! Get rid of scab labor hire Union carmen stop the rail accidents, this is price of railroad corp greed ! They cut car inspectors jobs by the thousands

  • Hurry Up

    All the crooks at one place. Hopefully another explosion will happen.