CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Division of Highways release the following information at noon Saturday in connection with flooding in north central West Virginia.

Marion County:
Rt. 73 near Boothsville Apartments is closed
Tree down on Pinchgut Hollow Rd. at 693
Rt. 91 outside Mannington is closed
Major flooding in Rachel. Water rescues underway
Major flooding in Mannington, US 250 CLOSED in the area
3 slides on CR 11, Flaggy Meadow Road
Slide on CR 60 near Bentons Ferry Bridge
Rock slide on 281 at Mr. Zion Road
73/73 North near Boothsville road blocked by water.

Harrison County:
New Reports
Flooding R t3 Wyatt, Peoria road.
Rt. 20 North just past Gregors Run closed
Citizen reported tree on power lines Gypsy Hollow Rd.
Citizen reported Hardesty Run Road caved in, not passable by vehicle
Rt 4 Margarette, rock slide , crews in route, road closed.
Road closed due to flooding at Crooked Run and Gregory Run.
Trees down on different routes.

Doddridge County:
Nutter Fork – CO 28 – Berm washed and undercut pavement, multiple culverts plugged
Chipps Run – CO 24 – Closed, washed out
Canton Run – CO 14 – Closed washed out with pavement removed
Knights Run – CO 24 – Water Damage
Garland Lane – CO 23/3 – Impassable
Franks Run – CO 6 – Water Damage
Nazarath Farm – CO 55/8 – Water Damage
Elkhorn Run – CO 55/14 – Water Damage
Ralph’s Run – 12 & 12/1 – Water Damage
Little Buck Run – CO 66 – Water Damage
Rush Run – CO 64 – Water Damage
Falling Timber – CO 68 & 70 – Water Damage
Rube Leggett – CO 40 – Water Damage
Riggins Run – CO 5 – Water Damage

Monongalia County:
County Rt 49 @ Dents Run and Granville Closed due to high water.
CR 41 Little Indian Creek Rd, CR 73 and 19 South toward Marion County all have trees down.
CR 76 Large tree blocking road. Crews working to clear out tree.
WV 7 @ Sabraton high water, but not closed.
WV 7 west near Wadestown Closed- High Water
CR 11 Wadestown Closed- High Water
CR 14 Wadestown Closed- High Water
CR 39/01 Blacks Run Closed- High Water
WV 7 Sabraton Ponding Water
WV 7 east at Greer – Large Trees in roadway
CR 59 Dents Run Westover-Granville Restricted due to High Water
CR 73 Trees and Debris
Trees and Debris on US 19 south toward Marion County. Gravel road scour and general damage throughout the County.

Taylor County:
Trees down on Greg Rd at intersection of Girl Scout Rd. Crews using endloader to remove trees.
Tree down on Iron Town Rd. 3.5 miles out. Crews cannot reach it until water subsides.
CR 44/8 Grand Street possibly washed out under road. Waiting for water to recede.
Riverside Drive CR 40 rock slide. Crews working to clear slide and unplug culvert.
96 Hollow Road-gravel bases road washed out. Two homes in that location. Citizens can exit in opposite direction until crews can repair road.

Preston County:
New Reports
Requested that Greens Run Rd off of North Preston Hwy be closed due to high water
Requested that Rt 92 and 50 closed due to high water over guardrail
Closed Sanders Hill near Fill Hollow Rd due to road washed out
High water on Kingwood Pike near Mill Chapel Church Rd.
WV 72 Landslide at Rowlesburg City Limits- One Lane Blocked
CR 52/07 Pleasantdale Road Kingwood- Landslide from above the road. Road is blocked and Closed.
CR 51 Saltlick Rowlesburg- Closed High Water
CR 66/07 Kaintown Road Fellowsville- Closed High Water
Trees and Debris causing problems on many roads in the Rowlesburg, Fellowsville and Kingwood areas.
High water reported on George Washington Hwy.
Gravel based road damage various locations.
WV 7 slip near Kingwood and Terra Alta cleared.

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