LAREDO, Texas — A judge in Webb County, Texas, ruled Tuesday a man accused of escaping from South Central Regional Jail last month is indeed the person authorities claim him to be.

Todd Boyes, 43, of Caldwell, Ohio, allegedly walked out of the Kanawha County facility, and was caught trying to cross into Mexico four days later. Officers at the South Central Regional Jail did not notice Boyes had walked out of the facility until more than 40 hours later.

West Virginia Regional Jail Authority

Todd Boyes

Boyes had been at the facility following a pursuit with Charleston police. One officer was injured in the chase, and Boyes was shot in the hand.

Boyes’ identification was confirmed through a medical examination. West Virginia officials have 30 days to send an order to extradite Boyes, who said he wants to stay in Texas.

Boyes’ mother, Robin Helton, was charged with escape in aiding her son. She allegedly drove Boyes from Charleston to Beaumont, Texas, and gave him $2,000.

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