CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Itchy eyes, nose and throat seem to be common symptoms for West Virginians experiencing allergies this fall.

Dr. Blair Thrush, an allergist who works in Charleston, predicts more people have been getting allergies this time of the year due to a lack of rain.

“Usually in the spring, if you’re in a rainy spell, the pollen gets washed out of the air. This heavy heat and no rain — I think there’s probably more pollen out there then normal,” Thrush told MetroNews.

Late summer to early fall is typically ragweed season, he said, which is a common weed in West Virginia that grows along streams.

Outdoor mold is hitting its peaks, Thrush said. There has also been a flare up of dust mites due to the intense heat and humidity. He said typically people think of dust mites as being a winter problem, but there is a seasonal flare to it.’

“Again, that’s driven by the humidity,” he said. “Dust mites love humidity. As the summer goes on and on they tend to grow and grow so we have more dust mites in our house in late summer than we do really probably any other time of the year.”

Thrush encouraged those with allergies to stay inside as much as possible.

“Use air conditioning to help keep the pollen out and to decrease the dust mites by decreasing the humidity,” he said.

Also, take frequent showers to wash the pollen off your body, Thrush said. Over the counter medications are available as well.

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