CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state awarded a multi-million dollar contract Friday to a Charleston construction company for major repair work planned for the dome at the state capitol.

Wiseman Construction Inc., which submitted the lowest bid of the three contractors back in November, was awarded the project for $10,930,638.00 The company has approximately two years to complete the work.

A cabling system that enables the outer dome to hold up the inner dome through tension has weakened over the years and needs to be replaced, state officials have said. The tensioning system was last replaced about 20 years ago.

The issue became apparent several months ago. Pipes designed to catch water from the outer dome have deteriorated and caused damage to the interior Rotunda. Some of the damage is visible and some is not. It’s a safety issue, state officials have said.

A pre-construction meeting will be held in the near future followed by a notice for work to begin. The work will likely start during the 60-day legislative session that begins Wednesday at the capitol.

The rotunda area is likely to be blocked off once work begins because an elaborate scaffolding system will be put in place inside the dome along with some equipment outside the dome.

The project is officially called the West Virginia State Capitol Dome Moisture Intrusion Repair Project.

Wiseman has worked on the dome before. It was part of a $4.8 million restoration job in 2004-05 and a $1.5 million interior restoration job in 1995-96.


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