CHARLESTON, W.Va. — If your holiday celebrations involve alcohol, you’re reminded to get stocked up ahead of the dates.¬† As happens about every seven years, Christmas and New Years Day fall on a Monday, which means Christmas Eve and New Years Eve will be on a Sunday.

“As the calendar works this year, there are no retail liquor sales on Sunday or on Christmas Day,” said Gig Robinson, spokesman for the West Virginia Alcohol Beverage¬† Control Administration. .

The regulation does not apply to bars or restaurants who serve liquor by the drink, but Robinson said it could impact their supply if they don’t plan ahead..

“Private clubs that serve spirits by the glass should go ahead and get their inventory early,” he said. “This law doesn’t affect those type of businesses, it just applies to the retail sale of spirits.”

Beer and wine sales are also unaffected, although they are only allowed after 1 p.m. on Sunday.

“Studies show the day people drink the most is St. Patty’s Day, Halloween, and then New Years,” Robinson explained. “Sales and consumption are high during Christmas, but that’s spread out over several weeks for family gatherings, holiday parties and things of that nature.”

Robinson added in addition to being sure to buy your liquor ahead of time, also plan ahead of time to drink responsibly and pick a designated driver for any drinking occasion during the holiday period.

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