WEST LIBERTY, W.Va. — The West Liberty University Board of Governors announced Wednesday evening it has accepted the resignation of university president Robin Capehart, effective this Sunday, March 15.

Capehart will stay on with WLU as a legislative liaison and consultant through Dec. 31, 2015.

WLU President Robin Capehart


WLU President Robin Capehart

The announcement said:

“The Board thanks President Capehart for his contributions to the advancement of West Liberty University and acknowledges his many accomplishments during his tenure. The Board wishes him well in his continuing efforts to engage the Community and help the State.

“I am extremely grateful to the Board of Governors for their willingness to allow me to stay a part of the West Liberty University family while becoming involved with an area that is important to the University’s future,” Capehart said in the prepared release.

The resignation less than two months after the state Ethics Commission issued an order against Capehart setting an April 16 hearing date on a 13-count charge.

The charges allege President Capehart put his film company employee on the payroll of WLU and that employee charged the university while at the time when she was mostly working on the film “Random Acts of Christmas” for Capehart’s film company.

Capehart is also charged with using West Liberty’s computer equipment in film production and using a state purchasing card for expenses when he was promoting one of the films.

Capehart immediately refuted the charges.

“For three years, these allegations have been vigorously and thoroughly refuted through sworn affidavits, meticulously supported by documentary evidence,” Capehart said in a statement at the time that was forwarded to MetroNews. “Each and every allegation has been categorically denied and has been presented to resolve these frivolous accusations. West Liberty University is focused on continuing to provide leadership for higher education in the State of West Virginia.”

The West Liberty Faculty Senate gave Capehart a ‘no confidence’ vote earlier this month.

Capehart is a former state Tax Commissioner, chairman of the West Virginia Republican Party and gubernatorial candidate.

The WLU board named Dr. John McCullough interim president. The 44-year employee of West Liberty has served in the role twice previously.