A tow boat and two barges have essentially jack-knifed on the water upstream from the Racine Lock and Dam and the high water current has them pinned against the structure

RACINE, Oh. — Officials with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers say it will be Friday before a stuck barge is freed from the Racine Lock and Dam on the Ohio River north of Point Pleasant.

The barge separated from its tow on the swollen river Thursday morning at just before 6 a.m. forcing the closure of the lock and dam, Corps Public Affairs Officer Chuck Minsker said.

“One of them came back into the lock chamber and the other two barges, still attached to a tow, came back up against the dam.”

The barges and the tow have both been tied off until work takes place Friday to move them.The barges are hauling heating oil. The crew was removed safely Thursday afternoon, Minsker said.

The Corps of Engineers decided to wait until Friday to begin the work to free the barge to allow the Ohio River to crest.

Minsker said they are also investigating if there was any damage to the dam or lock chamber.

“The early reports are there’s no indication of any serious damage, but we’re still waiting to get the final word on that,” he explained.

River traffic will not resume through the lock chamber until after the area is cleared.


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