MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Morgantown junior quarterback Logan Holgorsen has had a couple of weeks to get back into the mix since returning to the Mohigans following a summer transfer to St. Frances Academy in Baltimore, Maryland.

Holgorsen’s return has helped open up — and balance — a Morgantown offense that had struggled in its first handful of games this season.

His second game of action since returning, the Mohigans beat then-No. 3 Musselman on the road last week 39-29, putting Morgantown right back into the playoff discussion.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of months for Holgorsen and his teammates.

The news of his initial transfer to St. Frances came only two weeks before the start of preseason practice — and the impact of his decision was not lost on the young quarterback.

“It killed me, I felt awful. That was probably one of the lower points in my life, because I just felt bad for my guys,” Holgorsen said. “Obviously, some guys were disappointed. And I don’t blame them for that all, whatsoever.”

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Morgantown quarterback Logan Holgorsen thankful to his teammates for a smooth transfer back to the Mohigans.

Despite that disappointment, many coaches and teammates understood that Holgorsen was simply doing what he thought was best for his future.

“He just felt it was in his best interest to go over there and try to further his career a little bit,” said MHS head coach Matt Lacy.

After a couple months, Holgorsen texted Lacy about the possibility of coming back to Morgantown.

“I made sure he got in contact with the appropriate people to make sure that we did this the right way,” said Lacy.  “Because obviously, he is a talent that we enjoy having on our football team. He’s a great kid.”

Once the transfer was official, it was time for Holgorsen to earn his way back into the Mohigan family. He served as a ball boy for his first game back, and began getting involved in the offense the following week.

“Moving forward, we’ll probably continue to work him into the game plan a little bit more here and there,” said Lacy. “Because he is such a good football player.”

His transition back into the system is still in the works, but Holgorsen says everyone involved has made it smoother than he expected.

“The guys were awesome. Coach Lacy was awesome. They welcomed me back with open arms,” said Holgorsen. “I can’t thank them enough.”

As MHS teammate Cole Streyle put it, “He was once here, and basically, once you’re a Mohigan once, you’re a Mohigan forever.”

Holgorsen and the Mohigans return to action Friday night against Wheeling Park – a game that will be live video streamed at the MetroNews Channel of

Interviews with Lacy, Holgorsen and Streyle are posted below.

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