JACKSON COUNTY, W.Va.¬†—¬†Ravenswood High School is getting a new principal and it will be a familiar face taking now retired principal Jo Hendricks’ position.

Ravenswood Vice Principal Jimmy Frashier will officially step into the role of principal on July 1, and although Frashier finds himself in a new role, it is familiar territory for a man who grew up with his father and grandfather in administrative roles for Jackson County Schools.

Frashier said he will meet the new responsibility head on.

“I have always been involved in leadership roles throughout my career. Whether it is in the classroom, working with faculty, or being a head coach in football I like the leadership role.” Frashier recently told MetroNews affiliate WMOV Radio. “I just like trying to do some good things for students.”

With a new position comes new challenges, Frashier said the biggest challenge will be getting acclimated to his new role.

“The biggest challenge is just gathering the information and listening to people.” Frashier said. “Another big challenge will be becoming the person in charge. I think that as an assistant principal you are a suggestion maker, but as a principal you have to become the decision maker.”

Frashier should be comfortable in the new role, considering he is the third generation of his family to earn an administrative role in Jackson County.

“My grandpa was a principal at a couple of elementary schools, my father was a principal at Ripley High School, and now here I am at Ravenswood High School.” Frashier said. “I am very proud of that, some people tell me it is just in my genes.”

While Frashier will already know many of the parents and students in his new position, he said getting a new perspective as a principal will be an interesting transition.

“One of the biggest things I have talked about in our transition plan is a listening tour, getting some ideas and suggestions from parents and talking to them.” Frashier said. “I think Ravenswood has a great and supportive community, when we ask we usually get a bunch of volunteers in anything we do, and I just want to listen to them.”

Frashier will have the summer to get acclimated to his new role, and when school starts in August, he will find himself in a familiar location.

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