CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The Texas convict who picked up 41 percent of the 2012 May Democratic primary vote in West Virginia on a ballot alongside President Barack Obama will again be on the ballot in the Mountain State for the 2016 primary.

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Keith Judd

Keith Judd was among the presidential candidates who officially filed to run with the Secretary of State’s Office on Tuesday.

In a phone interview from Midland, Texas where he currently lives, Judd told MetroNews he understood in 2012 that his success in the Mountain State was not all about his candidacy.

“It was a sizable vote. West Virginia had something to say and, I think, they used me to voice their concerns,” Judd said. “A lot of people said a lot of it was a negative vote against Obama.”

According to the Secretary of State’s Office, President Obama received 106,770 votes in the May 2012 Democratic primary in West Virginia or 59.35 percent of the total compared with Judd’s 73,138 votes or 40.65 percent.

At the time, Judd was serving a sentence for extortion in connection with threats made at the University of New Mexico. He has maintained his innocence and is currently challenging the criminal case.

Judd was released from prison in 2013 as part of a supervised program, but returned after violating the terms of his probation. He told MetroNews he was released again in Oct. 2014 and has several months left on his current supervised release.

His presidential campaign platforms include reforms to the U.S. judicial system and returns to, what he said, the Founding Fathers intended.

“A lot of it is the same reason why some people wanted to be declared independent from England,” Judd said. “Seeing that the government has really come away from representing the people and the people have been stripped of their ability to really run the government.”

The claim from Judd is that he has run for president in every election dating back to 1996.

As of Tuesday morning, paperwork had also been filed on behalf of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Republican Carly Fiorina along with Rocky De La Fuente, a Democrat, in the presidential races.

Republican Donald Trump filed on Monday.

The candidate filing period continues in West Virginia through Jan. 30. The May primary election is on May 10.

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