CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A bill that would legalize the use of marijuana in West Virginia for medical purposes was among the final bills introduced in the state Senate Monday, the deadline for bill introductions during this year’s Regular Legislative Session.

Chris Yeager, a Marine Corps veteran from Kanawha County, supports the proposed law change. “What we’re basically advocating for is the safe, legal access to an alternative to pharmaceuticals,” said Yeager.

He uses marijuana to treat PTSD, but said it has many other potential applications in healthcare – including in the treatment of drug addiction.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that this is something that we need to add to our arsenal whenever it comes to addressing this opiate and heroin addiction problem in this state,” said Yeager who lost his brother to an overdose of Suboxone in 2010. The Suboxone was being used to treat his brother’s opiate addiction.

In all, some form of medical marijuana is now legal in 23 other states.

“Every state that touches our borders has some type of medical marijuana law in place and I just find it ludicrous that we’re not using this as an opportunity to address the opiate and heroin problems,” Yeager said on Monday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

“I’m not saying that this is going to completely rid our state of the opiate and heroin problems, but we have to be able to use multiple tools in our toolbelt when we’re addressing this problem.”

As proposed, the “Creating Compassionate Use Act for Medical Cannabis” provides protections for the medical use of cannabis for debilitating medical conditions that are defined in the bill. It also requires qualifying patients and designated caregivers to be registered with the state.

The proposed bill, SB 546, was introduced in the state Senate Monday and referred to the Senate Health and Human Resources Committee.

Following Monday’s introduction deadline in the Senate, Tuesday is the final day bills can be introduced in the state House of Delegates.

The 2015 Regular Legislative Session ends on March 14.

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  • Skeptics

    Full legalization! The "war on pot" had caused far more casualties in good people than pot ever will.

  • Dude

    So what the update on this , has it all ready failed or is it still up in the air ?

  • Joseph Chapman

    just pass the bill we need it for medical reasons

  • tina chapman

    pass the bill already

  • tina chapman

    I thought they had just introduced the bill ?

  • joelene

    Well it wasn't presented ! Sad sad day . I guess big pharma wins again .

  • Someonewithmanymedproblems

    I suffer from depression, anxiety and back problems because of my serve scoliosis and also my stomach lining is slowly getting ate by my stomach acid which makes me not want to eat. I use marijuana not for the high but for the release of my Pain and helps me be social. I don't use it everyday nor do I want to use it everyday but I would like to know its there when I need it. So I say pass it.

  • rb

    I personally think it should be passed. My opinion is you don't see people out committing crimes for marajuana, you don't see people overdosing, people are not wrecking cars and killing people while using it unlike alcohol.It doesn't hurt anyone or anything . It can be used for so much. PASS IT PASS IT!!! you will see a better wv

  • Daniel Propst

    It sounds like you don't know what you are talking about. We already have some excellent examples in Colorado and Washington, plus the 20 states where medical marijuana is legal. In those states revenues are up, employment is up, and crime is down.
    Why wouldn't we want that here?
    Mountaineers are ALWAYS free.

  • Swolfe

    I have ms and I support this medical marijuana bill it would be a true blessing if it gets passed! I've been on pain Meds for 10 years and I still have very bad pain I'm on other Meds to help treat my ms but they have side effect and it's killing my liver! I've also have lost a lot of weight and really can't gain wight I'm 5 foot 81/2 n weigh 130 medical marijuana is a natural plant and is not man maid if I was able to use medical marijuana I woukd be able to stop taking 6 to 8+ pills aday! There's more ms Meds pills/shots have to use to treat my ms but I can't take them due to the side effects they cause me very Extreme pain and my pain Meds don't even ease it a bit! I didn't want to be put on Oxsee's Due to they r very addictive! I hope this new bill passes I would feel better then I do to day! It's not fun to have Extreme pain and spasmodic muscles and on top of that being nauseous and throwing up! You spend more time in bed then being u with your family! That's really not a good quality-of-life! There is people I know who have cancer and they have ms I Suport THIS medical marijuana BILL!

  • Judy McLaughlin

    I find it amazing that so many states are adopting the medical marijuana and yet WV hasn't yet. Like any meds or recreational drug it can and will be abused by some. That's never going to change.

    I have fibromyalgia, and really do not wish to be on pills that are addictive. Marijuana would help with this, but being illegal, can't get it. Have been to places where it was legal, just to try it and see if it would work for me. Yes, it did ease the pain and slept better. At least for that day. Long term use is an unknown for me, but surely it would be better than percocets (which is one of the very few that I'm not allergic to). That is a highly addictive med. Needless to say, I refuse to take it unless I just can't stand anymore. Then I will be messed up and depressed from it for days.

    What do you have to do to get this bill passed. Even if you don't get it passed, people are going to find a way to get it, and/or more from here to where they can get it. How will that effect WV in the long run.

  • Tim

    You sir are useless. Educate yourself before throwing around your dumb opinions.

  • Carrie Beatty

    Support this bill as a way to generate taxable income. Our state has to be progressive!

  • James

    You sir are a buffoon, and have absolutely no idea what your speaking of. Please go back to your cabin at the end of the "holler".

  • Jason

    Earl...nobody ever said driving while impaired with anything is a good idea. But to respond to your post, yes, I do read USA Today and I am actually familiar with those specific studies you cited (and not just the blurb on the USA Today article). One thing to note is these studies use the word "contributed", that can be a stretch, since MJ can be detected in a test up to a month after usage, and even the researchers themselves say that a positive test does not equal impairment. And impairment of the ability to drive a motor vehicle is what we are really trying to determine here, which can be most accurately determined by a field sobriety test by a trained officer.

    Also The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) just completed what they believe is the most comprehensive study which indicates "If you're above the legal limit for alcohol, you're at least four times more likely to crash" and "Study shows drivers using pot have the same chance of crashing as sober drivers".

    Bottom line is, don't drink or do drugs and drive. But that being said, I think the downside of keeping MJ illegal is much worse for our society than making it legal and controlling it and educating people to make informed and good decisions. I think we can all agree alcohol is much worse than MH from a driving standpoint and it is legal and controlled, so the driving argument against MJ is not really a rational argument unless you are also saying alcohol should be illegal.

  • Kevin hall

    Ok first off I am a iraq veteran who has ptsd anxiety depression and sever spinal injurys from a ied . I speak for allot of veterans when I say this Medicalmarijuana has far greater benefits then a man made chemical cocktail that's not only destructive to the user but the FAMILY how many people die of overdose how many CHILDREN die of pills when I was in a bed with my body mangled and the images of my brothers around me dead and laying in peaces. Pills made me addictive and almost commite suicide . Weed has never done that to me I smoke to help with a normal life when I drive I don't think of a kid on a cell phone getting ready to blow me up or the thoughts of dead animals lined with 155 rounds daisy chained so unless you have a better reason not to give the people who has gone threw hell and paid the prices shut up

  • Geneva Miller

    My mother has MS along with this deases comes rapid weight loss. My mother is a 54 year old woman that weighs 76 pounds. I believe with my entire being. If she was able to receive Medical Marijuana ? She would gain weight therefore abolishing more medical problems than just being grossly underweight. I preay that WV senate weighs the pros and cons of legalization of this miracle plant ! A loving and concerned daughter.

  • Ray Hotinger

    whats a hind end

  • Fibrojewell

    May you never have to live with the spectres of chronic long term pain followed by uncomprimising opiate addiction. Judge not. It is not your place.

  • David Wasserman

    Legalize it and use the tax money to fix our roads

  • Stephen clay

    Oh please let this pass we need this bill 546 to help our PEPs I need this to help with my health problems I'm a dietbetic I'm by poalor please let this pass

  • Ray Hotinger

    Edward i hope and pray that one day soon you can get your medicine legal.


    I live with pain sometimes severe due to having a neuro muscular disease called KENNEDYS DISEASE a rare disease 1 in 40,000 world wide has this ,your muscle cells die which causes weakness primarily in legs and arms plus other symptoms,my legs hurt so bad I can not sleep I might get 2 or 3 hrs. a night if lucky if it was not for marijuania I would be unable to sleep since using it I can sleep at least 6hrs. so I think wv. needs this law passed it would help a lot of people.

  • grumpy 'ole man

    Nope.... To agree with Hoppy, Raese, and the rest of the Metronews clan you have to be higher than a jet airplane

  • dannyg

    For once we have an opportunity to help those who are struggling with cancer, HIV, multiple sclerosis, and also glaucoma amidst a wide range of diseases and viruses. Why are people so blind to something that was legal in the past twice.This is a booming market that will put WVa on the map and make our economy and job market grow.

  • Woodchuck

    Alaska voters approved legalization of recreational marajuana yesterday. Let's not continue to be last. Our roads need this revenue source!

  • Mountaineer

    All of you free-thinking, logical, and sensible people who support this life-saving bill need to contact your state Senator and urge him to support this legislature. It's up to we the people to stand and let our voices be heard. Be the change you wish to see! This pending legislation needs all of the help it can get, let them know they we as West Virginians have had enough of living in the past! Below is a link to a pre-made letter hosted by NORML.ORG, click the link and send a letter so that our representatives know that we are many and we support freedom. If you don't stand up for what's right then who will?

  • Mountaineer

    Cannabis isn't dope, you dope.

  • Mountaineer

    Looks like we have a misinformed old-timer stuck in the propaganda of Reefer Madness, amongst other things. He still thinks Republicans and Democrats are actually opposition and not two legs propping up the same machine.

  • Karey

    Maybe there wouldn't be a pain pill problem if marijuana was legal and then those pain killers wouldn't be needed. My mother needed marijuana when she had breast cancer and went through kemo. It helped her eat regularly and not puke everything up so yes some of us "hillbilles" need it. Rather smoke some marijuana then take a pill that I don't know what the side effects are or even the long term effects on my liver or other organs.

  • Karey

    How many people get addicted to prescription pain killers or other prescription drugs? Marijuana has no addicting chemicals in it and doesn't harm your body like pills do. Look up the number of people who overdose daily on pain killers or other pills then compare that to zero people who have overdosed on marijuana. Alcohol kills, tobacco kills, pills kill, look up how many deaths in the US or any other place there are from Marijuana. Do somw research first.

  • Dan

    Smoke enough of this junk you won't care if you are sick or not. Just get high and let someone else wipe your stinkin hind end. Republicans,by this you have proved that you and you democrat brethren are equally useless!

  • BossIlluminati

    Fastest growing industry in America? Legal Marijuana, coming to your town very soon...#1 crop in California and LEGAL in ALL west coast states, #$$$GrowsOnTrees

    the west coast thanks you a trillion (dollar$), refilling any order at anytime

  • Ray Hotinger

    Its time for a change people are sick and tired of the pillbilly image.

  • sp

    Go drink your alcohol you hippocrite!

  • Darrell Shrewsbury

    As a registered nurse with a Family nurse practitioner degree, I feel that this great state could benefit from the passage of the medical marijuana bill. The research is proof that this natural plant can help people who are sick feel better. Who are we to deny someone the opportunity to use alternative medicine to help maintain wellness. Vote yes for compassion. It is the right thing to do.

  • RWC

    This bill is just and excuse to smoke dope.

  • Ravenswood

    Bill was introduced by repub Sen. Mitch Carmichael, Jackson Co., who also backed right to work for less and gutting the prevailing he wants everyone ( everyone who can get a doc to sign off for them) to get high. This sheds some light on his previous anti-worker bills.........knew he wasn't in his right mind!

  • ethella

    Rodger sacrificed himself. not really believing that he would go to federal prison. We still need him and his voice.

  • Jim

    Most of us work. Sorry.

  • Tom

    I was called for federal jury duty in Elkins for Mr. Belknap's trial for cultivating marijuana. I was struck from the jury by his defense attorney.

  • Jee'

    A Natural...Plant...that Provides relief for so many . The only thing Criminal about it...Is the Control of It . Maybe just Maybe...its time has come . Dare to be Honest...pass SB 546.

  • ethella

    Does anyone remember , back in the 90's, when Rodger Belknap ran for Govenor?? Everyone told him that he was 20 years ahead of time. Turns out, people were right. Anyway he put together a rally, held it at the Armory in Braxton. It was great!!! There were speakers for legal hemp. hemp products, and all sorts of hemp info. I even went to a couple rallys, one in Wisconsin, one in Michigan. Back then we thought marijuana would be made legal in the near future. We need to make it legal and get on the pot bandwagon

  • Tom

    Our legislature won't pass this. It makes too much sense. They won't pass an increase on tobacco taxes for the same reason.

  • 2XLPatriot

    I didn't say 31 year olds with fused vertebraes, now did I? I was referring to the whiney little snot noses who are too lazy to work and some genius lawyer gets them disability because life isn't fair.

  • Stupid Hillbillies

    **CENSORSHIP ALERT** MetroNews refuses to allow opposing views to be displayed. Is it because their reporting staff want the use of illegal drugs allowed?

  • Eric

    I truly hope you are able to come home to more open thinking and free West Virginia. How dare anyone tell anyone else how to treat their pain. Talk about self righteous.

  • greg

    im with you brother....i love being calm as opposed to on edge all the time....also a veteran marine....GOD BLESS

  • Beawulfa

    Yeager admits to using an illegal substance in West Virginia, why haven't the state police arrested him? Selective law enforcement?

  • Beawulfa

    Yeager admits to using an illegal substance in West Virginia, why haven't the state police arrested him? Selective law enforcement?

  • Jerry

    Definitely needs to be legal at this day an time theres too many drugs killing people doing this will help knock down deaths in wv an also help those with medical problems without an serious side effects or damage too body

  • Rev. John Wires

    The facts support this bill. In medical legal states opiate deaths are at lower levels than before it was available through state law and legal sources. As stated not one death has ever been recorded from mere use of cannabis.Tylenol , peanuts, and many other over the counter items have more deaths associated with them yet remain legal. In-fact because Ephedrine has medical use it hasn't been banned and only tighter regulated because it is a precursor for meth production. To stand here and say ID is enough to get a dangerous precursor and be against a doctor recommendation written as a prescription isn't enough for a herb to help the sick is just asinine. For those who don't think the bible supports it. Genesis 1:29 is as clear as you can get being cannabis is a herb. so please don't feel judged or judge those who embrace this natural alternative to man's creations in a lab.

  • James

    Hell I'd say legalize it recreationally and medically. I don't see anyone complaining about people going out to the bars and getting jacked up and driving these roads, can I not smoke a joint in my own home, where I am not harming anything or anybody. Makes no sense. Alcohol ruins lives. Zoloft had me screwed up for depression, and the only solution I've really found for my anxiety and depression is small amounts of cannabis. %100 behind this legislation.

  • Kevin

    I would but I can't understand the question...

  • Kevin

    Prohibition is the gateway. No one that smokes pot says"Man I want me some crack." My uncle told me that all he did was drink beer and smoke pot. He went to get his grass and everyone was shooting up. He didn't want to look like the rat(or uncool) and he gave in to peer pressure. He told me he never would have tried it otherwise. He died a few years later by heroin and xanax. Medical Marijuana may save your son, daughter, sister, brother, mom or dad...anything is better than the broken institution of "The War on Drugs"!!!

  • Kevin

    People forget to take into account incidental accounts. If a guy smokes a joint today and the next day he's driving his mother to the dr...then a dog runs out in front of him, and he evades the dog only to hit a kid...when his drug test comes back will it be wrote up as a horrible accident or that he was high on dope? Not all evidence is created equal...

  • Ray Hotinger

    opiate and heroin overdoses in WV in the last 15-20 years are in the hundreds marijuana deaths zero

  • Kevin

    Oh yes they long as it is federally prohibited any judge is bound by federal law...unless it changes in Washington you will still be bound by a pee test...test positive and like Donald Trump says...YOU'RE FIRED LOL

  • Ray Hotinger

    opiate and heroin overdoses in WV last 15 years hundreds marijuana deaths 0

  • Kevin

    So pot isn't everywhere already? Everyone that wants it can get it. How many times have you been hit up to buy dope at the liquor store...I haven't. Not one time and I'm 40. I can say that most people I know who tried hard drugs was upsold while looking for pot...marijuana is not the gateway to hard drugs prohibition is. Business owners face stiff penalties and will protect their livelihood which equals no under age sales, no other items except marijuana being sold, and no contaminated product...makes sense to me to take it off streets and put it behind store counters...

  • Justin

    Let's play a game of "what's wrong with this picture".

    Alcohol is legal. Tobacco is legal. Handling venomous snakes and dancing around is legal. A natural plant is illegal.

  • Kevin

    The "War on Drugs" is an epic failure. Non-violent drug offenders should not be lumped in with rapists, murderers, and child molesters. As far as I'm concerned any police officer who pursues drug use over any violent crime should be charged with gross negligence. (Don't get your panties in a bunch I'm only talking about drug use not trafficking) There are too many important crimes to be focused on marijuana. If medical marijuana keeps one person from losing a son, daughter, brother, or sister it is worth it. It isn't like the people that want pot aren't going to get it anyways. I would rather deal with a person high on pot as opposed to people pilled up, drunk, or on heroin. OD rates dropped in Colorado just from medical marijuana being me this makes sense...

  • Mark

    How soon we forget about Iran contra they proved govt agencies were flying coke in to finance covert operations.

  • Richard Hertzer

    Employers cannot discriminate on basis of a physician prescribed medication.

  • Gary

    What a crock. This state has a major problem with drugs and its answer is to legalize it. Everyone that wants to smoke it will get it for "medical reasons. " It will be just like disability. Every study says something different. Hardly no one in this state will be working because they won't be able to pass a drug test because of "medical marijuana". They'll have to be put on disability. This is a disgrace.

  • Richard Hertzer

    Common Sense. Property values would go up. Tourism would also increase exponentially. But is WV progressive enough to go that route?
    I hope so, but I think we will be the 50th state to completely legalize cannabis. Medical will be a great start.

  • dr. green

    Alcohol in all of her glory is the gateway drug.

  • robert redden

    i wish i could have been there with you all i'am from West Virginia myself but live in Michigan we have a medical marihuana program here in my State but the Courts won't follow the Law at all and arrest are up 400% since 2008 when the Law was voted into by the Great people of this State and i want to come home to treat my own PTSD and thank you all for supporting what we all know about Cannabis as being a Medicine people have been using it for a 100 years

  • Kat

    I guess Reagan should know. His brain was mush while he was president.

  • earl

    Jason, I guess you do not read USA Today as they published Columbia University researchers performing a toxicology examination of nearly 24,000 driving fatalities concluded that marijuana contributed to 12% of traffic deaths in 2010, tripled from a decade earlier.

    NHTSA studies have found drugged driving to be particularly prevalent among younger motorists. One in eight high school seniors responding to a 2010 survey admitted to driving after smoking marijuana. Nearly a quarter of drivers killed in drug-related car crashes were younger than 25. Likewise, nearly half of fatally injured drivers who tested positive for marijuana were younger than 25.

    A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study found that 4% of drivers were high during the day and more than 6% at night, and that nighttime figure more than doubled on weekends.

    Colorado has seen a spike in driving fatalities in which marijuana alone was involved, according to The trend started in 2009 — the year medical marijuana dispensaries were effectively legalized at the state level.

    NHTSA and the National Institute on Drug Abuse are now in the final months of a three-year, half-million-dollar cooperative study to determine the impact of inhaled marijuana on driving performance. Tests observe participants who ingest a low dose of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, a high dose and a placebo to assess the effects on performance, decision-making, motor control, risk-taking behavior and divided-attention tasks.

    The study is being performed using what NHTSA calls "the world's most advanced driving simulator," the University of Iowa's National Advanced Driving Simulator, which was previously used to study the effects of alcohol on driving.

  • Kenya Swallow


  • Fact is

    Fact is most have too much to lose if they are caught with marijuana. They therefore stay in the background afraid of being busted.

  • This is hilarious

    Where do you think they were? They were busy getting STONED! If you could imagine they were probably not very motivated thereafter! ROTFLMAO!

  • song bird

    Where were all of you today? There were barely a dozen people to come to the capital today to stand in support of legalization? Numbers speak. Where were all of the supporters? Those that did come came as far as Elkins, Parkersburg and Oak Hill. These people are freedom fighters. WVMMJ has a Facebook page. Show your support and like the page.

  • Cheech

    Like man you always told me you never got the munchies.

  • popsickle pete

    God I'm hungry.

  • Jason

    Ron...lets start here, when pulled over for suspected DUI, the officer will complete a field sobriety test to see if the driver can demonstrate the capacity to operate a vehicle based on the officers training. Tests such as walking a line, etc. A breathalyzer is not always administered and .08 is a subjective number anyway, the officer has the authority based on their training to place you under arrest. The same would apply with marijuana, if suspected you are impaired, the officer would subject you to a field sobriety test to determine if you are able to operate a vehicle. On another note, i don't believe marijuana drivers will be an issue, just look at the facts. MJ is a VERY common drug and it has been for years, how many car accidents have you heard of or read about where MJ was the SOLE drug in the system of the driver. I have tried and I cannot find one. And even if you find ONE, is that really enough to make an argument for keeping it illegal, I doubt it. Fact is, if it really were a problem, there are ALOT of big money people out there with deep political ties that would be taking these stories and bombarding is with them in an effort to keep it illegal, but they just dont exist. Alcohol tends to make people lose inhibitions and do wreckless things, MJ I would say, tends to have people get couch lock and maybe even overthink things.

  • Mark

    Only in your mind. The last great republican president was Ike. He tried to work for all Americans not just corporate interests

  • Jason

    Please don't cite facts to combat years of fear instilled in the brainwashed public.

  • Mark

    I wish

  • Jason

    IQ of a chimp, like other admitted "pot heads" Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Carl Sagan....

  • Jason


  • Jason

    And here I thought milk was te gateway drug. I mean, statistically, the majority of people who have died in an alley from shooting herione started out drinking milk at some point in their life. (Fyi, the gateway argument is no argument, it is not rational).

  • longbeards

    I am 58 years old, and for most of my life I have agreed with the government stand on marijuana, BUT I have seen nothing but negative actions from this stance. Putting people in jail is not the answer for folks smoking pot. We cant build enough jails! I now feel it should be legalized and tax the hell out of it!
    A non pot smoked!

  • Chong

    I've smoked pot all my life. It mellows you out man. But I've consumed three freight cars of Oreo Cookies

  • Helen

    I can't believe a Republican actually introduced this legislation!! What's next? Turning pro choice?

  • Rosco 2

    Yes he is !!!!

  • Ted

    “I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette is equal in brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast.” Ronald Reagan, Republican's greatest and slobbered-over President ever.

  • Hillbilly

    You have been into it already !!! LOL

  • Hillbilly

    The Gateway Drug . I thought West Virginia had enough problems with drugs , apparently not . LOL

  • 2XLPatriot

    And yes, he did make rattlesnake venom, but he also put a rattle on their ass to warn people to stay away.

  • Gertie

    Well, if you love your country and you're a true patriot, why on earth would you want to deprive a soldier a possible solution to their medical and/or mental issues? With 20 some reported suicides a day, whatever they have available to them now obviously fails quite a few. If you're a good Christian, why would you be opposed to helping people with their medical and mental issues? And on, and on and on. . . .

    Good Washington Post read . .

  • William

    What has been the number 1 cash crop in this state for many years ? Just legalize it and let the state make more money then they will be able to spend. It is a choice that people smoke it let the people choose if they want it . Copy the law of Colorado and do it the same way . It would be the best thing this state has ever done

  • roscoe 51


  • Dan

    LORD YES!!!! This is the most pressing problem in the state. O God we need our dope cause we are limp wrested sissies that can't handle life and we need the IQ of a chimp to be completely happy and oblivious to the world around us. What great and wonderful republicans to consider all of us stinkin cheese eaters,God bless the Republican Party.

  • Meg

    The trials for low THC high CBD strains, while not complete, are promising. No one allows us access to it, so we wait. We try approved medications that are prescribed, without improvement. I pray for families like ours that could potentially benefit from the passing of this bill, and I pray that the stigma associated with medical marijuana subsides. It is devastating to watch your child have seizures daily despite getting care from the top physicians in the country. The passing of this bill would improve the quality of life for so many.

  • DJ

    Make it legal, farmers could grow it sell it and make a good living, so many good benefits from this

  • DC

    Just legalize it. It's the right thing to do

  • 2XLPatriot

    You completely missed that one, didn't you?

    Simply saying, I would prefer a natural, safe product over a man made chemical.

  • In da stickes


  • Billy

    Recent studies in Colorado show that vehicle accidents are down. Also robberies and other crimes.

  • ron50flys

    WELLWELL we have dope heads DRIVING.............who of You all know what a SAFE Blood Level of your WEED infesteed Brain should be to DRIVE SAFLEY>>>>Plz Tell Us????

  • Stupid Hillbillies`

    This is the 1st step by the leftist druggies to attempt to legalize marijuana completely. They want legalized medicinal pot - move to Washington or Colorado - Where crime has increased dramatically and abuse has more than doubled. It is the GATEWAY DRUG. Besides, the tax revenue is far below expectations and control costs are greater than ever expected.

  • roscoe52

    Hey XLpatriot I'm 31 years old with 3 fused vertebrae in my back on disability. I was a underground coal miner for 6 years. Before you type, walk 5 yards in my shoes before you throw stones. As in my case, my spine didn't say hey your too young for this to happen. Be thankful your life hasn't been riddle with this debilitating problem since you were 17 years old.

  • Charleston

  • Charleston

    So you allow your two-year old, of whom suffers from uncontrolled seizures seizures, to smoke marijuana? Seriously? More like, someone seriously call CPS, because most of your stated "research" is still undergoing clinical research. Clinical research is a far cry from established fact. Wow. Just.... WOW!

  • Jim K

    This is good.

    However WV needs to be the first state in the east to totally legalize.

    We'd have a nice steep tax on it and people from all over the east would come here till it's legalized in their states.

    We have a lot of budget shortfalls and this would be a huge help.

    If we wait till all the other states legalize there will be no money to be made.

  • mikeyd

    its about time

  • Meg

    As a mother of a two-year old with uncontrolled seizures, not having access to this medicine is what I find terrible. The side effects and ineffectiveness of the big-pharma options we've been offered is terrible. The idea that someone would call users of medical marijuana, someone like my toddler, for instance, a hillbilly looking to get higher... THAT is terrible. Do research.

  • Billy

    it is past time to legalize completely. The politicians are suppose to represent the will of the people, not their personal opinion. Marijuana can help control debilitating pain. Who amongst us should stand in the way of another persons personal use? This is supposed to be the land of the free.

  • Roger Podacter

    Hear hear

  • Jason

    While I get what your driving at...that analogy just doesn't hold water. God made Rattlesnake venom. Anyway, do a search for a study just published in the journal Scientific Reports, They found that at the level of individual use, alcohol was the deadliest substance, followed by heroin and cocaine. All the way at the bottom of the list was cannabis, roughly 114 times less deadly than booze.

  • 2XLPatriot

    Man made beer, God made weed. Who do you trust? For medicinal purposes only is how I would support the legalization. Not these 20 something year olds with back pain on disability for some irrational claim.

    Get caught driving under its influence = 10 lashes at the whipping post.

  • Brian Kelly

    The "War on Marijuana" has been a complete and utter failure. It is the largest component of the broader yet equally unsuccessful "War on Drugs" that has cost our country over a trillion dollars.

    Instead of The United States wasting Billions upon Billions more of our tax dollars fighting a never ending "War on Marijuana", lets generate Billions of dollars, and improve the deficit instead. It's a no brainer.

    The Prohibition of Marijuana has also ruined the lives of many of our loved ones. In numbers greater than any other nation, our loved ones are being sent to jail and are being given permanent criminal records which ruin their chances of employment for the rest of their lives, and for what reason?

    Marijuana is much safer to consume than alcohol. Yet do we lock people up for choosing to drink?

    Even The President of the United States has used marijuana. Has it hurt his chances at succeeding in life? If he had gotten caught by the police during his college years, he may have very well still been in prison today! Beyond that, he would then be fortunate to even be able to find a minimum wage job that would consider hiring him with a permanent criminal record.Let's end this hypocrisy now!

    The government should never attempt to legislate morality by creating victim-less marijuana "crimes" because it simply does not work and costs the taxpayers a fortune.

    Marijuana Legalization Nationwide is an inevitable reality that's approaching much sooner than prohibitionists think and there is nothing they can do to stop it!

    Legalize Nationwide! Support Each and Every Marijuana Legalization Initiative!

  • ray hotinger

    terrible sounds like your the ignorant hillbilly wake up its 2015 medical marijuana is legal in over half of the US bringing tax money and keeping out mexican drug cartels

  • Jason

    There really is not a rational reason for MJ to be illegal federally. It is time to control and tax it just like alcohol and tobacco. Instead of spending money locking people up, use that money for education programs in schools (just like cigarette smoking is no longer "cool" and high school rates have dropped the past 20 years), also use the money for facilities for people that have addiction problems (with any addiction) to be able to go and get help to get their life back on track and become productive members of society. Assuming somebody who smokes a joint on a Friday night to unwind is a "pot head" is like saying somebody who hits happy hour on a Friday for a few drinks is an alcoholic. Forget what other people have told us through the media etc, just look at the actual numbers and think about it. Colorado and Washington made it legal and life is still going on there, same as always. The momentum is gaining for this and it seems it is inevitable MJ will be legal federally within the next few years. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as long as it does not infringe upon another human's life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

  • ray hotinger

    I really hope and pray this bill passes it could help thousands of people.SB 546

  • Jason

    FYI. LAWS do not keep drugs off the street, they are already on the "street". You know it is easier for a high school student to get MJ than beer? Street dealers do not card and there is no regulation. What we need is education and adults to make their own informed decisions on how they want to live their life. We need a controlled system. Keeping MJ illegal does nothing productive, trust freedom. Will there be people who abuse it, sure, but we also have people who abuse alcohol, prescription pills, and fast food. If you think MJ should remain a schedule 1 drug, that is fine with me, I welcome the intellectual argument, however, you then should be making the same argument for alcohol and tobacco to be in the same class or you are a hypocrite.

  • terrible

    The last thing these hillbillies need is another course to justify them being stoned or high all the time... Do we not already have a pain pill problem in WV....why allow more drugs on the street..... Terrible bill.

  • Woodchuck

    It is time legalize and stop spending time and resources fighting it.

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    Research is really showing some good things about Medical Cannabis...If it helped with kidney stone pain, i'd be all over using it when I have to pass a stone...

  • Tyler Durden

    Legalize Marijuana completely - not just for medical - lower crime, higher taxes, and less issues with Meth & Heroine