CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Three workers suffered injuries Wednesday when a section of the parking garage they were repairing at the Charleston Area Medical Center’s Memorial Hospital collapsed.

“It happened while the workers were making repairs,” said hospital spokesman Dale Witte. “They were working on level three and pouring concrete. For whatever reason, the concrete failed and they fell through the concrete they had poured.”

The workers landed below on the deck of level two. The accident happened in the employee parking garage. However, there were no CAMC employees nearby when the incident happened.

“That area of the garage on both the second and third levels are blacked off for the repairs,” Witte added. “Therefore there were no cars in that area and no employees walking in that area. ”

The workers were taken to the nearby emergency room for treatment. The extent of injuries is not known.

The lower levels of the parking garage house a warehouse for all hospital supply shipments and the hospital laundry services. Hospital employees in those areas were temporarily evacuated until structural engineers were able to look over the accident site and determine there were no structural problems.

An investigation into the accident is now underway.


A hole left when new concrete being poured in the CAMC employee parking garage collapsed

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