CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Campaigning will be allowed to take place closer to polling places in West Virginia under a bill that passed the House of Delegates Friday.

The bill (HB 2364) was first introduced to try and establish a zone at early voting locations like there has been at primary and general election polling places since 1986. That effort, led by former Secretary of State Ken Hechler, established a 300-foot limit.

House Judiciary Committee Chair John Shott (R-Mercer) told House members recent court cases bring into question the 300-foot limit. The bill would set the new zone at the same 100-feet for regular elections and early voting while excluding private property within the zone.

“A 100-foot barrier or boundary on electioneering activities exclusive of private property,” Shott said. “The judiciary committee thought this was the most cautious approach in view of the current state of the law.”

The bill passed the House 94-4 and was sent to the Senate for consideration.

MORE: Read full bill here.


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