CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Board members at Yeager Airport approved a contract last week to allow for an expedited security screening program.

TSA launched PreCheck operations at the airport in June that would allow flyers to keep their shoes, belt and light jackets on. Laptops can can also be left in their cases and liquids can remain in their carry-on bag.

Flyers are required to pre-enroll for the program online and visit an application center located in either South Charleston, Huntington, Parkersburg or Morgantown.

“Basically, what we’ll be putting on a, for a lack of a better term, a ‘fair’ for anyone who wants to come sign up for PreCheck,” said airport executive director Terry Sayre. “They’ll be able to come here to the airport, get fingerprinted by the TSA and get screened.”

The application fee is $85 for a five-year membership.

Applicants will also have to provide their U.S. Passport, birth certificate or valid immigration documentation.

“They (TSA) will probably do a security threat assessment on them,” said Sayre. “They’ll be able to use PreCheck then.”

Once an applicant is approved for PreCheck, they will receive a Known Traveler Number.

Yeager will be one of nearly 150 airports nationwide to implement the program.

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