CHARLESTON, W. Va. — As buck season opens on Monday, more than 250,000 hunters will be in the woods. Chances are pretty good, somebody will have a complaint.

Saturday, on Metronews’ West Virginia Outdoors, Natural Resources Police Lt. Jerry Payne noted several significant ways to report game law violations.

You can always call your county 9-1-1 center and request an officer’s assistance. You can call your local DNR district office. You can find the numbers on page two of the hunting regulations.

There’s a reporting feature on the DNR Website.

A significant way a lot of the contact with law enforcement happens today is via social media. The Natural Resources Police gain significant information from those who communicate via Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, you can send a text and report a violation or complaint. Send the text to 844-TIP-DNR.

The Law Enforcement section issues the following recommendations:

–Observe and write down all of the information concerning the violation.
–Don’t confront the violator.
–Contact the Natural Resources police as soon as possible.

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