FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — The Netflix documentary “Heroin(e)” has received a lot of attention since its release in early September.

The roughly 39 minute film is shown through the viewpoint of three women who are local leaders doing their part to help battle Huntington’s drug epidemic. In addition to being viewed for informational and educational purposes, some localities are praising the film for its ability to spread awareness and spark ideas on overcoming a national epidemic.

On Friday, the Fayette County Health Department, Sheriff’s Department and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office announced on social media they are working together on an event focused around the film. On Wednesday, November 8, they hope to fill the Historic Fayette Theater for a showing of the movie followed by a roundtable discussion.

Fayette County Health Department Administrator Terri Harland told MetroNews affiliate WJLS in Beckley the three agencies have been working together to create positive change locally in the fight against the drug epidemic.

Fayette County Health Department

A poster promoting the event has been swirling around social media since its announcement on Friday.

“Our rates in Fayette County are alarming and getting worse by the week. We’ve been working together on what we can do to make some positive changes. We’ve decided it would be good to bring people together to watch this documentary.”

In addition to local leaders, a couple of recent graduates from the Fayette County Drug Court will be on hand to join in on the discussion. Harlan hopes this will help reverse the stigma many have about recovered drug addicts.

She noted most are productive and employed members of society during and following their addiction.

“A lot of people you talk to would say ‘just write them off’, ‘don’t keep saving these folks’. That is someone’s child. That is someone’s brother. That is someone’s sister. In a lot of cases that is someone’s mother or that is someone’s father. We believe they certainly do deserve to live.”

Harlan also says one of the key components of moving forward is to get every resident on board and placing all judgement of rehabilitation efforts aside. While this is the first event coordinated by the three departments, they all hope to have several more like it in the near future.

“We are actually hoping that this is just the first of many conversations that we have. We’re hoping to go to different places throughout Fayette County and show this film again and have these discussions. We encourage anyone to come out.”

The event is free, open to the public and begins at 6 Wednesday evening. The Historic Fayette Theater is located at 115 South Court Street, Fayetteville.

For more information on the event, call the Fayette County Health Department at 304-574-1617.

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