OAK HILL, W.Va. — Parents are encouraged to double check Halloween candy after a Fayette County mother discovered a batch of heroin in her daughter’s trick-or-treat bag.

Oak Hill Police say it happened in the area of Hidden Valley. A mother was checking her 3 year-old daughter’s bag of treats when she noticed the powdery substance wrapped in paper.

Upon discovering the wrapped substance along with fingertips from a rubber glove, the mother called police who conducted a field test of the substance. It tested positive for heroin but will be sent to a State Police Crime Lab in Charleston for further evaluation.

Oak Hill Police Department

Rubber glove fingertips and a wrapped substance that tested positive for heroin were found in a 3 year-old girl’s trick-or-treat bag.

Oak Hill Chief of Police Mike Whisman explained to MetroNews affiliate WJLS in Beckley that the candy was not contaminated.

“It was in the bag. It was not laced on the candy, it was not placed on the candy, it was not wrapped up with another piece of candy. It was what appeared to be an individually wrapped substance that tested positive for heroin.”

Fayette County Sheriff Mike Fridley released a statement on Facebook late Tuesday night encouraging parents to “please check your child’s candy”. Whisman echoed Fridley’s comment offering tips for parents as they search through Halloween treats.

“Things that just look out of place, out of the ordinary”, said Whisman. “Just take a good look at it and make sure that things haven’t been opened.”

The Oak Hill Police Department is continuing their investigation into how and why the 3 year-old girl received the substance among her Halloween goodies. No suspects have been named as of Wednesday morning.

“(We are) retracing their steps last night as to where exactly they went to,” said Whisman.  Also, the substance will be taken to Charleston for a definitive test. The officers just have field test kits that they use. That’s what we’re going off of right now but it will be taken and tested further. A lot of aspects into looking into this.”

Nobody was harmed in the incident. The investigation is ongoing.




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