PARKERSBURG, W.Va. — The West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission this week wrapped up its board of control meeting, sending five new rule proposals on to the next level for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The proposals will undergo a 30-day public comment period and then be put before the state board of education for ultimate approval or denial.

The five proposed changes to the rules and regulations handbook are listed below:


PROPOSAL 1 (Passed Board of Control vote 106-3)

Amend §127-2-7. Residence-Transfer. (Pg. 21) as follows:

7.2.f. If a student enrolls that has been is released and accepted by formal actions of county boards of education or similar governing bodies of a non-public school which have verified that such transfer is not for athletic purposes, said student will be granted immediate eligibility provided all other rules are met. The enrollment transfer must occur at the beginning of the 9th grade school year with the student enrolled on or before the eleventh instructional day of the beginning of the school year and provided that said student is residing with the parents. With respect to a student whose parents reside in an attendance zone containing more than one member school, at the time of enrollment in an out-of-district school at the beginning of the student’s 9th grade school year, the student must identify a “home” school. In the event the student later elects to avail himself or herself of the “transfer back” rule (7.2g), the student is only eligible to transfer back to the identified “home” school. Once a student has been a member of a team that has participated in a scrimmage or contest, the student has established eligibility at that school.

7.2.g. TRANSFER BACK. During the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grades, a student shall be entitled to one transfer back from a school located outside the attendance zone where the student’s parents reside into the member school located within the attendance zone where the student’s parents reside. This school must be the home school identified in the initial enrollment in the out of district school.  Any student transferring under the provisions of this rule will not become eligible until the completion of the school year in which said transfer occurs. Eligibility will begin with the succeeding fall sports season, or immediately if the transfer back is completed on or before the eleventh instructional day of the beginning of the school year. Once a student has been a member of a team that has participated in a scrimmage or contest, the student has established eligibility at that school.

Jeff Kelly, Principal

St. Albans HS


To limit the school of choice to one school in districts that have two schools in the same district.


PROPOSAL 2 (Passed Board of Control vote 112-0)

Amend §127-2-8. Adoption/Guardianship. (Pg.21) as follows:

8.1. A student shall be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics only if (1) residing with one or both of the parents; (2) residing with a testamentary guardian following the death of the parents; or (3) residing in a location where the student was placed by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources pursuant to WVSSAC Rule 127-2-7.1.5 c .

Constitution and Bylaws Committee


Editorial change.


PROPOSAL 3 (Passed Board of Control vote 108-0)

Amend §127-3-5. Awards. (Pg. 34) as follows:

5.3. A student may not receive the following awards from any source with a retail value that exceeds $20.00:

Trent Sherman, Principal

Martinsburg High School


In order to bring award procedures in line with surrounding states. Also to allow students to receive a small token of appreciation without affecting their amateur status.


PROPOSAL 4 (Passed Board of Control vote 65-40)

Amend §127-3-23. Football. (Pg. 48) as follows:

23.9.e. The total number of quarters for a middle school student in one season is 32 40, exclusive of the playoff game in Rule 127-3-23.4.

Patricia Brockway, Principal

Wildwood Middle School


Some middle school programs are experiencing higher participation numbers and have started playing “JV” games to get younger student athletes playing exper9ience. This will help to ensure that those schools that need to run a “JV” program to get student athletes game experience that they might not otherwise. This also brings the middle schools in line with the high school rule 127-3-23.4a, which was revised in 2011-2012 for the same reason that we feel it would benefit the middle school programs.


PROPOSAL 5 (Passed Board of Control vote 112-0)

Amend §127-3-24. Golf (Boys and Girls). (Pg. 48) as follows:

24.4. Maximum Team Contests: A high school golf team will be permitted to play no more than 18 co-ed varsity matches, 18 co-ed JV matches, and 18 girls varsity matches. A male or female participant may play no more than a total of 18 matches exclusive of regional and state tournament contests between the co-ed varsity, co-ed JV, and girl’s varsity matches. Girls who participate on school teams who do not have a minimum of three female participants may participate as individuals in girls varsity matches as long as the total number of matches they play between co-eds Varsity, JV and Girls Varsity does not exceed 18. Each interscholastic contest counts as one, whether it is 9 or 18 holes, and regardless of number of opponents.

Cassandra Porter, Principal

John Marshall High School


To further promote the participation of girls in the sport of golf in West Virginia.

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