MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Widespread flooding was reported Wednesday morning in West Virginia. The high water had exceeded its banks on dozens of dozens of tributaries from Morgantown to Logan.

The National Weather Service said the rain would continue through late afternoon when temperatures are expected to be cold enough to turn the rain to sleet and snow.

A number of school districts responded to the high water by either closing school for the day or dismissing students early.

Meteorologists said it didn’t take much rain to cause the flooding when considering the recent show melt leaving the ground saturated before Wednesday’s event.

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  • Anita bailey

    To Senni whom ever u may be.......West Virginia is a beautiful state just like the rest of the United States! We are proud people just like all Americans (just not u). Our state is facing a traumatic time right now and just like Louisiana and Boston we will rise again and be even more beautiful.

  • Vicki Dawson

    What a horrible thing to say! By Gods Grace no one lost their life. Unlike the flood of May 2002 did. Six and one was my precious Daddy, James C Addair. Prayers for you.

  • Senni

    This is why I do not live in West Virginia. Enjoy the winter, losers.

    • Michael

      Senni you're an idiot

  • Jeff Knutzen

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  • longbeards

    Would be nice if you could tell us where the pics where..thanks

    • Chris Lawrence

      Click on the picture

  • Jephre

    As sure as the sun comes up in the east and Obama wants to raise taxes, there will be some idiots that will drive past a
    "HIGH WATER" sign and get stranded.
    Insurance policies should include a "stupid" exclusion.

    • JEPHRE?! Lol

      As sure as the sun comes up in the East, a West Virginian with the name Jephre will call someone stupid while insulting Obama.

      • Al E Gater

        Actually, Jephre has it about right, Obama worshipping loser.

        • Elizabeth

          I wonder why anything unhappy happens, people find something to make it all Obamas fault.. Obama is an awesome man!

          • Gary

            Hey Elizabeth, here's your sign.

  • Den

    Would be nice if pictures had location of wher it is, sure looks bad in some areas.

    • DJ

      You can also click on the little "i" in the lower left hand corner of the photo to open the information (caption) bar for the location of the photo.

    • wvu999

      Click to fully open the picture and it tells you where it is.

  • LG

    Liberal Dem weather forecast, heat and humidity twelve months a year. GLOBAL WARMING!

    • Jessie Reynolds

      You are a nitwit. There is no politics in meteorology and climate models don't require a political party to operate.

  • Normin Alaskerette

    The Democrats had 80 years to outlaw rain and snow; they sat in their fancy shelter and did nothing. The GOP must DO SOMETHING -- anything! -- to make the snow and rain and sleet and cold temperatures and hot summer days and chilly autumn evenings and humidity and that make-believe barometric pressure and those flip-flopping perfect days go away . I didn't vote Republicans into the legislature for them to allow days like this...

    • Billy Texarkana

      Norman - I couldn't agree more. These Republicans MUST do something about this weather! I mean, they have a direct line to The Lord. If you have it, use it. it says in the Good Book -Hefner6:9 - you lose it.

      • Buster

        as you all know obama is right about global warming, the forcast call's for 58 degree's next wensday

        • Buster

          overcast sky's w/8" of snow on my solar panel's. my wind mill is froze. running my house with a gasoline generator. THANK GOD FOR FOSSIL FUEL'S

          • Butch

            Hmm...too bad there are no grammar and punctuation police on social media.
            People should have to pass some sort of English language-usage exam before blabbing their jibberish all over our eyeballs.
            Just sayin'...