CHARLESTON, W.Va. — As the calendar turns Appalachian Power hopes you’ll consider conserving energy as one of your upcoming New Year’s Resolutions. The company is out with its top ten tips for saving money with energy efficiencies during the new year.

“In newsletters and e-mails we send out to customers on a monthly basis, this one is kind of fitting because at the end of the holiday season, a lot of us go toward New Year’s Resolutions,” said Phil Moye, Spokesman for Appalachian Power speaking with MetroNews Affiliate WMOV Radio. “This one has ten resolutions for an energy efficiency New Year. ”

Number 10 on the list is to turn off lights when you’re the last to leave a room, #9 recommends switching to energy efficient LED bulbs, and at #8 have the heating system inspected by a quality professional.

“It’s a good idea to maintain that system that really in this season is going to be using more energy than most any other time of the year,” said Moye.

The list continues with #7 change furnace filters regularly according to manufacturers instruction. Number 6, adjust thermostat to save energy at night or when nobody is home. At #5 on the Appalachian Power list is unplug battery chargers when they’re not charging anything and #4 is to take shorter showers and 3rd fix water leaks as quickly as possible.

“It doesn’t cost you anything other than getting out of the shower a little quicker,” Moye explained. “It saves you water and saves you heating that water.”

The #2 recommendation for energy efficiency in the new year from Appalachian Power is installing water efficient faucet and shower heads top reduce the volume of water put out by those faucets.

“Then #1 is purchase only Energy Star Certified high efficiency appliances or devices,” said Moye. “If you go into a lot of the larger appliance stores, we even offer rebates on some of those.”

You can see the full list at he Appalachian Power Company website .

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