DAVIS, W.Va. — Just more than two dozen skiers fell off a ski lift Saturday morning at the Timberline Resort in Tucker County, according to West Virginia Ski Areas Association spokesman Joe Stevens.

“A lift derailment did occur causing the cables to drop and approximately 25 people came into contact with the snow underneath the lift,” Stevens told MetroNews. “Minor injuries were reported.”

Two people with non-life-threatening injuries were transported to local hospitals in Oakland, Md. and were released Saturday night, Stevens said. Seven other skiers were treated by Timberline’s ski patrol.

“Those injuries have been described as cuts and scrapes,” he said.

It’s believed the skiers fell about 30 feet, Stevens said.

“After it was determined that the malfunction had occurred the resort’s first concern was with taking care of the injuries of the people who had fallen and the safety of the people who were still on the lift,” he said.

Timberline put out a message on Twitter shortly after the accident occurred.

“The Thunderstruck triple lift is not operating. We do not have all details at this time and our immediate focus is on our skiers,” the tweet said.

The ski patrol was on the scene and began a lift evacuation. It took approximately two hours to remove the rest of the skiers in the lift chairs off the lift. Everyone had been evacuated by noon, Stevens said.

It’s was not immediately known what caused the lift to malfunction.

As of Sunday morning, the lift was not operating. Stevens said it will be shutdown until the investigation is complete.

“There’s no time table on when a report will come out or how long the investigation will take,” he said.

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