PARSONS, W.Va. — The proposed building of the next section of the Corridor H project, connecting Kerens and Parsons, is officially in it’s public comment period.

“This is one of the vital sections, Kerens-to-Parsons, and we’re starting the bidding process on Section 1 inside of Kerens-to-Parsons,” said Lovell Facemire, the DOH’s Environmental Coordinator.

The DOH held an open house at the Tucker Valley Elementary Middle School in Parsons so that residents could write comments and talk directly with representatives from the DOH. No public presentation was made.

Approximately 66 miles of Corridor H between Elkins and the VA state line have been constructed, while several other sections of Corridor H remain under construction. The eventual completion of the project will vastly cut down travel time to Washington D.C.

“It would be much quicker and is already much quicker today to travel this route,” said Facemire. “But with the completion of these it will cut the time significantly.”

The Kerens-to-Parsons project is 15.6 miles that will go from Kerens to the U.S. 219 interchange, the U.S. 219 interchange to the WV 72 interchange, and the WV 72 interchange to Mackeyville.

“We did some minor changes to the alignment that can affect people, and we want to get their comment to make sure we’re not doing something that the public doesn’t want us to do,” said Facemire.

After environmental re-evaluation, the bidding on contracts will begin for Section 1 of this project from Kerens to the U.S. 219 interchange.

The public comment period runs through July 30.