MANNINGTON, W.Va. — The show must go on; that’s the slogan the Board of Directors for the Mannington District Fair have adopted.

“Mannington’s a strong community, and it takes a lot to get us down,” Treasurer Eva Yoho said. “To me, by us being able to pull this event off just proves that.”

The District Fair will begin Monday, August 7 — approximately nine days after the floods of July 29 damaged a significant number of homes and public infrastructure in the town. The Fairgrounds themselves were flooded, but Yoho said the Board of Directors and countless volunteers have worked tirelessly to make the area habitable.

“We’re not even a week into [flood recovery], and we have worked continuously,” Yoho said. “Usually, we’re worn out after the fair. We’re worn out before the Fair even started this year.”

That effort will not only allow the 85th Mannington District Fair to begin as scheduled Monday evening, but will also include a chance for those in attendance to give back to the area.

“There’s not hardly anyone that lives in our area that has not been affected in some way by this flood — whether it be themselves, family members, friends, or businesses,” Yoho said. “As a matter of fact, over half of the directors and officers of the Mannington District Fair were affected personally.”

The Fair will donate 50 percent of the gross ticket sales for Thursday, August 10 to flood recovery efforts. Gamble Amusements, the group managing the Fair’s rides, will donate 50 percent of ride sales on that same day. Donation boxes will also be established at all gates.

“These donations will not only benefit the Mannington area, but the surrounding areas also,” Yoho said.

Latest damage reports indicate more than $10.6 million in repairs are needed for public infrastructure following the floods.

Gate admission is $6 per person. The Grand Parade downtown will begin at 6:00 p.m. Monday.

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