CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Governor Tomblin has vetoed two bills, but not because he opposes them; they have technical flaws.

Tomblin vetoed SB 335, the Opioid Antagonists Act, because of a minor issue with the wording of the bill. The legislation gives first responders and families with substance abuse issues access to naloxone, which counters the effects of opioid overdoses.

The Governor said he regrets the veto, since he called for the measure in his State of the State address, but added that, “These errors can be easily fixed, and I urge the Legislature to return this critical piece of legislation to my desk for final review.

The second bill vetoed, HB 2201, related to how homeowners with solar panels are paid for energy they sell to utilities. “Due to a number of technical issues in the bill, I am unable to sign House Bill 2201 into law,” Tomblin said. “I encourage the Legislature to re-examine this piece of legislation and correct the technical issues outlined in my veto message.”

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  • concerned

    1st, how are supposed to know how many people OD? How are drug users going to be punished when they have someone administering narcan to them? This bill is complete bull.
    2nd, HB 2201 gives full power to electric companies. They raise rates and then the government cuts our feet out from under us with this bill. What in the world are our legislatures and govenor doing to us?

    • Gary K.

      Repukes have no clue to what to they are doing. Two years it will revert back to Democrats.

  • Tony

    Republicans can't seem to get anything right.

    • AJ

      Never have never will. They are the modern day neatherthals.

      • Capt. Obvious


        If your going to name call at least spell it right.

    • Kay

      Tony- this happens every year. Not republicans or democrats fault. It's a natural product of trying to get this much legislation through in 60 days with multiple people editing and revising along the way. A single typo, misplaced comma, or wrong citation makes a bill technically deficient. Nice try.

    • Aaron

      I agree, this session is almost as bad as last years.

    • Richard

      Unlike the democrats who have made sure that we are dead last in anything good for the past 80 years.

      • Gary K.

        Now we are racing at a greater pace to the bottom.

      • Mark

        Maybe where you live but where I'm from things were good until reaganomics

        • Gary K.

          That was the beginning of the end of the working man in America. And people are so dumb they believe reagan was the greatest. His politics has put the country in a tailspin. Was stopped in its tracts by the election of Bill Clinton. But they put bush in and screwed the economy.

        • AJ

          THIS ^

    • GB

      Maybe because they've had 80 years of Democrat incompetence to model themselves after. Such a petty comment. Grow up!