CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virgina State Police credited the Governor’s Highway Safety Program for a significant reduction in the number of deadly car crashes in the last few years.

The program provides troopers with funds to work special patrols extended past their regular shifts.

Special patrols include Distracted Driving Enforcement, Work Zone Safety Enforcement, Seatbelt and Child Restraint Enforcement, Speed Patrols and DUI Enforcement. The check points are usually conducted on holidays, during peak traveling seasons or when motorists are commuting to and from work.

According to data reviewed by the Traffic Section, there has been a downward trend of fatalities since 2012. The state reported 339 fatalities, occurring in 318 fatal car crashes that year. By 2015, there were 270 fatalities with 249 fatal crashes.

In a news release, state police thanked the Governor’s Highway Safety Program, the state Department of Transportation and other law enforcement agencies throughout the state for their continued dedication to improving highway safety.