VALLEY HEAD, W.Va. — A man has died following a police-involved shooting in Randolph County over the weekend.

State Police responded to a Valley Head residence Sunday morning after 9:30 where a man was allegedly threatening to kill multiple family members with a gun. While in route to the home, officers were notified that the man had also threatened to kill anyone in law enforcement who responded.

The suspect, Spencer Crumbley, allegedly told police upon their arrival that he must see the same family members he had previously been threatening or “there would be a shootout.”

Troopers attempted to detain Crumbley as he began moving towards the home with a shovel, but Crumbley then fled. Pursuing officers then engaged in a tussle with Crumbley. According to police, Crumbley threw his shovel at the pursuing officers and then “quickly made a movement” for what officers thought was an additional weapon.

The trooper closest to Crumbley opened fire, hitting him at least once. Crumbley died as a result of his injuries.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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