MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — In the midst of a 2018 expansion to weekends, Monongalia County’s Pantry Plus More Program is looking for new locations to continue serving food to those in-need in Monongalia County communities.

County Commissioner Tom Bloom said that need is even more vital going into next year as the program expands to one Saturday per month to provide fresh produce and other food.

“Next year, because there has been some cutbacks in the church programs and community programs, we’re very worried,” Monongalia County Commissioner Tom Bloom said on WAJR’s Morgantown AM. “The Mountaineer Food Bank said, ‘Look we have an idea.’ We want to give more food out, and give it to the working families.”

Bloom said the program served about 13,000 people in Monongalia County in 2017, while also bringing in thousands of pounds of fresh produce.

“That is part of our Pantry Plus Program,” he said. “Not only to have six schools, but then we also once a month bring in 15,000 pounds of fresh produce.”

Bloom said to keep the program running full steam with both its mobile food giveaways and in-school service, Pantry Plus is looking for new sites to conduct the produce giveaways, additional volunteers, and a new emphasis on providing food for working families who can’t participate in weekday events.

“We’re looking for community members who might be willing — some will be inside some will be outside — and we’re hoping to expand the program, bring more food in because we’re doing it on Saturdays, and do it throughout the county,” Bloom said.

He said volunteers are particularly important in helping put the program’s ideas into action.

“Don’t know the people, they just volunteered — community groups — and said, ‘We love this idea,'” Bloom said.

Coming up on their second anniversary this March, Pantry Plus More is hoping to expand beyond the six schools they currently serve in-house in Monongalia County — which includes Eastwood Elementary, Mason Dixon Elementary, Ridgedale Elementary, North Elementary, South Middle, and Westwood Middle.

Those interested in direct contact can e-mail or call the Commission Office at (304) 291-7259.

You can also learn more here.

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